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Hartford Connecticut yes I'm so Connor

how are you beautiful so good Ron how

you doing today man doing well it's

freaking hot till summer time do you

know last last month was the hottest

July on record ever anywhere the whole I

did that yeah whatever whatever the

politics it is its global warming

appears to be probably true yeah it is

an inconvenient truth yeah it probably

is so I do want to steal your last video

on HCG which so many guys out there use

it or have use it or going to use it but

I did want to touch on something real

quick because I wanted your opinion

there's a video that somebody our buddy

Swami Nader who has come up with many

good questions for the show he posted a

thread he wanted your take on this so I

thought it was studies but it wasn't

really he did point out in in another

post that one study showed low dose of

nandrolone has no impact on lipids and

another showed it did have a negative

impact on vascular system I imagine it's

had many but the reason he started this

thread was because a doctor named Robert

Carlson who was is or was I'm not sure

what a status says general surgeon and a

cardiac surgeon he put out a video

called the amazing benefits of

nandrolone and in the description of it

it said using nandrolone plus

testosterone together reduces back in

joint pain using no significant liver

and kidney issues or causing no

significant liver and kidney issues and

avoids the dangerous side effects of

pain meds

so he harped a few times on how

nandrolone is safe to the kidney and

liver but just for everyone out there

who might be thinking okay well my

joints hurt my back hurts I'm gonna I

want to get on load oh I'm gonna get on

you know he considers low dose to be 200

milligrams a week he'll back off to 100

or less if need be but that seems to

start most people on his 200 Meg's of

tests and two hundred Meg's of deca

which he believes together is pretty

much magic for joint pain and back pain

but is that sustainable for someone to

stay on long enough if this guy I

remember you know we first asked me

about that did I see the video in the

preet we were talking a few minutes ago

I remember seeing this guy about a year

ago when I did my decade' Roblin you

know I did a film I did you know I

research a top of the stuff that I know

from my anecdotal patients and then I I

read you know the the real pharmacology

on it and a lot of stuff I start off

reading is from Build allowance book

because bill you know the the real

pharmacology and structure and you know

the history of the when it was purchased

and you know the manufacturing very

amazing right 1960s and all this and

then I go into like you know okay so

what does it do for guys you know the

bodybuilding world and so on and so

forth and I came across this guy I saw

this guy's videos and I thought this

guy's our Yahoo he's getting so he I

believe like I believe he's not a doctor

anymore cuz it's just like you know the

regulators took him down and you can't

who is gonna I'm not gonna get crazy who

you can't live on 400 milligrams of any

combined gear a week and think it's not

gonna you can you can you can I mean

guys can do it and how much reserve do

you have when you're young you could do

anything you want so for decades right

so it's that amount of steroid I don't

care what combinations it really is

obviously it's going to make a

difference but tests and tests andhaka

you're gonna be bloated is the

how much bear you're gonna be bloated

your your sex drive could be through the

roof it could be normal it could be bad

depending on I just did a console from a

guy that is on a similar combination and

on and off you know master on and test

right now and his sex drive ten years on

steroids and his sex drive just doc what

happen it what what what's the answer

all is its absolute nor adjusters just

have to be elevated total estrogen it

could be a contamination

I don't know start blocking all the

ostriches or how about lowering the

doses look no one knows to live on that

much testosterone not to mention in

addition to hundred milligrams a week of

decoder hablen I mean sure your joints

and the joists don't always stay feeling

good this is [ __ ] guys these are

this is a bull I just love to be in your

face because I if your rotator Custer so

it might help a little bit they've been

in the beginning are you gonna live on

that no one is gonna see and that the

studies you live on a hundred milligrams

a week of nandrolone decade of whatever

nandrolone product you're doing with or

without testosterone your HDL is gonna

significantly go down so it's not

vascular studies we're talking about

cholesterol but if you have bad

cholesterol panel long enough with

without steroids your your depending on

what your risk ratios look like with

your global risks you're gonna plaque in

the heart I had a huge heart attack guy

come in this week and he's just a fifty

