Training your foal to lead

see this at jumping shows and all over

with big warm Bloods but the horses are

running people over I've been standing

there talking to a lady with her horse

literally circling her the entire time

she was talking with me going well

there's nothing I can do I wanted to

grab the horse and back it up but I

couldn't do that because she would have

been all upset because I was being mean

to her horse but it all starts on the

ground right here with respect now you

don't have to get aggressive with them

unless they get aggressive we do what

right yeah you want their feet to be

still you don't have to be aggressive

with them ever unless they're aggressive

with you they bite or kick you it's okay

to fight or kick them back as you see

that in the pasture they they want to be

dominant you want to be the dominant

horse but you want to be a sweet

dominant horse you have to think like a

horse to be with horses like people

think the oh I can just be a trail rider

and I can just ride I don't have to

really know anything I can just ride

unfortunately that's wrong if you're

going to ride horses or handle horses in

any way you have to learn how to train

them because every time you handle them

you're training them something be it

good or bad so if you have a good horse

and it's developing bad habits you know

who that's on it's not on the horse it's

on you so and I'm not saying you have to

be mean to them all the time in fact you

love on them when when they're standing

and being good and leading well love on

them love on them as much as you want

but if they're being disrespectful or

naughty or crossing your walk on top of

you they need to back up

that's a disrespectful thing so we

wanted to show you some of those or

anything else that we want to make a

point about one step up without you

asking two steps back you can use your

voice we use an AA sound if you're

starting to be naughty she's learning

and the minute mount you can't just

stand there and drag them around I've

seen this before too you want to release

the pressure release is the reward as

well as petting and stuff but the

initial reward is pressure release so if

you have to pull on them for a minute to

get them to move forward the minute they

do watch release the pressure that's how

they figured out if you're just dragging

them around and you never release the

pressure they never learn and they'll

you know every step of the way if they

go to be stubborn and try to go a

different direction you can't just let

loose and circle you got to stick with

what you originally asked see how she

there we go

then she releases and you can't get mad

at them you're the teacher if they're

not getting it you're not explaining it

to them correctly so they're an animal

that's trying to learn another thing

that Katie and I noticed that people a

lot of people have a hard time with this

just with people as well if you're not

good with people and understanding their

moods and and what they're thinking to

some degree you're probably not going to

be the greatest horse handler on the

planet no offense

but you have to be able to read what

they're thinking and be able to think

like a horse to some degree like if

they're afraid you can't get mad at them

they're afraid of something you have to

work it through it gently and kindly if

they're being stubborn you can get after

them a little bit and make them do it

but you have to be able to read the

difference and that can be real

difficult for people so again if you're

going to get into horses learn how to be

learned some of the basics of training

otherwise you're gonna make your horse

worse you can take a really good horse

and Jack them up pretty quickly if

you're not doing things correctly and

miss training them all the time and

letting them be dominant once they get

dominant and they don't think of you as

being somebody think trust and leader

they'll get scared they'll get

aggressive even sometimes though it's

basically like spoiling your child don't

you think to some degree they do and

they're they're going to test your

boundaries even though even a 20 year

old gelding will test your boundaries

from time to time it's that's their

nature and you're going to have to be

firm with them you can't just love on

them all of the time if they're being

naughty kind of like with kids don't

make them entitled and and spoilt and

naughty you want them to be respectful

well-behaved and like you

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