Gun Dog Training Tips: The Stay Command

stream the language


I'm bill Gibson director of gundog

operations at mouth shell kennels today

we're gonna talk about teaching the stay

command and we start off with the dogon

leave we put the dog eats it and then we

move in a circle around the dog and use

a lead

so the Bell team spend with us you'll

see that they'll probably try to turn is

Riley walks around and he'll stop it if

we saw that the Bell tried to turn with

Riley and Riley's walk around if you do

this more times the dog will stay

pointed straight ahead you can walk and

then you ever increase your distance

from the dog and expect the dolls to

Spade and point in the same direction at

all times


once you get a little lays down the road

with this command then you drop the lead

and continue walking on a circle and as

you see the bogus stay here than he was

he still looking straight ahead

he stiff body position is the same so

he's coming along any state training we

walk in a little wider circle and then

that the next thing we do is we start

backing off from the dog get longer and

longer distances so the dog have to stay

but we come back to the dog the stay

command is separate from the sit command

end that once you tell it to stay you

have to walk back to it before you give

another command