What Does A Typical TRT Dosage Look Like? (Find Your Range) | Ben Pakulski

now I know testosterone replacement

therapy that the doses seem to be around

you know like 50 milligrams a week or

sometimes a little more sometimes a

little less depending on the individual

so very low doses what are the doses

that like somebody who's in the gym

wants to work out maybe a gym

bodybuilder who takes testosterone what

are those that kind of doses look like

200 300 milligrams a week so different

for everybody because you're looking at

having these optimal dosage optimal

ranges of testosterone you want to be at

the high end of optimal so the typical

range people would suggest in typical

doctor would say somewhere between 400

and you know up to 1200 would be like

for your measurement yeah so that's the

way you measure right if you're looking

for optimal performance I think men

should be in the range of 900 to 1200

which is very high but you feel great

like because more than that there's

there's negative effects you don't wanna

be over 1200 milligrams or what are 1200

nanograms per deciliter because as soon

as your body senses these high amounts

you're gonna kick on estrogen production

right your bodies even convert

testosterone estrogen so the average

person sitting at home like let's stay

in that range of maybe 600 to 1200

depending where you like to be and it's

completely personal preference you may

feel amazing at 600 which you know when

I'm since being retired I live at 5 to

700 I feel awesome but you know during

my career there was certainly super

physiological levels that were

experimented with and I don't even know

that it's absolutely necessary in most

cases I'm sure it is but the numbers

that some guys are using are just

astronomical and unnecessary and I don't

want to advocate any of that stuff

because it's the biggest thing is trying

to educate people on realizing that it's

minimum effective dose and should be

incremental just like your training

right you don't want to go in the gym

having never worked out and do this much

work so you create massive amounts of

soreness you want to go and make the

smallest amount of incremental changes

to make the biggest amount of

incremental change so if you're

currently taking zero

we'll start 100 milligrams see what

happens and you know a week and then if

you're not getting the type of results

you're looking for there let's go to 200

and see what happens and progress that

way because every step along the way is

an incremental opportunity for progress

anabolic steroids just for the people

watching or really testosterone or

testosterone might form a group

derivatives because there's other

performance-enhancing drugs like growth

hormone and somatic to use insulin and

other types of things and they're

different and how they work but if

mainly if you give you give a male or a


you know testosterone or it's or it's

you know derivatives of it they'll

notice improved you know physical

performance and the more you give the

more side effects right I guess would

say well everybody's different right

like we talked about a previous video

test to do this toxic burden so some

people can take you know 1500 milligrams

a week and see no negative effects and

somebody can take a thousand milligrams

so we can see massive like gynecomastia

and terrible acne and terrible oily skin

and you know headaches and poor sleep

and that's the genetic component right

um some people talk about this genetic

thing when it comes to building muscle

there's so many layers to that man like

can your liver process it if not you

gonna have liver toxicity can your skin

handle it otherwise you're gonna have

terrible acne you know your hair is

gonna fall out whatever is like and this

is genetic but I just accelerated it so

looking at all the different levels of

how these things contribute to success

and failure you know I had very

effective estrogen detox pathways so

even if my body converted to start from

the destra gen I was still able to so

you didn't get a lot of side effects

that right which would be you know high

levels of estrogen which could impact

you know so many different things muscle

building negative lipids files all that

retention heart issues so yeah I just

that was a genetic blessing for me