How to grow cabbage very easy!

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Cabbage is one of the most popular vegetable all over the world.

It is easy to grow, can be stored for long time, healthy and delicious.

In China, cabbage is used in stir-fry a lot

so we prefer the varieties that have thin and crispy leaves

which can be cooked quickly and absorb more flavors.

Generally speaking, there are three types of cabbage

according to the heading shape, flat top, round top and sharp top.

Flat top is usually late matured and tolerant to cold weather.

Sharp top is usually early matured and tolerant to warm weather.

Round top is between these two.

The longer cabbage takes to grow, the bigger and tighter the head will be.

Cabbage seeds are easy to germinate.

You can sow them directly in potting mix.

At temperature higher than 70F, emergence happens in a week.

When cabbage grows into 4~5 leaves, transplant in your garden.

Add a lot of organic fertilizer, turn over the soil and bury it deep.

Plant cabbage about 1 ft apart.

Fully water your seedlings after transplanting.

In a week, cabbage will set new root in the soil and start to grow more leaves.

At seedling and rosette stage, cabbage can tolerant to warm temperature from 68~ 86F.

You will see layers of leaves pile up around the stem.

At the end of rosette stage, cabbage’s new leaves will start to hold together and form into a small ball.

It gets into heading stage.

If you notice your cabbage slow down its growth, supplement some Potassium and Phosphorus rich fertilizer.

This will help cabbage grow better head.

Depending on varieties, the heading stage can take from 20~50 days.

The head will get bigger and tighter by time.

I grow cabbage in my garden every year from autumn to spring.

It has less bugs and diseases problem compared to other vegetables.

Once the head formed, it can be harvested any time you want through whole winter time.

Its head gets tighter by time but always stays young, tender inside and are ready for you to pick.

Fresh cabbage is very juicy and crispy with very nice sweetness.

It tastes much better than the one from super market which can be weeks old.

If temperature gets lower than 50F in winter time, cabbage will get into dormancy and stop growing.

When it warms up in spring time, cabbage may start to bolt.

You will see the head start to crack from inside.

You should harvest them as soon as possible.

Cabbage can also be grown in spring time when temperature warmer than 60 F.

Choose the heat tolerant varieties.

The growing method is similar

but please make sure to get them harvested once the head gets firm.

Cabbage with firm head is easy to crack or rotten at high temperature.

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