Growing Cabbage

homegrown cabbage has a crunchy texture

and sweet flavor that you won't find in

any supermarket this delicious vegetable

is part of what we call the Brassica

family which includes broccoli kale

cauliflower and Brussels sprouts

as with all brassicas cabbage is a cool

season crop which means it grows its

best in the cooler temperatures of

spring and fall to grow cabbage you can

start by sewing the seeds directly in

the garden soil outdoors to get a jump

on the season you can also start the

seeds indoors ahead of the time that you

would plant them outdoors it's important

that you space your plants 24 inches

apart this allows for the proper air

circulation which cuts down on disease

pressure and potential insects it also

allows you to have really well formed

heads in the cabbage patch because as

you can see your leaves grow quite large

as they start to mature it's important

that you keep your cabbage patch wild

water allowing it to fully dry out can

stunt the growth and it can also lead to

a bitter flavor later in the season like

most other vegetables the Brassica

family needs six to eight hours of Sun

and loose well-drained garden soil to

perform its best when plants get to

about this size you'll see the inner

head start to form in about 90 to 100

days the heads will be ready for harvest

depending on your climate and growing

season each cabbage plant produces one

harvestable head after you harvest you

can remove the plant from the garden and

put your next crop in since cabbage is a

great storage crop if you plant in

spring and fall you'll have homegrown

cabbage all year long not only is

homegrown cabbage delicious it's also

one of the healthiest vegetables that

you can grow and it's really versatile

in a variety of dishes whether you're

using standard green and white varieties

or the more colorful purple and red

varieties grow your own cabbage patch

and taste the fresh difference

seeds are available year-round at Burpee

com Brassica plants can be found in late

summer and early fall happy gardening