year old guy but he's on testosterone

and steroids doc I didn't even do that

much and he had a massive heart attack

guys have heart attacks without steroids

right and stick woods what do they do

they can make you bloated hypertensive

no one's gonna argue me they could

destroy the cholesterol panel and if you

if you're living that long on with that

kind of environment yeah

you're gonna have it you can have a

heart attack where's the pocket sides so

then that's you can't that level steroid

400 milligrams a week I end up giving

guys about a hundred a week and most men

they they feel really good on that he

did to give him credit cuz he did say he

will adjust the doses on an on a you

know an individual basis where some guys

will be on like a three-quarters of a CC

some the nandrolone he puts up and down

I think everyone stays on two hundred

milligrams their standard trt but you're

saying even a hundred milligrams of

decorative e sounds like very very

little over time that would tank your

HDL enough it will tanker HDL right away

oh geez it will lower it okay I mean it

is what it is no one's gonna argue me

because even even a little testosterone

lowers HDL but it's not gonna lead to a

heart attack I every man's got different

risk ratios so backing up to the you

know deca being so so famous so

universally known as being good for your

joints and alleviating joint pain

hydrate how much of that do you think is

just the water retention no we know when

I swear I loved who can can someone

please give me an answer you know we're

doing all these studies well there's

there's a study we ought we are sorry

for that but there's gonna be gonna be

unlimited studies but sodac adorable and

you know it seems like in this there's

no randomized placebo-controlled studies

on Deckard robbed one not to mention for

joint musculoskeletal orthopedic

surgeons there's no randomized

double-blinded compared to testosterone

there's an author PETA guys in Europe

there's a couple studies where they did

it and lo and behold the shoulders felt

better you know but if why it's is you

know in a layman's terms it increases

though chondrocytes its remember it's a

steroid and it might be acting a little

bit more like a corticosteroid so people

feel it just it's an anti-inflammatory

it's increased lubrication increased

water and puffiness and the joints i

love all this i love it we're never

gonna see the study but i'd like to see

a study in my in my imagination of joint

pain treated with deca versus you know

all these uh

arthritis drugs like you Mayura or

whatever just to see which ones more

effective I'm just curious because well

here's a thing though

duck and Rob one is definitely it's an

anabolic steroid

it definitely has effects on lower doses

that people appear anecdotally you know

weightlifter is young trainers and

there's been some legitimate studies on

it that they they appear to have better

less pain musculoskeletal or thread of

pain right it's hot if if you a full

rotator rupture right if you a full

rotator rupture how is that gonna

reconnect it I mean but but if you

globally have your your labrum is a

little bit torn and beat up and it's

inflamed and you have some

osteoarthritis and so on and so forth

and wear and tear and ten a No ten

enosis in there and it's your labrum in

your superspinatus there's a little bit

beat up and that's the reality it's it's

not as all just perfectly torn and then

you you do physical therapy you take

some meloxicam

you take some non-steroidals maybe a

little cortisone injection once in a

while be this is before the surgeons

take you to the oh are you you're like

I'm better I'm better if you have a

frozen joint and you're completely down

you but that's when you go to the oh art

it's too late neighbor I've seen a lot

of guys getting getting shoulder

replacements I probably seen like 20 of

them I mean when has knees replaced and

hipster place but I seen more shoulder

replacements it's a make you're not

gonna be benching I I have a world level

power lifter who was a 600-pound venture

and and he he doesn't even he's not

gonna bench he I don't he just does

dumbbells now no so the doctors told

them please do please don't

with those two brand new you know

shoulders they gave but he's like this

now he can go like this he can get the

peas he goes you know what I can get the

pizza I can grab for a coffee cup now

and he's like mid-50s he's not an old

guy but he was a monster man and he does

his shoulders took a beating because

he's a power lifter forever and decade

rob won he was definitely on and off it

and it really does work great for pain

but and it wears off it doesn't

doc it didn't it works for a few weeks

so it wears off

no that's basically like what a

cortisone shot is it wears off it wears

off is mask you know for I used to go

I've had I had three of them in my

shoulder eventually I realized it's

letting me it's letting me pretend I

don't have messed up shoulder forget you

