Starting Your First Steroid Cycle (Or Thinking About It) | Ben Pakulski

what if let's say and I'm sure this is

probably one of those questions you hate

to hear because it's almost impossible

to answer but I'm gonna ask it anyway

average guy working out you know has

been training for three years he goes on

a modest cycle of anabolic steroids how

much muscle with a game what do you


what's a modest cycle so as I said what

everyone should do if they think about

doing it is one can sell your doctrine

series ranges nationally and then

augment because you'll get a lot better

results if then you think just by

augmenting me at the high end of natural

risk so raise your natural testosterone

here's the thing man everyone thinks

bodybuilding is a drug based culture and

unfortunately the reality is it's become

that but it should be a training based

culture and that's really the difference

between the 70s 80s 90s and today those

but those body builders were training to

three times a day

really focus on looking at their body

like a piece of art like a sculpture and

now it's the paradigm with the internet

that's been perpetuated as guys look on

the internet and in body blink forms and

they go oh wow there's this amazing

stack that some a-hole posted that

apparently some body bullet before him

has been using so I'm gonna use that

because I want to look like him and say

it's a big mistake because one you don't

know if he's done it and most chances

they haven't because this is what I find

at the top of the sport man it's not the

guys who using the most drugs if the guy

who respond best to the drugs so these

guys don't want to using anything they

get tremendous amount of results you

know I remember this is an example of my

ability to process these things I did

200 milligrams of decadron like was one

of my first cycles ever - and ramona's

week that was it I put on 25 pounds or

something on folks and I was like okay

that's that's that's that's a lot of

muscle for that kind of it for my

experience knowing about it yeah that's

crazy so and people like oh my goodness

and like what are you taking they

thought I was takin speaks like well I

want my pro my pro car taken like one

bottle of winstrol which is just a you

know a hardening anabolic and I was

getting in being in Canada but my dad

had Thoroughbred racehorses so I was

like oh this bet over here has got these

things and yes it was a veterinary

product but it was sanitarian but the

results on it were crazy you know and

people like how you must have done so

many things and the reality was Austrian

really hard I love to train and and I

had to I talked about this with Jordan

yesterday I had this amazing blessed

life as a child growing up in Canada

where had this perception of what

professional bodybuilders needed to do

to get there so you

perception when you're outside of the

world is these guys work harder than

everybody they're soldiers they're

perfect on their diet they're perfect on

their training like they're so they

worked so hard so I had that belief in

my mind as to what was necessary to get


so I did that and I became just an

absolute animal in the gym and you

talked to some of my old training

partners and they'll test like one I was

ruthless - I was a hard-working guy and

three I'd bury anybody that came around

and then when you finally get to meet

the rest of throw water balloons you

realize like oh well at least in my

culture that wasn't the case like

they're training hard but it wasn't

anywhere near what I would have expected

it to be and a lot of them were just

very very blessed genetically like they

they look at a weight and they grow and

that's just the reality man like if

you're someone out there who needs

steroids to build muscle you're not a