How to Seed Start Perennials Indoor & Save A Lot of Money: Daisies, Coneflower, Columbine & Thyme

welcome to the rusted garden homestead

it's late January and this is a bed that

I planted last year from plants that I

started indoors why is that important

I'm gonna show you how to seed start

shasta daisies the nice green plants

there notice how they look great and we

get 20 degree nights in our winters here

even lower purple coneflower they're not

quite up yet but they're gonna come back

with force as soon as the spring arrives

we have thyme in there you can see right

next to that chest - Daisy our thyme

plants they make great ground covers you

know of course you can use them for

herbs but they make excellent ground

covers they can take deep freezes that's

columbines beautiful flowers late spring

and as you walk down here you'll see all

the different plants but it's basically

4-time shasta daisies right in there

it's purple coneflower

and a columbines now with 29 plants here

14-time plants 15 mixed perennials if

you just averaged 5 dollars a plant for

something this size it's gonna be about

a hundred and fifty dollars you can

start these indoors now get them planted

in the spring and it really cost you if

he just did a buck a plant $29 to set up

this whole space let's go inside I'll

show you how I set them up so today is

January 25th these were all started on

December 20th so that's what about five

weeks worth of growth and don't forget

some of these take anywhere from 5 to 20

days to germinate what I mean by that

well here's columbines that went in and

here are some bigger plants they

germinate more quickly than the ones

just sprouting here so you really want

to start these I'd say 10 to 12 weeks

before you want them to get outside you

don't have to worry about big leaf

growth we can even cut that back what

we're trying to do is just get great

root systems we're gonna divide this up

these have been over seeded I'll go over

the process with you and we'll just try

to get great root system

pop them up you can put them into a six

pack like this the time I've already

done I put in two containers like this

this wood can be divided again as it

gets bigger

I'm gonna be doing a video after this

one on selecting the size of your

containers but someone's gonna ask well

why can't I just start these chests the

daisies in here so you put in one two

three four five six seven eight you can

do that but I'm going to be able to

divide these up at least one time here a

second time after that but when you get

this big

I don't need really the grow lights

anymore I see it start them in this flat

if I were to get a seat start them all

in here I'm gonna end up with two flats

maybe three flats so I'm gonna need more

and more space when these are just

germinating if that makes sense so the

bigger containers you use if you have

the space go ahead and start them in the

biggest containers but when you start

them in larger containers you're gonna

need more space to spread them out under

your grow lights because you're gonna be

filling up more flats so I like to use

the smaller containers different sizes

over seed them when the leaves get to

this tall break them up put them into

the larger containers put them into pots

like this and they don't need as much

light and I'm gonna explain it in

another video so it's just up to you

plenty of room start them in big

containers I sell these at my seat shot

less room

get them germinated and started in a

smaller space divide them up

Chester daisies will have white flowers

purple coneflower

purple magenta flower obviously the

columbines have mixed colors depending

on what you want to grow time will have

white to white paint flowers and they

attract beneficial insects to your

garden so I actually used up most of my

time Columbine seeds they're really tiny

and I would put you know if I'm doing it

into here six or eight up here eight or

ten if you want to refrigerate these for

about 10 to 14 days that helps with

germination but you would just put them

on top and then there's only three seeds

in here but again I would go ten plus

seeds in here

and we're just growing really massive

root systems and then press it in about

a quarter of an inch let them go

take the shasta daisy so you can see how

much I put into that little space and we

just want well we're not gonna put that

much in but you just want a nice big

pinch and let's see lots of seeds go

into there you don't need to refrigerate

your Daisy seeds they'll probably be the

first ones to sprout up mix them in a

quarter of an inch and you just want to

get them all covered and you can see

it's a ton of seeds that I put in there

press it in most of them will germinate

I was doing something in here same kind

of coverage not as many seeds but you

just want a good coverage over here

that's gonna be eight to ten Daisy seeds

and a big plug of roots is all we want

don't worry about the leaf growth purple

coneflower very similar to the daisies

and when I divide up the babies they're

bigger seeds a lots going in there

you can go down same-same quarter of an

inch just make sure they're all covered

spread it out let them grow if you have

the room you could put in like two seeds

into here and let them just stand here

till they get really large I like to

tear them up we're gonna tear them up in

half once and maybe again depending on

how many come up they're gonna go into a

container like this they don't have to

stand there the grow lights you can

start moving them outside when the days

are above freezing bring them in at


and you could just set up your tray like

that's just put in a bunch into a

container and you just move this in and

out and then you're not using your glow

lights anymore you can stuff your other

so I get these started first and then

time time is a really small seed

and we're going to take you know that's

a pinch so a lot of seeds into each cell

some people say leave them on the

surface I found they do perfectly fine

just being stretched into the soil

surface and you just scratching me

and let's just say after we divide them

up and break them up here really pain

let's just say we're paying about a

dollar a plant that's gonna be about

this big and that's a lot more than it

actually cost starting indoors so it's

29 bucks rather than paying what do we

multiply that out to be about 150

dollars all by just starting your seeds

indoors now to divide them up you could

use cups like this which I ran out I've

got a usually they'll go into bigger

cups I sell these at my seat shop too

so we're going to divide the shasta

daisies up into this let me grab some

starting mix so i just put in the

starting mix make a big hole and let's

just pop yourself we're and let's just

look at all the plants in here because

of the over seating just start at the

top and tear tear tear and then right

from the bottom

break your way up gently separate it and

they're not even gonna notice they've

been torn up you could do it again or

you can put them right into here when

these get bigger the root systems fill

up this space you divide them again so

we're taking you know the smaller cells

here letting them get this big under the

grow lights conserving space under the

grow lights and then when there's this

big pop them in you can just push it

down you don't need to be gentle gonna

grab some more starting mix drop in the

starting mix around here press

everything in nicely and we've divided

and that looks like we didn't even

divide it we've divided it out of this

small cell and we'd end up with two

plants like this when these grow over

the next couple of weeks we'll be able

to divide it again I'm gonna put them

into these

baking pans they'll go under the lights

for now because I still have some room

but then I can just take them to you

know my back porch put them out during

the day you saw how well the shasta

daisies did even with the fries and then

just move them in and out pretty simple

anyway I hope you give this a try gives

you some ideas how to start perennial

flowers you don't have to just do purple

cone columbines and Chester daisies or

time you can get your perennials started

like this and the whole goal is to get

nice massive root systems divide them

out break them up into containers and

then you could have tons of plants for

your spring planting thanks for watching

please check out my seed show