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simple answers that no doctor no person

on can tell you oh you'll be healed in

six months nine months 12 months you

don't know what to expect this year was

the most challenging the most difficult

I got these terribly injuries the house

the fires so many things that are trying

to help me off my feet so you're gonna

make your break Oh

hey what's going on generation iron fans

mixer Jilly here bring you guys another

episode of the bodybuilding coach on

this segment we talk about training

nutrition and supplements today's

episode I'm going to talk to you guys

about how much do you keep from cycling

steroids is it a lot as little is it

nothing is it all bogus so first off my

this video is all my opinion only this

is not directing you in any way or

telling you to do this or that this is

only my opinion strictly my opinion this

is from my experience that I've had in

the bodybuilding fitness world for most

of my life like I said you guys can have

a different opinion or do different

things that I suggest and I don't tell

you I'm not telling you go out there and

do anything so in order for me to talk

about this video I just want to make

that clear first thing I want to say

about this video is this everyone's

results are gonna be different if you

line up 10 people give them all the same

cycle give them the same food giving the

same train regiment give them the same

sleep list every there's all the

variables or the same all 10 people will

probably have pretty different results

it might be like 3 the 5 people that

might have very similar but most of all

they're all gonna be mostly different

that's because our genetics are

different now next we have to understand

that this is there's a lot of variables

going into this when you use a cycle how

much someone's putting stress on their

body how well someone's eating the

quality of the food the quality of the

supplements they're using how hard they

train how far they're pushing themselves

you know the sleep pattern and obviously

genetics or number one

so when you put that all into into the

equation to figure out how someone's

gonna react on a cycle

there's obviously it not really and the

clear distinct answer so when I tell

people how much am I gonna gain off this

or how much am I gonna lose fat or what

am I gonna look like after this I

essentially don't know but I give you an

idea of what could happen I give you

also the most extreme results and I give

you the worst results which is nothing

and it does happen guys I can give

someone's a whole cycle and expect to

see this big dramatic change and not

much might happen their genetics might

be that only is the word bad but in

reality it is the genetics are not that

responsive so hormonal response is not

that good they might they might seem

minimal to zero results it might take

their body a couple cycles or six months

or longer to see any type of change so I

tell people some have to have more

patience others some respond literally

the second they take something it's so

crazy the dress drastic difference

between the the people so to answer your

question guys there really is no

distinct answer on how well someone's

gonna respond or how much you're gonna

keep after now I can tell you the best

way to keep gains after and that's this

always always always eat the best

highest quality food you can for every

meal don't load up on junk now because

you're using some type of PD that does

not give you any excuse to go F off on

your diet everything off when your diets

only gonna get you fat and worse and and

no not really any results staying strict

on and having nutritious food

nutrient-dense food that's gonna

obviously absorb well and let your body

grow from and it put muscle on and lean

muscle tissue not fat and water and and

distension of your belly and everything

else you know preservatives and frozen

foods and eating out all the time that

is not gonna get your results getting

your results is bringing putting in your

body what you know what's in the food

the quality of the food you cook it at

home or you're buying from some type of

meal plan service now that obviously

delivers really good food

I didn't have that growing up so it was

very hard for me I had to click every

one of my meals or pay someone to do it

that's when a girlfriend comes in handy

guys or a girl that's doing prep you

have your boyfriend do it for you

but yeah so eating quality food while

you're on and always eating quality for

you should't does eat quality food

because you're using peds or on a cycle

you should always equality food that is

your fuel guys I can't stress you guys

may think I'm fibbing because I'm a high

PB pro or because I've been there or

whatever the excuse I'm gonna sound

really cliche but if you're not eating

quality food and you're not eating

consistently every day you will gain

zero results on a PD cycle if you're not

fueling that machine nothing will happen

I promise you nothing will happen I've

seen people try to test me that hire me

and say oh I'm only gonna do two I'm

gonna do three shakes in three meals I'm

like it's not gonna work oh no my buddy

didn't it worked okay well your buddy's

probably genetically gifted that's why

but it's not gonna work for people that

need all the food every little last bite

trust me that one meal will make a

difference if you're eating five meals

every day and I have six it's gonna make

a difference that's a lot of calories

you're missing you guys all understand

how important food is and eating the