get more but then you're you're injuring

it more so decadron one definitely works

for pain and for soft tissue swelling

and and soft tissue injuries globally

and guys get strong on it too right oh

test and Decca old school you can get

really strong as how on that combination

and then but what how much risk are you

causing to your vasculature with polite

I just talked to a 52 year old guy who's

got a pretty good calcium score I mean

he's got a pretty good load of coronary

artery disease in his left hand

descending artery

he was like holy [ __ ] doc wow man he's

so we have to address that now and and

he's gonna be on just on T or T but 52

come on everyone's having heart attacks

men have heart attacks anyway what you

gonna do put put it on test in Dhaka I'm

just saying you're supposed to go I'm

done I mean that's I mean but everyone

just wants it but there'll be no I mean

I don't know what to say

Deckard rob one does is if it's a strong

antibiotic pretty well tolerated drug

right I mean with testosterone that the

to clad that's the classic combo that

probably more users by far have used

together successfully test and deca

going back to the 7 to going back to the

late 60s early 70s that's amazing

but don't they get puffy let me ask you

Ron isn't that kind on't forget kind of

puffy on that combination I have a

chipmunk cheeks anyway so I really can't

tell but isn't that like a puffy

combination yeah you're gonna retain

some water sure I mean it's it's an

offseason it's a very cheap very

effective offseason cycle you know if

someone comes to me and not that I would

give steroid advice to anybody because

I'm not really qualified but they say

what order what's a cheap offseason

cycle it's very effective I don't have

much money I said if you can't grow on

tests and deca you probably

bro it also Wow okay so on the channel

anabolic dock on YouTube anabolic dock

dr. Thomas made an awesome video about

HCG watch me mispronounces which stands

for human is it chorionic yes chorionic

gonadotropin you said it okay so all of

my bodybuilders out there you're very

familiar with HCG because most if not

all of you have used it in your PCT but

the doctor did a really a good breakdown

analysis of how it the history of the

drug was used for so we'll go over that

real quick because I was find

interesting you always like you research

this stuff and we learned some we

learned some weird trivia about these

drugs sometimes so this stuff was

discovered in the 1920s was first

introduced into the medical world and

then in 1931

so the first source of it was it was it

was a harvested from animals pituitary

glands is that right yeah okay so the

first version of it was it was it

actually did organ on make it way back

then did you know yes so this drugs been

a prescription drug since the 30s or the

47:30 I believe the 30s okay so at some

point after that they figured out they

could extract it from the urine of

fertile women isn't it crazy why can't I

just drink no I learned this stuff too

I'm like this is amazing history urine

this is made from urine this is awesome

when pregnant pregnant woman's urine

no it's pregnant woman's urine okay well

that makes more sense so it had some

weird uses so early on back in the day

it was used for women for uterine

bleeding infertility ovulation issues

basically right women that couldn't they

weren't ovulating correctly and it would

it would I guess it would help them to

become fertile and still that's only so

it's still used for that purpose oh my

god yeah yeah but men I guess in the 50s

and 60s it came into use for men for

yeah a whole list of stuff impotence

obesity depression angina

heart disease yes prostatitis but I

think thought this thing could do I

could cure everything like I said it I

love the history stuff was there I don't

know if you know the answer was it

actually effective to treat all those


well it's increasing testosterone okay

so yeah I mean indirectly yeah I assume

they that's what they were seeing

I mean heart disease well heart disease

I mean and we thought you know until

about twenty years ago even today

testosterone is a blonde Fox as far as

heart disease goes the data they came up

with saying it was you see my video on

that on what I interviewed the

cardiologist about heart disease with

testosterone we reviewed real data and

it's inconclusive so it's it's

inconclusive so there's no data really

for it or against it so when you want to

proceed with that it's a man per man

thing right okay so today it's only it's

only prescribed to men for hypogonadism

is the only legitimate label label use I

guess you'd say well it's it's it's used

for women - it's for fertility for

ovulation and auditory issues with women

they're having problems with the

ovulation and this is crazy you found

out in 1954 they came out with the HCG

diet I thought that was recent but that

that started way back then that's crazy

so they were using it so they would have

