Your First Pap Smear│What To Expect


hi I'm doctor Wendy Wagner lifetime

ob/gyn and this is my second video of

ob/gyn topics this time I'd like to go

over the pelvic exam specifically first

pelvic exam and what it's all about what

we do first things first

is gonna be a bunch of paperwork to fill

out important thing is to be really

honest in the paperwork you know a lot

of people won't put down some things

because they're afraid we're not

laughing at you it's not embarrassing no

matter what you put we've seen or heard

it before in order to take care of you

the best we can we need to know

everything okay the other thing to know

is especially if you're underage if

you're a teenager is that we cannot

share anything by law with your parents

unless you are going to harm yourself or

others everything's between you and us

so we're not going to call your parents

if they call us we're gonna say we can't

release any information so that's a very

important to know about your

relationship with your ob/gyn okay so

first thing that's gonna happen after

you fill out your paperwork is that we

are gonna do your weight and blood

pressure pretty straightforward

blood pressure cuff and your weight and

then usually we'll ask you to leave a

urine sample okay you're in sample

pretty straightforward if the Innoko

sometimes they will have instructions on

how to leave a clean catch your own

sample it just means you wipe a little

before you leave it once you finish with

the urine sample you usually put it

there's usually a metal box or a

container or something that you put it

in sometimes we'll tell you to write

their name on it that's it

okay so before we talking about the exam

a lot of people have questions about

when to bring their daughters for the

first exam first public exam first pap

smear and that kind of thing basically

there's no exact timing some places will

tell you 13 to 15 years old

girls don't need an actual pap smear

until they're 21 years old

but oftentimes they'll have issues with

their periods they may be sexually

active and need to talk about birth

control things like that so basically

there's no set time but I would say most

girls come in their mid to late teens

what the pelvic exam pap smear all

that's about is generally your OBGYN is

dealing with health of your female

organs the uterus cervix ovaries and

breasts so what we want to do is check

all that you know rule out breast cancer

and cervical cancer all of that so we're

gonna go over what exactly the exam

entails basically when you come in

especially when you come in for the

first time they'll tell you to take

everything off

that means everything clothing underwear

a bra everything okay so what they'll be

on the table is a gallon what you're

gonna do is take a gown on now some

doctors will tell you opening the front

I do opening in the back but you take

everything off you take the gown you put

it on and then you're gonna sit down and

usually and they will give you a sheet

or something to put over your lap so

what do we actually do the first thing

is you know once you get the gown on and

you put this over your lap is we listen

to your heart and lungs or usually feel

your throat which is feeling for the

thyroid and then comes the speculum exam

not usually as bad as people think it's

pressure a little bit uncomfortable but

honestly the speculum itself isn't much

bigger than a tampon so if you keep that

in your mind and keep a little bit

relaxed it's not bad what we're actually

doing with the pap smears we're actually

taking some cells off of the cervix

which is the beginning of the uterus in

order to screen for abnormal cells /

cervical cancer okay so what we do and

the way that you

position yourself is we're gonna take

these out you put your heels right in

here and then we ask you to slide your

bottom down till it's about you turn on

the table

doctor sits here while they do the

speculum exam we don't care whether your

legs are shaved contrary to popular

opinion okay so let's see exactly what

the pap smear is okay doctor we'll put

the gloves on okay so like I said before

the the cervix is has a little opening

it's the beginning of the uterus what we

do is we put a speculum in there's a

couple of different kinds of speculums

there's the plastic speculum and all of

them come in different sizes okay and

then there's metal specimens metal ones

are the ones I use but a lot of people

use the plastic ones if somebody is more

uncomfortable we can use a smaller

speculum but basically what we do is

place the speculum vaginally and then

open it up a little bit so that we can

see the cervix at the end okay so while

that's open we quickly take what we call

a spatula then we move it around here

take some cells and then we take the

brush and we brush it and then we take

the speculum out and both of these

things go in the liquid and we send it

off to the lab okay after that we will

do what we call a bimanual exam

basically that is where one hand goes in

vaginally and the other on top of your

belly in order to feel the uterus and

the ovaries that's feeling for ovarian

cysts and large uterus things like that

so the pap smear can not only be used

for seeing whether you have abnormal

cells on the cervix it can be also used

to screen for STDs like gonner all right

so that's your first pelvic exam we want

you to be comfortable there are no

stupid questions just be as honest as

you can be and it'll be over as quickly

as possible when you're done and they

leave the room you can get changed and

you're all set

until next year