all right girls excited first a

gymnastics yeah we're going out a brand

new place all right we're going into the

gymnastics here everybody's super

excited mom's got a little tea yeah made

herself a little nightcap yep toggle you

know nice yeah nice chap first a

gymnastics coach we got a new friend

already girls were excited ones looking

in the door take a look in here let's

see here

anything you want to tell us see up

there let me do you think sipping foam

pit in the corner you have class

tomorrow morning don't you

yeah that's your phone pet isn't it

video socks5 ready to go all right but

we'll peek in there on you okay




all right Gabrielle doing it


tell me they're going backwards I look

back I don't think I could date on

Christmas I'm pretty good and Kristen's

already done scare barely even moving

Gabriel keep going although everything

so Glenn's pretty good to look at her

little boot scoot pretty good one yeah

that's good yeah silly no but she is up

on the tall one is Gabriel using the big

yell in front of her for Valen she did

she's all the fuzz he granted the killed

in front of her




job Gabrielle high-five job what you

guys think it was awesome

loves it alright crouch me at your class

tomorrow morning okay excited let's say

yes she was excited the whole time she

was just waiting to go waiting to go

alright let's get these shoes on and get

you over there alright yeah

let's go pickle you thank you for your

eyes I will take a little video of you

gymnastic een all right going over to

the Gretchen cam was bottom rock okay I

mr. Stowers heading then join the

gymnastics class and and I was signed

that you were signed up is this your

first time II you might you out last

week for a minute right mmm-hmm yeah but

they were just opening so I wasn't sure

if it started last week or this week but

we're ready to go right

Wow and this is Harris and this is that

I had a son time then

if you want to know it's enacted classic

sight then I'll tell you

oh the left-right neck you can I show

them some videos if you do it

what all right Keep Calm

yeah we're genetics Klaas let's go handy

let's go alright let's take our jacket

off and choose the socks off call it go

ready for you

you excited yeah I think pull your you

might be the only one in the class you

might get your own little one-on-one

lesson yeah that could be amazing


they're like explain Oni and a big big

foam pit did you like it

you're a great time what get your water

so that was that first day of gymnastics

for everybody and everyone had a pretty

great time Gretchen got a new little

shopkins thing it was on clearance at

Target for a dollar neither here nor

there but thanks so much for watching

guys and we'll see you again soon spike