people take HCG along with a very low

calorie diet like a thousand calories a

day and there was some interaction as

they thought was gonna happen between

hormones and the low calories and your

your thigh you know your your your

thyroid gland I don't know what they

were thinking but by 1974 the FDA put

out its first warning about this diet

and nobody really uses his dive never

even heard of this so clearly it didn't

it didn't stick let's say I mean it's

never heard of the HCG diet no no what

people still is it still thing yeah so

they're using they're using the drug

along with very low calories I mean

aren't there are a million other drugs

you could use it would be you know like

thyroid drugs or something I would think

yeah it's just comical afetr mean and

you know all the unfed amines we have a

whole bunch of new medicines that I


you know for obesity and appetite

suppressants and very complicated drugs

you know but that's an old school and

yeah I remember a couple years ago ten

years ago it was so big and when I was

trying to prescribe HCG for my patients

ya know to get him like you know to get

him fertile and to get him off steroids

I would pry to prescribe to CBS and the

guys CBS doc we don't we're not gonna

cover that he was very mad and very

aggressive to me huh I was like and he

said to me it's we don't cover that

that's like HCG diet wrecked all this I

was a and interesting that federally it

is not a controlled drug no but in some

states it is uh it is a controlled

controlled substance which is kind of

the opposite of marijuana which

federally is illegal everywhere in this

country good point

but here Massachusetts Maine many other

states you can spark it up if you want

because then you went into the peak

effect which is interesting if you put

it into your muscle intramuscular it's

gonna peak in levels in six hours or I

guess it's act it's it's its most active

for about six hours yeah yeah kind of

peak yeah but if you put it sub-q under

the skin it's active for sixteen to

twenty hours that comes out of

Llewellyn's book this is this is and

it's it's I supported that with other

pharmacodynamic you know biologic

information from the night you know like

the 1940s and 60s so and it is

interesting you'd think it's gonna go

quicker and the sub-q yeah but you know

I was very careful to to edit that to

make sure that it was really accurate

and so it's because of the capillary

circulation is just gonna be greater in

muscle versus fat okay so then we went

into finally what the meatheads the

bodybuilders out there use HCG for like

I said primarily it's primarily used for

PCT after cycle let's say between cycles

but a lot of some people you pointed out

do use it along with their cycles just

to try to maintain testicle volume and

infertility yeah

would that work I mean you think that

the time here's a thing here's a that's

why I gotta do studies right it

definitely works it definitely works but

it works like kind of like the doctor

drab one it works in the beginning and

then what happens it most men will tell

you that it something changes and they

neither need more or it wears off or

they have side effects because of using

that with other drugs that they can't

tolerate so but it does work you know it

does work but it doesn't there is down

regulate all the bro signs you know some

stuff where bro Sciences prevails they

all talk about on the on the blogs and

the chat rooms you know steroid chat

rooms all over the world that if you

take too much HCG or if you if you're a

susceptible man or you don't you don't

do something right with HCG it dose or

frequency or coming on steroids are

often at a certain point you're you're

gonna down regulate and your testicles

will actually you know really kind of

speed up and paradoxically shut down I

it's true I just know this it's true

because I've talked to thousands and

thousands of men that have told me this

and again some guys will say doc no

that's not true you know wrong you're

wrong there's no one wrong or right

it's that globally can you look at a

phenomenon but there's going to be a

spectrum where some guys are gonna

exhibit these symptoms and some guys I

mean it's common sense

most men no one lives on HCG Ron no one

people do use it for 40 RT just by

itself though correct not long though

Ron not not they really don't though and

and it's like who does not I've been

doing this for what 15 years we we we

doctors like legitimate docs that are

using it we use it either to bridge men

off of steroids because it's

legitimately part of evidence-based

medicine for for recovering a man off

androgens dr. lipschultz right out of

Baylor he's going with 3,000 units every

other day Wow so that's how a doctor

so it's good go for it great I think

it's a little too much and that's a

conservative urologist at Baylor now

that's great I've learned a good place

now okay that's my evidence-based

support now beyond that you'll see other

