How to Grow Cabbage - Tips from Seeds, Planting, Growing, Harvesting Cabbage

well I hope you like cabbage because

we're gonna do four different kinds see

in a few minutes




31 days 31 days we've been growing these

these cabbages from seed out and uh and

to grow RAC and today it's time to plant

some of them and and also move some of

them over to the Heartland table so I

wanted to show you the status of the

seedlings to show you how much they

progressed you come up plus you can take

a look right here these are the green ox

hearts you see how they've got the new

true leaves coming out and they're

getting some stem strength they're

starting to grow a little better what

I'm going to do with these on the

transfer of these over to the hardening

table and let them stand on the

hardening table for about a week and

then I'll be ready to plant those in the

earth garden here's our Purple Heart a

purple ox heart cabbage as you can see

it's getting some true leaves as well

it just needs about a week on the table

the hardening table here's a regular

cabbage it's it's getting there it needs

some time out on the table to UM to get

some more direct Sun so it'll be ready

to go probably in about another week

here's our napa cabbage as you can see

the napa cabbage is ready to go it's

it's got plenty of true leaves and it's

got the strong stems on it plenty of

beautiful fruit leaves that are nice and

wide really capturing that suck sunlight

for photosynthesis so it's it's ready

for the earth garden a big boys now so

this right here I'm going to put in a

couple of rows of long napa cabbage and

Nancy will come back later and she will

do some make herself some kimchi and

she'll do a movie on that on her Asian

redneck using playlist so you kimchi

lovers how she makes it I can eat some

of it but I'm kind of tender and I can't

eat not real hot stuff so I don't

usually eat spicy hot cabbage she makes

something that's toned down for me so

because I'm her baby yep so anyway today

I'm going to get to work out in the

garden I'm gonna put a couple of these

this these trays in and um there's no

sense in not walking through that

process out there if you'll take a look

at our video it is called planning how

to plant fall vegetables it shows you

the process of how I plant in the garden

using the fish as fertilizer the lime

the spacing every is just step by step

of how to use fish as a fertilizer how I

actually plant my fall vegetables using

plants that come out of starter cups

like this and this year we grew them all

from seed we didn't have to buy anything

from the nursery at all

so they except for the seed which we

order from my Baker Creek which is an

excellent seed supplier get some really

cool looking seeds there and good seeds

well I recommend them that this right

here is ready to go and we'll be back in

a week or so and we'll show you the

progress of all the cabbages as as they

go out into the garden and how they

start to progress all the way up until

we chop them all and eat them the best

part so we'll see in a couple weeks

well I got all the cabbages all four

varieties are installed and planted out

in the earth garden and that they've

been in the ground for six days

unfortunately two days ago a tropical

storm her Hermine her mane came through

here in just 50 mile an hour winds and

sideways rain and it took out a couple

of them but we still have enough left

where we'll be able to enjoy some

cabbages you know in the days ahead

long as we don't get another hurricane

but anyway here's how they look the

first row is just the plane the plane

cabbage that you're used to seeing in

the store you can see the first one

right down here you see how it's been

destroyed by heavy rains and wind but um

if you look down the road there's a

couple more down there that didn't quite

get through it

but that's the first rule just to plain

cabbage the second one here is the green

ox heart cabbage you can see them right

here again there's another couple of

them on the road that just got destroyed

from the storm but they're still good

we'll get for me to eat and I got a

couple in the containers over there so

we will get our share and this third row

right here this is the purple ox heart

cabbage this is a real good cabbage it

looked like it pretty much survived the

storm pretty good there's a one or two

when they're to a little little puny

beat up a little bit but we're good and

we'll walk down here to the end and I'll

show you the napa cabbage these are two

rows of napa cabbage this is the cabbage

that nancy is going to make kimchi out

of so this is really a beautiful plan I

like the color and the way that the

leaves are nice and full we had a little

bit of damage from the storm but overall

they survived quite well I think they

were blocked by the flowers and that

barn down there at the end on that

northeast wind they didn't get quite a

much of a beating as the other packages

but we're real happy about them so we'll

be back here in a couple of weeks ahead


we'll give you another update here

shortly to show you the progression of

these all four varieties of cabbage so

you can see you later okay - cabbage

have been transplanted out here for five

and a half weeks in the earth garden and

I'll give you a little view of what they

look like now this first row right here

this is our green hidden cabbage in the

next row over you look all the way down

a few men I'm sorry

it's bump the next row over is the dream

ox heart cabbage and then this third row

over here that's the purple heart purple

ox heart cabbage and we've had to do a

little battle with cabbage worms so I've

been out here picking and picking a pick

and trying to keep them off with a

little white butterflies I've been full

full force on me so if we'll walk down

here to the end I'll show you the napa

cabbage and a couple of our container

brown cabbages

okay here's the napa cabbage we've got

two roads up you can take a look down

the road take a look down the road

that's the two roads that we got going

they're getting pretty close to harvest

so Nancy will be coming out here to get

that to make up some kimchi it won't be

long now

this is our container cabbage we have

over here where the old potato Iraq was

we're using it for some some cabbage

container cabbage in the winter these

are all red cabbage down this road

they're off and running so we'll be

coming back and checking on them on a

week or two as well

all right it's been six weeks since we

planted our cabbage in the earth garden

wanting to give you an update this first

row right here is the green the green

head and cabbage and the one right next

to it is the green ox heart you can see

it's starting to form the the core up

this last row here this is the purple

akhtar crab you can see it's on the turn

really beautiful purple

the napa cabbage has been going six

weeks and we're gonna we're already

starting to harvest that out today so

when it take you this last view of it

down here you can see that it's really

gotten pretty big in the tour and you

see down there at the end where we've

already stood with black and some of it

out of there so we're going to get all

that today and manse's go make some be

licious kimchi course

all right you see back a few weeks

hurricane Matthew was pretty rough on

the garden it took out just about all

the cabbage but the Lord spared some

mopping for us and we're thankful for

him and giving us a few that we got and

I'm sure that being really tasty today I

wanted to take out one of these purple

ox heart cabbages there's such a

beautiful heirloom cabbage so let me

show you what we look like take it over

to the processing table you'll clean it

up a little bit and I'm going to show

you what these look like that place see


what a beautiful cabbage that is it's

shaped like an ox heart and the inside

of it let me show you what they look

like what me and Nancy do is I'll simply

put these into pot and I'll boil these

and once for her once for me that's a

tooth that's a whole meal for just me

and her and it's such a beautiful

cabbage very very tasty

but we back in the couple of ways and

will harvest another one of the cabbages

that survived the storm so we'll see you

back soon okay today I want a harvest a

green ox heart cabbage which is my

favorite one and I'm going to get one of

our storage cabbages too and we'll have

ever live site let me show you what they

look like here's the plant itself it's

here's the here's the cabbage I want to

come down behind it

see how it's shaped like an ox heart

that's really a good cabbage my favorite

one ox heart cabbage let me get a

storage cabbage I'll take that with me

I'll have it for lunch too there we go

we had a rough year this year with the

hurricane hurricane Matthew came through

really had a really rough on the UH

on the cabbage but the Lord did bless us

with plenty to eat so we're very

grateful and thankful for that so until

I see you next time enjoy our movies our

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