Heartworm: Facts, Myths and Natural Treatments


heartworm disease and dogs it's a

potentially very serious disease which

sounds more than ominous one of the more

common questions I had in veterinary

practice was whether or not you know

your dog should be on a conventional

heartworm preventative in this video you

learn about heartworm the common causes

of heartworm the clinical signs

associated with heartworm then more

importantly whether or not your dog

needs to be on a conventional heartworm

preventative and then some of the

holistic options heartworm disease and

dogs the conventional myths and holistic

options so what is heartworm heartworm

are direful area Metis is a parasitic

worm which impacts mostly dogs pictured

here is a dog's heart filled with heart

worms the more mainly affects the lung

arteries and clinical signs are

associated with damage to the lungs and

then the heart harbor is spread by

mosquitoes not all mosquitoes carry the

heartworm but when an infected mosquito

bites your path it can transfer larvae

tear our dog's tissues the worms are our

development in the mosquito at

temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit

when it's below 57 degrees Fahrenheit

development can occur and the cycle be

halted if the temperature is warm enough

the heart waive heart worm larvae

progresses to being infective then they

can infect another dog the larvae then

migrate through the body until they

reach the animal's heart and lungs there

the adult worms will grow they can grow

to 70 to 110 centimeters long and cause

a great deal of damage to the heart and

the lungs clinical signs dogs showed no

sign of an infection with heartworm

during the first six months the first

signs include a cough especially after

exercise as the disease advances signs

can include fainting pronounced coughing

weakness or syncope crackles in the

lungs a general overall weakness and

heart failure

in serious cases of heartworm it can

lead to sudden death this x-ray here at

the bottom one shows an increasing white

opacity in the lungs and that's what you

would see with fluid and heart disease

or heartworm disease so what are your

solutions what are the options most but

not all holistic veterinarians consider

the use of pharmaceutical preventives to

be less harmful than a harm heartworm

infection what you need to be aware of

is the incidence of heartworm in your

area and whether or not your pet really

is at risk of heartworm disease for

example in Canada heartworm is difficult

to acquire and usually not fatal no

question it's far less dire than the

warnings American claims the heartworm

preventive companies for her room to be

transmitted to your pet you need you

need to be the correct temperature for a

long enough period of time needs to be

the right climate the correct species

and sexing mosquito holistic heartworm

preventive options include many

common-sense natural health suggestions

to keep your dog's immune system healthy

along with preventing mosquito bites

first avoid unnecessary vaccines keep

your dog's immune system healthy avoid

repeated use of steroids or conventional

antibiotics provide excellent nutrition

by feeding quality natural brands of dog

food home diets and summer off food

ensure that that died includes certain

nutraceuticals that help prom the immune

response essential fatty acids

inadequate levels probiotics and

consider the use of colostrum and all

those nutraceuticals are in my

supplement ultimate canine health

formula procs is excellent mosquito

control for this is the insect that

spreads heartworm I've had some great

success using a natural mosquito

repellent which uses cedar wood oil use

natural alternatives whenever possible I

mean this can mean using no sodas and

herbal supplements while also having

your dog cast a to for heartworm

obviously this is better under the

guidance of a holistic veterinarian

conventional use the monthly heartworm

preventives if you're in a high-risk

area you're going to need to use the

conventional preventives be use them for

a short distraction as possible such as

when the

conditions really exist to transmit in

the disease meaning when it's warm

enough and there's mosquitoes present

that can actually transmit it to your

dog use the lowest effective dose of the

preventives and you can also follow up

the conventional medications with liver

supportive products such as milk thistle

and vitamin E and if you live in an area

with little to no risk of heartworm

consider no use of conventional

medication and that's what I do with my

own dog here for watching this week's

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