regiments all over the board but you're

using it when you're off steroids to

blast you know whatever dose is 500 750

up to 3000 every other day twice a week

to get fertile or just a cruise through

but it works like a charm for fertility

man unbelievable you said you've had

something like a 90% success rate

absolutely and this is steroid former

steroid users who were having so luli

identity issues yeah different levels of

being shut down ten years 20 years on on

guys on steroids for 20 years and

they're 40 I kind of wonder why you want

to have a kid you're 40 but okay cuz the

20 year old wife wants a kid that's why

that's that's exactly that's exactly

what we're in is so I go okay well let's

just put testosterone to the back of the

cab the medicine cabinet and let's give

you I don't know 2,000 you would survive

HCG and lo and behold within a few weeks

doc you're the man and I'm like okay

there another guy

you don't need HMG so it's about tooth

for st4 but you know it's a steroid user

so his brain and his testicles those

ladies and Tsereteli cells related to

his brain there's definitely it's not

like a regular guy who's a virgin to

steroids it's it's if you use a guy

that's had a very minimal experience I

learned this from the fertility urology

guys this is real fertility urology I

learned this very conservatively with

Don in the beginning I was you know

working obviously with urologist and

we're not I was rude I got to work with

the real guys and then I realized they

got it they want to work with me because

they really don't no one really knows

anything and we're trying to we're

trying to recover guys

we're not giving steroids guys to

steroids they want to come off because

they want to recover they can't come off

because a pipe

vamos has shut down they have they have

anabolic steroid use hypogonadism and

this is before blasting and cruising

even today so you need to offer them a

support regimen and HCG is app and if

they're like you put them on

testosterone you say oh but doc before

we go on testosterone I want to have a

kid you know with my honey and so you go

okay so before we go on

you know chronic testosterone just trt

let's just let's give you some HCG and

90 percent 60 high and I talked to a guy

to this morning or yesterday good job

doc it worked it took a few weeks and

then I keep the guy on it here's this

this is my technique that I learned I

keep a guy on HCG went until the

pregnancy is into the second trimester

there's going to be no spine yes a

miscarriage because what happens guys

are an ECG they don't want to live on it

they want to go back on testosterone

right they're on HCG and what is

happening the wife the woman is pissing

on the stick every time she goes to the

bathroom so sooner or later she goes aha

and she text a picture of the positive

pregnancy test yeah and then they go

yeah and they celebrate the guy


this is within weeks of being on a CG

maybe even date maybe days I've seen it

and then he celebrates he goes by he

goes home it takes a shot a test and

then and then was like something I would

do no I mean this is just these are just

thousands of stories thousands and

thousands of stories so they may guy he

goes home and then they go to the OB and

then boy then within a few days weeks

you know she lost that she loses the the

pregnancy I just it's the nature of the

world it's called a spontaneous

miscarriage okay yeah she hasn't it but

what am I gonna tell you and then the

guy goes Jesus Christ doc I gotta go

back on the [ __ ] again I gotta come off

I was just and so my my

the O'Connor the metabolic doc regimen

stay on until you're sixteen weeks the

pregnancy is viable by-and-by an OB by

an ultrasound and then you can sell and

then you could go you can go back on

testosterone okay now you talked a

little bit about side effects

the main one that you see that seem to

be a an issue is a edema a lot of people

will retain my god so is that the reason

a lot of guys would not want to stay on

this Forrester genic now if you're on

testosterone you'd see more as Joe Janek

boy so it's so common sense it's like

these are like idiots these anti-aging

doctors are just oh my god Ron it's

getting every day you never have people

on tests and HCG it's a new I do they

have to twist my arm there's no if

there's no elite that police are not

coming for me for that for that hmm I

just don't like to do it because it's

like [ __ ] or get off the pot mmm you're

either using it for fertility or I'm

trying to wean you off because you're

young and you haven't done much steroids

and we got we have to a fatigue if you

this drug because it does reconnect your

brain to your balls at least temporarily

and then I have to wean you down so I'm

either doing a PCT protocol based on

evidence thank you so much doctor

machine thank you so much dr. lipschultz

all right my ass is fully covered and

I've been doing it free no I mean I'm

just telling this is evidence-based