right foods the right time of day and

fueling the Machine after your workouts

sleep I can't stress how much sleep is

important I'm telling you my body would

dramatically be a huge difference for

the weeks I would sleep and not go out

and then party on a week's you know and

then party of the weeks that I went out

and not sleep my body was totally

different look totally different look my

workouts were [ __ ] I felt like crap my

digestive system was off my energy was

low and then with the difference between

when I was getting you know eight to ten

hours of sleep every day and getting a

nap in and rested and fueled and

hydrated worlds of difference even

though you want to make all the excuses

in the world that is okay that you could

do this I can go out every night and do

this I could juggle it I can balance it

I'm I'm the man you really can't trust

me if you actually look back and see

that the time timeframe when you were

serious and when you were doing that

the difference in in the quality of your

body is way different guys way different

bodybuilding is very lonely it's a solo

sport as much people want to say it's a

team sport yeah you have a support team

but you're not really doing it with

anyone else you're doing it by yourself

as much as you want to admit what do you

have some girlfriend or boyfriend you're

still doing it by yourself it's up to

you to put the food in your mouth

up to you feed yourself it's up to you

to get through the workout no one else

can do it for you so you have to do the

long lonely road by yourself you really

want to achieve that physique that you

desire it's long lonely guys and you're

gonna have to sacrifice things you're

gonna have to miss you know some

occasions or maybe work out really late

at night like the sacrifices have to be

missing something but the second reason

might have to be staying up late or

maybe you're squeezing it in early in

the morning before work the workout like

whenever you can get it in you can get

it in when we get a meal in on the run

maybe in the bathroom at work cuz you

can't eat or whatever the case may be

sitting your car and your work lunch

break or sneak off in slammer shake like

you have to make it work if you really

want this to work because not the world

is the world keeps turning whether you

want to be a bodybuilder or not guys the

world keeps going the world doesn't stop

because Joe wants to be a professional

bodybuilder or Nick want to be mr. USA I

still had to get my meals in no matter

what I was doing it no matter what work

demand I had no matter what bills I had

to pay that's what a lot of people don't


I don't getting off topic here about

what how you keep your gains but this

stuff matters to you know make sure

you're getting all the necessary things

done to keep those gains make sure

you're training every day make sure you

make sure when you come off that you're

keeping the same schedule that's what a

lot of people don't do you think because

all I'm PCT and I could take it easy no

you should be going doubling down now

because you're off because now you have

worked out much harder because your

natural you don't have the benefit of

the peds in your system so you have to

work hard now really freaking hard you

got to push your body past that that

shitty zone work I don't want to do this

or I'm tired

there is no excuses guys so when you

come off you train just as hard you eat

just as hard you sleep just as hard

there is no break you understand that's

why there's only a small percentage of

people that are professional

bodybuilders and there's only a small

people that are professional by

at the elite level I mean the elite top

10 top 15 top 20 in the world there's a

very small crowd think about how many

people that is compared to the world 20

people let's say let's say [ __ ] you guys

let's say a hundred people let's say

there's a top hundred body blows in the

world that is still not even cracking

the 1% or even point zero zero one

percent of the world population has a

very small amount of people when you

think about it so for people that have

that type of dedication it it's a very

rare specimen so it might not just be

for you guys as far as getting the most

results when you're on you know we have

to do train hard

the same thing when you come off train

hard eat hard sleep hard make sure you

have quality stuff number one make sure

it's it's pure it's not using any crap

be careful please be careful and of

course number one always be smart with

the stuff don't overdose it do minimal

do moderate you don't need to overdo it

mores not compensating for anything okay

if you're not getting results on

mediocre stuff maybe we should consider

maybe getting something else because

it's not good quality or maybe if you

consider doing something else like

playing soccer if you don't have a hyper

responsive you know don't spend endless

amounts of money on this stay healthy

with it okay don't make yourself

unhealthy to be a bodybuilder

that's not bodybuilding be healthy to do

this enjoy it have fun guys I'm signing

out make sure you like this video make

sure you're following generation iron

and of course myself Nick Victor Jilly

and Nick world class signing out take

care guys

a civil answer that no doctor no press

not to tell you oh you'll be healed in

six months nine months twelve months you

don't know what to expect

you see was the most challenging most

difficult I got these terribly injuries

the house the fires so many things that

are trying to help me off my feet so

you're gonna make your break