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what's up everybody except for is he

coming at you with some some QA

quickfire QA but nothing with me quick a

couple women might disagree there but

what we're going to get into today is QA

on a lot of the a lot of the super

supplements the gear questions that we

get commonly through messages direct

messages FIA you name and here's the

deal so out of the gate we're going to

go with this one set that I'm

paraphrasing everything because they

don't have them in front of me but we

see them we see them a great deal set

after I'm done my cycle and I do my PCT

which is usually just clomid anova decks

my dick don't work they're more I feel

depressed I'm upset I feel like I should

get back on gear problem is you [ __ ]

up your PCT can't just be chromatid Nova

Dex it can be if it's like you're a

first cycle and you're a young man and

your body is able to recoup from that

but everyone's different

okay the science that is behind all of

this is factual if you take clomid this

will happen however it might not be

enough okay because you didn't follow

the [ __ ] standards when you did your

[ __ ] recycle when you did your cycle

you were like let's do this let's do

this much because I feel like I should

get that I should get bigger because

there's no [ __ ] rules in bodybuilding

okay therefore we're like okay I'm going

to take like 750 Meg's a test I'm going

to take you know 500 Meg's of EQ in the

beginning I'm going to eat like 50 Meg's

Anna draw a day into it take some trend

and then like then I'm going to get on

my PCT and your PCT is 50 to 100

milligrams of clomid every day for two

weeks along with 20 to 40 Meg's and all

the decks for two weeks but that's not

PCT okay it's just on there are a lot of

different PCT protocols out there I've

seen them I me personally if you do not

buy HCG human chorionic gonadotropin and

it quality [ __ ]