well I'm this safe place you have if you

don't do it it's malpractice so ok

number 1 PCT and then the only other

time I use HCG is I said to get a guy

who wants to have a kid on HCG he's

usually not on for more than six months

or four months because we get the job

done and then I do have a small number

for full disclosure I have a small

number of patients that art that say doc

I love I really like to take that small

small dose of HCG with testosterone it's

like 200 I use

compared to the to the stuff that we the

level idea for fertility or PCT it's

it's pails so small dose and it they

take it concurrently with the

testosterone and there are men that stay

I like it but why what why don't want to

be on both feet to maintain to two

things and lipschultz has it in his

literature but it's literature is very

novice it's very novice literature

because we don't even have them what is

it what a year of data on a small number

of men that's nothing I'm talking about

five years ten years and and and across

the board a lot there's a lot of bias in

these studies because who's coming out

of the wings for these studies which is

great I don't want to talk my study I

don't want I just don't want I can't

talk about my studies yet that's not you

can all my YouTube and you can doing I'm

fair I have to be very tight I can't

mention my study you can go on my

youtube and you could mention you can

watch my video that I was allowed to

I was scripted I'm doing a study you

could go to youtube and you can see

exactly what I'm doing I can't mention

it any other place because it's I'm it's

very regulated so and I'm very happy

that I made it to that point and I'm

sure you saw it Ron right you saw about

oh yeah so I'm sure it I put it on the

MD page remember thank you I just can't

mention yet we have to get clearance

from the IRB we have to get clearance

and I'm we're waiting for clearance so

we're just not there yet so okay so HCG

small doses for men when I started doing

this 15 years ago everyone was doing it

and I was doing it too I was do because

I thought that's what you had to do

right you know and urology guys and

enter chronology guys they they were

like good luck I have no idea what this

is what HCG I mean fertility urologist

know what it is but chronology doctors

they they still don't know what it is

and that's okay they should have know

what it is because they're diabetic

experts or they want to be testosterone

ologist they're gonna take my course

testosterone ology 101

that's repeat but so 8cg small doses it

does work but let me tell you the truth

guys don't end up doing it because their

pin cushions some men do and then it

wears off it wears off or worse they say

doc it's my testicles despite doing the

injections it's going on the other way

and my exact youlet their ejaculate

becomes less and less it no less and

less and less okay and then what do they

do so they start taking more HCG and the

ejaculate does go up but then what

happens wouldn't you be all puffy if

you're taking their side effects their

testosterone levels are up with 2,000

maybe 3,000 and if you want that you

want I don't prescribe that so so you

see what I'm saying

we don't know how HCG you I think you're

never gonna see a day where you're gonna

see TRT with small doses of concurrently

given HCG I think I think I offer it to

men if they if that's what they like to

try but again it can cause hypertension

because it's gonna lead to an increase

in edema because it's the whole goddamn

kitten caboodle is gonna increase

estrogen it's estrogenic because their

testosterone Zastrow genic and if you

think you're gonna so let's just let's

just type our own ACE inhibitors now

you're Jack you're a jackass damn it

goodness you're a devil

jackass now now you have a goddamn heart

attack I ain't Ron I I did I have to get

crazy because I the same thing I say the

same thing every goddamn day well people

need up he seems like no one I mean it's

all tied in to HDL is that what it

sounds like cuz he ain't you cuz this is

gonna take there's HCG itself lower your

HDL yes absolute anything anything any

anything that increases endogenous free

testosterone is going to it's not going

to increase HDL it may hold strong a

little bit or go low and the studies are

there on that

then you throw the aromatase inhibitor

on top of that tank tank you want to do

guys you could do what you want to do

and if you up if you have risk factors

if you're a walking guy that has enough

risk factors like your HDL is not that

high naturally mmm though something

every single guy comes in every single

guy every single one has an HDL

suboptimal under 40 Wow I think mine's

like a 2 but anyway I mean it's just

people it comes down to like the user

comes down I think it'll be priests cuz

he said I saw him on some either it just

it comes down to what do what do you

want to do I mean do you really don't

give a [ __ ] if you really don't care I

