Guard Dog Training Step by Step!

if you want to create your own

high-level reality protection dog these

videos are for you and there's one thing

I can assure you I hear it every day

from worldwide that my videos work the

skills that I show you how to do with

your dogs in this video is what gives

that really high dollar value on train

protection those in the world today so

when you go looking for protection dog

you're gonna be seeing dogs starting at

25000 good quality dogs to a hundred and

something thousand dollars these are the

skills that create that value and why

having these skills does it create that

kind of money value in the industry

that's because very few protection dogs

on this planet will ever have these

types of skills with the ultimate of








so here in the highlight you're gonna

see I shall axle first doing the toy

games of the exercises and then we take

the toy exercise and just switch it over

to real protection dogs






so there's two routes that this video

really was intended for first people who

have either a young puppy right up until

two that really can't do real aggression

training because if the puppies are dogs

not old enough yet mature another this

video and these games are perfect right

to get all that done before the

two-year-old mark that most dogs aren't

ready until about that mark to do real

protection so you are already ahead of

the whole game until you can get a decoy

to start working with you the second one

was for people who want to just jump

right into real aggression training I'm

showing the same skills being done in

the video but without the toys or play

games straight to real protection doing

the same exercises but with real

aggression real protection right same

skills so we have the two areas the

first one people can do the toy games

with their puppies and young adults

prepping for real protection and then

taking these skills over to real

protection second scenario heading

straight into real protection without

any of the foundation right that we were

doing with the play games the same thing

right so you have both rows to this

video I mean no other video ever has

given the alternatives and all the

options right to do many things at the

same time and route off into the area

that your dog is ready for at the moment

all right video - just finished video -

is packed

I'm impact and full of information from

start to finish this video is the true

essence and how to build powerful real

protection dog

this video covers everything this video

is about four hours long I mean I packed

everything into this video that you

could ever want to know how to teach

your own dogs the highest levels of

protection dog training we have on this

planet so I mean I give you everything

in this video of course everybody's

always asking is there puppy stuff can I

do this with my puppy absolutely so I

show 10 we go puppy doing all her bite

work in all the different areas to eight

month old puppies and on so absolutely

because it's always the first thing

everybody always asked me can I do it

with my puppy both videos absolutely

sideways prey

I like this that's defensive pressure


that really stresses and bothers most

dogs and put one up make a boy boy keep

going keep going keep going keep down


that was through the sleeve







so if you're interested in creating for

yourself a high-level elite real

protection dog then click the link below

this video and that will take you to the

two videos that will give you the best

trained protection dog you could ever

have so the next time my the dog