Starting flowers from seeds indoors

okay today what we're gonna do is start

some flowers from seeds and we're going

to use organic seed starting mix got it

at Kmart for under four bucks it's the

best deal so what we're gonna do is i

preed moisten this with warm water and

this is about how clumpy you want it you

don't want it too hot

can you fill your tray up unless it's

like so easy all right

I don't pack it down I just kind of

loosely fill it in there so that the

seeds can sprout easy and what we want

to do is get a pencil and make a little

hole in the middle and with the flowers

I'm going to try to put in two seeds in

each so so we know that it takes Joey

get out of here anyway drop a few in

each so and even if you get one in there

it's just fine

and these will take anywhere from three

to seven days to germinate it's not

gonna take long

so we'll cover them up again really

loosely I don't want to pack anything

down okay so our soils moist but we want

to spray it again so I've got a plastic

bag that you can get from the dollar

store and labeled it with today's date

and the flowers in yeah and then I'm

gonna go ahead and I'm gonna take my

sprayer and I'm gonna moisten a loofah I

want the bag to get wet I'm gonna zip it

up but I'm gonna keep the air in there

and then it kind of makes its own little

greenhouse effect and then I see this

was planted on this segment which was

eight days ago they took three to four

days to germinate and to pop up and

that's four days under the lay so have

fun on your weekend project