mean it's just like if you don't care if

you really don't care about your heart


you can do all this stuff if you really

care really really care about your heart

don't do any of this stuff yeah this is

kind of random but going back to the

fact that it's not a controlled it's not

a scheduled drug does that mean it's

available like at CVS or Walgreens no

it's it's a prescription drug run it's

it's not a it's not an FDA controlled


good question good question it's like

it's just a difference that doesn't make

sense and it's like a z-pack you can't

you know it's like a z-pack it's like an

antibiotic these are these are these are

prescription drugs to be from you know

every prescription drug you need to be a

physician until until the FDA clears it

to go OTC over the counter so I can't

pick it up next to the cough syrup no

but man we talked about insulin the only

reason why insulin is very unique while

insulin you can go to Walmart and get

some regular insulin is because when

they made a decision and I agree with

the decision you know if you're a

diabetic and you're you're in trouble

and you're in your car and you're like

I'm not feeling good honey

and you can go into a Walmart or CVS and

say I gotta get so you can talk to a

legitimate licensed pharmacist he's

gonna be able to determine here are some

insulin take the goddamn shot right here

right now you're gonna say you're gonna

so if you can't get insulin you're gonna


yeah I mean people would be shocked if

they knew how much pharmacists make but

pharmacists have to they have life and

death decisions every if they screw up

they die

pharmacists are badasses they're there i

mean this is the whole medical

profession is no one no one does it to

me to get rich i can tell you that

that's why you're always very very you

never put other doctors down even when

there may be ignorant or backward in

some ways when it comes to the things

we're talking about as far as being

progressive with you know men's health

and testosterone and stuff you're always

very supportive of your fellow doctors

because maybe they don't know that's why

i'm a testosterone ologist and this is i

didn't realize

ten years ago it's so complicated you

have to be an internist i don't you know

this i say all day long i don't know i

don't know i don't know i don't know

well go see this doctor and then if I

know something I start talking like I

talk sometimes which is really really

annoying and aggressive it's okay you're

from New York right I'm definitely New

York I've been working for New Yorkers

for many years I can't complain pretty

big city I get it so I think I think

that covers hcg we didn't we don't tell

people how to use it because you know

you need to be working with a physician

and the dose is gonna be dependent to

you you know but I'll ask dr. T and

he'll say use this much oh honey

yeah two different shows i I looked the

contrast oh my god I see his show it's

just a great incredible very different

shows but serving to serving two very

important and different needs

things are man that the numbers are mean

the men coming in it's just off the or

unbelievable but this spate is opened up

it's just so awesome I'm so happy for

everyone so thank you Ron thank the

lifts and you know the listeners the

watcher is the viewers black men you

know thank it we're just we're tearing

it up man we got the research cookin

everything's just we're just cruising

right on yeah it's good times and it's

very progressive there's something some

doctor I put on my Instagram there's a

doctor in Australia who just made a big

announcement he's going to offer health

services for steroid users because he

because he says that they're on

served and that they're being

discriminated against and it's unethical

wow this is like I've been day buddy

welcome to my I started this I've been

doing this for ten years I mean it's

probably the situation isn't great here

but I bet it's a lot worse than

Australia so I take you so I have a lot

of men I do a lot of consults all over

the world right because I do I do every

day I do two or three a day so you know

most of them is FaceTime or zoom or

Skype so and I have a lot of guys in New

Zealand in Australia and I will say it's

it's very non progressive there it's

very very it's very backward in there

doctors are very aggressive against

steroid users there I'm not sure much

worse than America or the UK you know

luck and you know that the I the UK it's

just very aggressive and I this guy's

taking some he's probably not gonna last

they're gonna probably take him out

pretty soon I mean I don't understand I

don't I mean but we're making noise I

mean the guy that's a terrible joke I

hope they don't put him in prison I mean

the guy's you know he doesn't look like

a bodybuilder like he's pretty some

skinny you know guy looking guy you know

he's just he's doing it because he's

he's following me and he's a fan of it

and he's like I'm a doctor and what dr.

