POST CYCLE THERAPY (getting off Sarms & Steroids) | HCG COMMON-MISTAKE...


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what's up everyone its Russo I hope

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I'm just gonna hold it like a news

reporter but today I wanted to talk

about HCG and PCT post cycle therapy so

PC tease their abbreviation as I said

post cycle therapy what does that mean

it's if you want to stop cycling SARM

steroids get off of testosterone

replacement therapy and just go back to

natty it's the you know compounds

process supplements that you would put

together as a plan to make that

mitigation period of restarting your HBT

a more pleasant and aid in a more

successful rebound to baseline above

baseline or as close to baseline as you

can get depending on the connection with

the brain if it's lost or not and I've

been seeing a lot of people have an HCG

in their PCT and it's confusing me so

HCG is utilized in TRT to maintain

fertility right it keeps the balls on it

keeps the HPT a somewhat stimulated when

there's a high amount of exhaustion in

the system without the HCG there your

balls would atrophy shrink to the size

of raisins and there would be no who

neither no focal stimulating hormone

activation going on at all that's where

the HCG comes in the HCG maintains a

synthetic LH to keep the balls active to

keep the balls full and to overall have

an easier time if number one you want to

maintain fertility to have kids or if

you want it to get off your HB ta would

be semi active versus completely shut

down right trend deca high doses without

HCG is a much more harder shutdown than

having HCG in there

that being said HCG should not be run

into PCT because it is synthetic right

it's synthetic luteinizing hormone

meaning it's replacing its czaja Slee

added in replacing your natural LH

production and that's fine because you

wouldn't have any LH production going on

like I said on a massive cycle but when

your PC teen you want to try and give

your body the most optimal environment

to start with LH FSH get the natural

levels back up and there's also a debate

with HCG if HCG down regulates you know

your to sensitivity your receptors to

you know having all the synthetic LH all

the time you know might make the normal

natural amount of LH not as effective

I'm not really gonna take a stance on

that maybe someone more educated in the

comments down below can fill me in

because that's a question I have for you

guys is you know is adding in HCG in

these high dosages detrimental if you

want to come off eventually and your

body is used to having this amount of

synthetic LH versus your natural LH I

don't know personally my HCG protocols

are pretty minimum pretty standard but

looking around in the forms I see people

do much higher dosages so if anyone

wants to weigh in on their experiences

with that feel free but HCG needs to be


before entering post psychotherapy right

because it's synthetic LH meaning if you

ran HCG through your PCT

after the hcg was done your LH would

still crash right because I was being

asleep replaced that entire time that is

where there's a miscommunication right

people think that I will look at my

Instagram DM box and it will see like oh

I got HCG for PCT I'll be completely

fine like that's a fertility maintenance

compound and it's synthetic

and it's suppressive so running that

through PCT is not going to aid in

effect in fact it will most likely hurt

hbt a recovery versus trying to create

the most you know optimal environment

normally with you know a certain

protocol would be way more optimal but I

just wanted to clear the air on that and

I want to you know it's done that

question out about the sensitivity and

down-regulation because I don't I don't

really know I don't even know there's a

way to know with the limited data but

you can't be utilizing HCG into the PCT


HCG needs to be run again if you're

cycling and you're ready to get off you

would add the HCG and you know later in

the cycle you know for the 16 week cycle

it was a 12-week cycle you know last

couple of weeks and then you would cut

it right as you're entering the PCT and

make sure it's cleared before you're

entering the PCT or if you're blasting

and cruising you're gonna be on for a

long period of time it's obviously

important to be added in to maintain

fertility but as far as restoring

natural testosterone it's synthetic LH

it's suppressive it's like any other

synthetic androgen in that aspect it's

not aiding in overall hbt a hormonal

access recovery so keep that with a

grain of salt and have your friends in

however on HCG and the PCT and to

utilize it correctly and they will have

a better time post cycle see you guys in

my next video