you're going to have a hard time coming

back okay

therefore it's like you know there's a

lot of HRT clinics out there that can

help you get this or find a good way I

mean there's a ton of [ __ ] coming in

from China yada yada yada HCG is the

most necessary thing to have for post

cycle you have to have it yeah you have

to you have to it won't work so me PCT

HCG clomid Nova Dex have to have all

three you can get by with this HCG and

Nova I prefer that you do you need all

three no my doubling up for probably

doubling down yep like double bagging it

not let's just be a dick but HCG how

much well how much did you run what were

you doing how many cycles is this for

you what is your ultimate goal from this

are you going to run [ __ ] because this

is where blasting and cruising comes

into play are you going to did you just

run a 16 week cycle and then you're like

well I'm going to get off for a little

bit and then get back on here about six

weeks later you're not really giving

yourself a break and in this day society

with social media that's tough to do so

how many cycles is this what did you run

all that play a role what I what I say

is is whenever you win when do I start

my HCG how much should I get if you

don't get at least 10,000 units of HCG

they usually come in 5,000 unit

increment and bottles you're going to be

in trouble you need at least 10

positively 15 thousand so how does it

work I say if you were taking sip unit

or an ant ape which is a longer acting

extra testosterone one week after your

last shot is when you should start your

HCG how much do I take now this is where

it comes into play on bro science in

this [ __ ] because this is their

scientific facts behind taking HCG

everyday or scientific facts

taking it every other day to your

[ __ ] body and this isn't going to be

your only cycle probably so you're going

to have to [ __ ] bro science this for

you bro signs meaning like it's all by

feel and how you're doing because

nobody's getting their blood work done

right whenever they get off and then

having it all done no you get off

do your PCT clean out go get your blood

work done see how you look because if

you get your blood work done while

you're running [ __ ] it's going to look

really bad obviously all right so this

this this one here is something if you

were taking 500 to 750 possibly even a

thousand this is somewhere I would run

now when you run an HCG okay the same

kind of concept comes you don't want to

take it for too long because then your

body is going to recognize that it's

continuously getting this product and

it's not going to need to produce it's

not going to need to it'll just continue

to believe that it's getting it

synthetically so what we want to do is

we want to hit it tell the body to turn

back on and start working normally again

so for someone like that moderate to a

little bit higher doses you know you're

not really into a heavy user I would

probably say something along this lines

alright you're going to take a thousand

a thousand units every other day for a

week six bit for eight days okay so that

means you're going to use about 4,000

units okay now the second week you're

going to use 500 units every other day

okay you'll use 500 units every other

day for about another eight days so

that's 16 days you don't really want to

take HCG longer than I wouldn't

recommend it anything longer than two

and a half to three weeks tops

even then you're starting to push it

there's other things out there that say

you're perfectly fine doing it after a

12 to 16 weeks cycle I think at that

point you'll know because your nuts are

going to swell up you'll see because

they're getting turned back on they're

starting to the atrophy is you know you

want to throw up that these anymore

so thousand units every other day for

the first eight days it's four days of

taking that there will be a four

thousand and then for the next week we

can have five hundred units every other

day and at that point you'll know and

whatever you're taking I would recommend

taking fifty milligrams of clomid every

day and 20 milligrams of Nova decks

every day for that two and a half week

time frame okay at that point you'll

come off the you'll come off the the

Nova decks the hcg and the clomid and

everything should be good to go

that's where I believe the big mistake

is for someone that's used a little bit

heavier I I would run a thousand

milligrams or F some milligrams I'd run

a thousand units every day for about

five thousand units every day of HCG

every day and then from there I would

you have two choices okay this is that

thing I was saying you can either run

500 units every day or a thousand units

every other day for the remaining ten to

twelve days and see how that works

okay when I turn them on get it go and

progressively get to progressively step

down in a sense because 500 units you

know is it is enough but it's not very

much and it'll help get everything

rolling and at the same time it'll go on

the same side of the of the climate how

much clomid should I run you know should

I run in five and 50 MiG's every day or

should I run 100 MiG's every day it kind

of depends on how many times you've been

on me personally okay this is going to

come out and everybody will [ __ ]

listen the blasting and cruising thing

comes into this what you think a

blasting and cruising set well it

depends on what the [ __ ] you mean by

blasting and what you mean by cruising

blasting you're going to say you know 10

12 16 weeks the [ __ ] blaster crews

when you're blasting which are dosage is

that is that 750 MiG's attest to 500

send a thousand fifteen hundred Meg's

attest oh coupled along with you know

Decca EQ or Anna draw trembling

strong will you take it with what what

is your blast and your cruise people

have said they cruise on 500 milligrams

of tests and 200 MiG's of trend and ante

that's their [ __ ] cruise [ __ ]

that ain't a cruise you're on if I take

500 MiG's of tests and 200 MiG's of

trend and ante

I look [ __ ] pretty good I feel pretty

good tank crews intend you're on so what

and this is again or bro science in this

to a certain extent with a long lift

coupled with the blood work because I

can't stress enough how important your

blood work is so blasting and cruising

do professional bodybuilders come off

yes do I come off no to a certain to two

degree of I'm at the point right now

where I will cruise at a hundred and

seventy five milligrams of testosterone

a week because that's where my levels

look good why because of what I did to

myself previously and right now I enjoy

what I do my life has changed

dramatically right now one of the one of

the reasons that I'm not going to be

competing is because of what is

occurring in my personal life and I need

to make sure my life extends a little

bit more I need to be a little healthier

for my for my kids so at that point

these are the types of things in life

that change how you handle [ __ ] so me

personally I can't run you know 1582


eight hundred Meg's of deca for our


500 Meg's and master on 100 Meg's Anna

draw and [ __ ] get ready for shows and

go ham or [ __ ] out and [ __ ] crime and

try and win just not my repertoire right

now it's not it's not something that I

physically want to go through or

mentally or put anyone in my immediate

circle into because bad things happen

and anybody out there that doesn't

believe bad shits going to

and from this you pull your head out of

your [ __ ] ass so you need to be

mindful and self aware of what's

occurring hence why it's so important to

understand blasting and cruising in

getting your blood work done that's key

but I also understand that a more than

likely not going to stop everything

completely because of my life nor in

order for me to completely be natural my

body is pretty much [ __ ] abused what

we do to ourselves abuses us like we are

50 67 year-old men if I don't take if I

don't take a synthetic hormone

I won't produce it I would have to go

through extensive therapy to produce it

on my own

and even then probably not I knew that

going into this [ __ ] and that's

why I say personal decision all you

stupid bastards out there need to [ __ ]

