5 Steps to Starting a Craft Business From Home



hi everyone its Christina from the DIY

mommy talk on and today I want to share

with you five steps to start selling

your handmade items so a few weeks ago I

shared ten different items that I think

would be fantastic things to make him

sell and there was lots of questions and

so much in turn that I thought I should

make this follow-up video sort of it's

diving into the beginnings of how to

sell handmade items like I mentioned in

the last video I used to have a baby

clothing and accessories business so I'm

gonna share with you some of the things

that I learned what I was doing that and

hopefully if you want to do a similar

thing you'll be able to use some of

these tips and tricks for your own

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now let's get started on five steps on

how to start your own handmade business

so you'll notice that most of these are

research I think research is very


I don't think jumping into a business is

something that's a good idea to do I

think it's really important to spend a

lot of time even years to research your

business before you jump into it so step

number one is researching your product

make sure that you make your product

safe for the consumer to buy so

depending on where you live there might

be some regulations on how you need to

make your product how you need to label

your product what sorts of ingredients

you can put in your product etc so I was

in the baby clothing and accessories

business and there was actually a lot of

different regulations than that because

obviously selling things for babies to

use is a very sensitive subject if

you're doing skincare if you're doing

food a few other industries make sure to

check with your local government and see

what sort of regulations you need to do

as far as ingredients as far as


and even how you can market and how you

aren't allowed to market your product

when you're researching your product

also check out how much it's going to

cost you to make that product and make

sure you're going to get a return on

your investment it might cost you a

little bit too much to find the

materials for your product and you won't

be able to sell it at a price where you

can get any sort of profit so check out

lots of different products that you

could use see if it's going to be right

for you and while you're checking out

those products do some research and see

where you can find your materials are

they easy to find are you going to have

to pay lots for shipping are you going

to be able to buy them in bulk these are

all great questions to find answers to

as you're researching step number two

for starting a handmade business is to

research your competition try to find

out how many people sell your specific

product locally and how many people

ballpark sell it online I mean it's

really impossible to figure out exactly

the number of people that might sell

your product online but a quick google

search you should be able to see if your

product is really popular if you're

gonna have a ton a ton of competition or

if your product is very unique and you

won't have as much competition therefore

it might be easier or harder depending

on what the product is to sell when

you're checking out your competition ask

yourself how can I make my product stand

out if so-and-so is selling baby

blankets how could I make my baby

blankets slightly different in their

design could I put a hood on them could

I use really distinct fabrics questions

like that you can also look at what your

competition is charging and decide if

you can charge something that is going

to be competitive with with what they're

charging and still make a profit for

yourself step number three in starting a

handmade business is researching your

customer so you can do this by deciding

what type of customer might buy your

product what's their age group what's

their gender do they have children where

do they live questions like that are

really important in establishing your

company I think a big question to ask

yourself not only in handmade

small business but even in a job like

mine where I am doing DIYs and sharing

them on my blog and my youtube channel

is asking what is my customer or what is

my viewers problem and how can I solve

it how can I be of benefit to somebody

and if you can solve a problem that lots

of people have that's a great position

to be in and that means that your

business will probably work the fourth

step is

establishing your brand I think branding

is really important I did have a graphic

design and web design company at one

point and I really loved creating a

brand images for people and for myself I

still love that too and trying to figure

out what is the consistent theme for my

logo colors voice fonts and all of that

so establishing a brand I think is very

important that's gonna help you stick

out in your customer and your potential

customers lines so you need to first

decide on a name so make sure to check

out the trademark registry and cut your

country's you're not infringing on

anybody's trademarks check out your

local registry office I'm not sure if

it's the same in other countries here in

Canada we have like provincial in

Alberta we have a provincial registries

office where you can check out a bunch

of names in your province oh you're not

infringing on their names there's ways

to check out what names are available

and what names aren't just so make sure

you do that first before you think of a

name so after you establish your name

you're going to want to create some

things like logos like what fonts you're

going to use colors are going to use in

your business and you can do that

yourself there's lots of things like

even words who can do that in or online

programs where you can design those in

but it's definitely a good idea to get a

graphic designer or even somebody that's

learning graphic design to do that for

you so you can look very professional

right from the start also check out

social media make sure you grab your

social media channels once you establish

your brand so get your Instagram URL

Facebook YouTube etc and try to keep

them all the same if you can that's

going to really help grow your brand and

then you're going to want to think of

things like a website business cards

brochures signage all of that stuff to

help really let your brand to shine when

you're doing things like trade shows

when you're trying to sell things online

etc and that leads us to the last step

in starting your handmade business is

simply to start selling so after you've

done all that research and put out that

investment to get your brand started now

you can start selling your product so

you can check out lots of places like

local craft fairs you might have some

local craft fairs in your area or

another type of place that would sell

something similar to your product you

can even do like consignment in a shell

local shops

in your town check out the cost of those

things decide if it's worth it for you

if you're still going to get a profit

also check out references if people have

done that tradeshow or sold items in

that shop ask her around and see what

their experience has been

you can also definitely sell on your

line that's a really great opportunity

for us nowadays we can have a huge

audience because we can sell online so

places like Facebook buy and sell you

can begin with up here in Canada we have

kids eg in the states you have

Craigslist places like that you can sell

online you can also sell online with

your own website so you could set up a

website I like using WordPress to set up

my sites and then you can use things

like Shopify that's like an online

shopping cart program that works right

with a wordpress site and sell like that

it's a little tricky to set up you might

need help with that you might need to

hire someone to do that for you depends

on your skill level but the nice thing

about selling from right directly from

your own website is you're not going to

have to pay anybody any sort of

commissions you can also try selling on

Etsy it is a huge handmade marketplace

you've probably heard of it already the

thing is that they take some of your

profit and there is a ton of competition

there there are so many amazing makers

on there however there's a huge audience

there as well so if you have a very

unique product and your branding is on

point and established that might be a

great place for you to sell your product

as well so I hope those tips helped let

me know down in the comments below if

you have any questions at all about

selling handmade if you want me to

continue this series let me know this is

just kind of a taste of what I've

learned when I was selling my own

handmade products make sure to check out

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