O'Connor is doing is correct and we take

care of transgender people why wouldn't

we take care of these there's a lot more

men on steroids than people that may

have intersex or transgender well I

wouldn't really not it's a political

thing we're not gonna get into but we're

not we're not but I mean but so I'm my

political side is be loving and caring

there's a man you'll love he may be on

steroids let's make sure we give him

some attention and I want you know I

want to keep young man Ron I want to

keep young oh my god I do so many

consults now of young men that are 17 to

19 Riley or on there on pro hormones and

boosters and they're in trouble some of

these candidates coming to you or their

parents bringing them to know that they

do consult they come to me they come to

me through there they're watching this

right now and they're watching my

youtube crazy kids out there I got I

don't give you enough credit

I just try but it's like run you look at

your kid your kids not on gear no no no

interest you know if he ever does it's

gonna be a long time from now

Wow yeah so it's amazing so like these

kids are 1980 run 13 year olds are going

to get testosterone third Ron 13 please

are going to G and C Ron and getting

testosterone boosters oh well that's

fine that's fine it's legal yeah no I

mean it's it's you know I I did a Ron

line last week with a 23 year old kid he

just turned 23 he's a classic physique

Pro named Jordan plant eco he was 22

when he won two shows this year totally

100% drug-free and he won when he was 18

or 19 he won the IPA World Championships

powerlifting but he's hun percent

natural he's 6 foot 195 pounds looks

fantastic he's not huge obviously but uh

drug-free for life so far you know for

the time being he has no plans to use

steroids and I'm not gonna put the other

guys down but in classic you know

classic isn't as heavy with the drug you

says maybe 12 or open obviously because

those guys have to carry a lot more mass

but certainly certainly drugs play

they're used fairly extensively in in

most divisions including classic

physique yeah I I was I was happy to see

this kid be able to do it you know

obviously anybody at that level they've

got awesome genetics anyway but you know

this kid this kids something else he's

drug-free for life and uh you know you

could probably talk to him because he he

was a champion power lifter as a

teenager - he only did it for like a

year though he got tired of us we have

to reevaluate all the steroid use raw

nuts I'm just trying to provide a

thinking you know a place of say a safe

haven for men that are considering it or

you know it's wrong it's a safe place

they just have a safe place you know

what are you doing let's show you what's

going on here's what I feel comfortable

with with here's what I feel comfortable

doing as a physician what I can offer

you with evidence-based and we have more

and more evidence coming so we're in a

very good place because steroids whoa

they're not going

hey Ron you know that then you know it's

you're doing such good work and you're

trying to get more physicians to get

with the program because the biggest

problem with steroid users is they are

free to tell their doctors they're using

steroids that's what the guy in

Australia he's doing a study you and

would look at the I forgot the guys and

I mean look at my Instagram the guy is

he's got a study push PU SH or something

and it's nothing yeah got the guys name

up I mean the guy you know again I don't

I'm never gonna be one of these guys

like oh I have competition I want I want

more doctors I love this guy so

Australian physician dr. Bing you see

you is last name I don't know how you

would say that trading physician I don't

know if you you got his Instagram on

there no no I don't think so

but yeah bang bang you yeah that's his

name what was the name of the website I

copied there Ron will show that website

Roy Advisor Roy's that's that's crazy I

mean but they have really very

interesting media thank you yeah

interesting anyway so but but that there

he is but there there's a doctor he's

trying to provide you know ethical care

for men that are taking steroids so he

can so they don't die I mean get hurt I

don't know yeah I mean it's you're

getting a message out there it's

definitely you're having an impact on

other physicians which is one of yeah no

it's it's good to see because it's gonna

spread it's kind of spread yeah it's

gonna take old time but man it's it's

it's happening so keep it on please keep

it up well thanks to new guys and please

all the media outlets you can get on and

talk and get the message out there do it

dude keep keep doing what you do I'm

just a media guy man I love it

alright one more time get the book

America on steroids the time to heal I

have two doctors websites where if you

need a consultation if you're having you

know issues that your doctor can't or

won't help you with you can get ahold of

dr. at anabolic comm or metabolic com

if you want to check out his excellent

videos that's anabolic doc on YouTube

they're very well presented very

organized with footnotes and time codes

and everything he doesn't ramble like I

do here so check it out and dr. O'Connor

thank you very much for once again thank

you so much Ron doing what you do

another week man thank you

I'd everybody thanks for watching SD

Anna bog doc we will see you next time