we thought some of you would enjoy the

history and we would share a picture of

the old master Varnum up around 11 or 12

years old this was his first dog and his

first purebred dog a Doberman Isabella

gree imported and bred by his uncle the

late great Maxell Wilson owner of Island

barber shop in Fernandina Beach Florida

the masterwork an entire summer at a

barber shop in an ice-cream parlor to

purchase his dog for $25 his uncle heard

such great things that he done in tree

with that dog that he came to

Jacksonville Florida just to see how

well this dog was truly trained he saw

how great he was with obedience but he

said was he a protection dog like the

dogs in his genetics his uncle Aston was

he ready with the glaze in his eyes he

told count to sick his uncle and his

uncle ring count about three or four

blocks away from his home from that day

the old master vowed to learn everything

there was to make a great dog and make

his uncle proud and this was a vanguard

Ian canine history exclusive


we taking this to the debate series and

we're in a strange new environment and I

got a demon down on my pants ladies

obviously he wants to fight a fight






this is basic protection work teaching

the dog to grab the item bite and

rebound and then you choke that around a

little bit so I'm gonna walk in his -

despite biking


I prefer to walk my dog around in a

circle why he has to tug on the string

I'm setting him up for later games focus

driving grip this also conditions my dog

to never lay down with the toy item and

engage a fight with me also now at this

very moment I'm going to condition the

puppy that out you want to start this

early I'm gonna give him the house so

watch it so you guys are seeing that


coke boy good boy

yes yes good boy good boy

good boy yes yes

few plans making this

we're here good yes

we want to develop the fight game the

tug to focus the drive the grips so that

we later can introduce our dog to new

people new helpers

I constantly play different games that

will be utilized later on for developing

in shaping the puppy into what we expect

him to be such as when time for the out

with the bite work he'll already know

let loose from other game these are

common-sense simple methods that are

very effective

but this

push it

me I'll see

cushy cushy yes


I was able to stimulate the down which

is just learning now with the obedience

so now he's gonna learn that if he goes

in the down position which is to coucher

I'll stimulate his Drive yes good boy

push it push it

yes so he not only gets food you get

drinks yeah

but that's

but let's


that was the trick to make you come with

these so when you saw him acting like he

wanted to take the prey item and be says

it's possessive legal in his own

direction walking in a different

direction and so I was able to take him

back into a different direction by doing

that so that's a the good a good way for

some of you guys that condition the

puppy to follow you when you when he

acts as if he's going in a different

direction you begin to walk in a

different another direction opposite

direction of where he's taking the prey

item and you tell him fall again north

or or come whatever word that you're

going to use to condition him to come

with you each time so that was another

short session and you saw how we went

into one and then to another and we got

the puppy they do exactly what we wanted

to do

and that's about yes three good stage we

are working on the stage if you haven't

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