understand the severity of this [ __ ]

your [ __ ] up take years off your life

you know that whole lived your life like

a line for 30 years or land like 70 or

whatever [ __ ] at saying is bro you know

when you're 18 you believe that but as

you get older and realize there's a

little bit more to life and there's a

lot of people out there to rely on you

to be be around for a while you know

that doesn't mean I'm any less intense

or any less crazy or anything like that

or a [ __ ] you know that means that you

understand your perspective on life you

move you adapt you become something that

is in a sense better or not better but


so that lasting cruising thing you

really have to understand the severity

of the situation and you can't [ __ ]

lie to yourself because that's a top

question you have to understand where

your levels are what you're doing how to

make it work where you feel good when

sides start coming into effect at 1250


bro my skin's turn goes from [ __ ]

being cool to oily as a [ __ ]

there's no stick

this though whether there's no real

number of science or of any background

or what milligram for the majority of

people it happens that this is going to

occur I know people that take 600 MiG's

a test and their [ __ ] back is like a

goddamn it's like the Rocky Mountains

you know crazy some people are more

prone the sides another how do we combat

them well you find out what the [ __ ] is

making this occur then you control it

find a way to control it that's what we


you're you bro signs more [ __ ] in your

life than you understand and we do that

knowingly you know so those are

questions the PCT is a big one make sure

that you guys you know make sure that

you guys understand this with the PCT

like I said make sure you're getting HCG

on your hands before you before you

start everything have to or know someone

that very quickly but you know even

being like I'll get it later on

thank you [ __ ] will or you'll forget

or you'll try and justify yourself that

you don't need it but then all of a

sudden when you go to [ __ ] the old lady

and it ain't there having Trend dick for

six weeks and then not being there that

ain't [ __ ] gold so you ain't going to

like that but make sure that you're

being smart about this

that is those PCTs are where is what has

worked for me and quality of HCG also

plays a role with those dosages they

have to me I've always gotten I had not

always been take that back

recently I get very high quality stuff

and it does make a very big difference

the cheap ship from China that comes in

or it just it's a very it's very

prevalent those dosages may or may not

work that's that that's the risk that we

all take doing what we do I can't fix

that for you I can't change that but

those dosages is where I would hang

they're a little heavier but

everything is relative that's what

worked for me plain and [ __ ] simple

but if you stay on HCG for you know four

weeks it's a little long no little long

wait two weeks - two and a half weeks

tops that's where I usually hung out you

know 16 days 18 days sometimes maybe the

2021 but I'm depending on what I was

doing how I was feeling and what my

bloodwork looked like previously after

you know show or after you know a long

cycle my PCT and then getting my blood

work done still showed I was a little

rocky so that's why it's good to get

involved with a HRT clinic or you know

Artie Artie HRT there's a lot out there

a lot of people they they have them out

of state you send in your blood work you

go get your blood work your contact and

your fame the [ __ ] money it takes

just is what it is

otherwise you're just pissing into the

wind hoping you don't get [ __ ] on your

nice khaki pants everybody knows piss

shows up on khaki pants so happen in

life too

so in closing don't go through life with

a limp dick it's no fun

get your PCT I hope you guys learn

something but that's it enjoy love life

and go lift weights look good naked

everybody likes that I like looking good

naked the jawline it's important the V

into the dick it's important if you

don't got it [ __ ] it just like that it

lift heavy weights they like that too