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hello everyone and welcome back to

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stress and anxiety about homeschooling

my name is Corrine and today I want to

tell you how to get started

homeschooling I have been making quite a

few videos giving some advice about

homeschooling and sharing my experiences

about homeschooling and I think I've

even made a video telling mine a dinner

homeschool mistakes to kind of help you

guys out to not make the same mistakes

but I sent here and I thought about it

you know I telling you exactly how to

get started and with everything that's

been going on with the schools being

shut down for the coronavirus and

everything there has been a spike in

interest in homeschooling there's lots

of people saying they don't know what's

going to happen with the schools in the

fall and even if schools are ready to

open in the fall they're not sure what

the experience is we're really going to

be like if is really going to be

beneficial to their children and some

people have seen that having their

children at home and I'm learning at

home has actually been a very positive

experience and so now they're like I'm

one a homeschool my kids but I don't

really know how to get started

well you don't learn today so the very

first step to getting started with

homeschooling is getting your mind right

you need to get your mind right you need

to get prepared for what's to come and I

say that because I think a lot of people

through the benefits of homeschooling

and they don't really consider that any

decision that you make whether your

children going be homeschooled or

whether they're going to return to tell

at school or private school or whatever

but there are pros and cons on either

side and so even though you may have to

side at that

is the best option for your family do

you understand that there are going to

be some negatives that come along with

it and one of those negatives are going

to be dealing with just change you

having to adjust your lifestyle to

accommodate home story if you aren't

accustomed to your children being away

you're used to them being gone for you

know about eight hours or more dream

game there isn't just that has been made

when you are with your children pretty

much 24/7 after that especially if you

know you are going to be at home all the

time and your home schooling you're not

working full time and just homeschooling

for a couple of hours of the day you're

going to be at home all day your

children are going to be home with you

all day and going with you everywhere

you go there is an adjustment now it is

a blessing I kind of blessing the iron

with my children pretty much 24 hours of

the day however some of the greatest

blessings in life do come with a little

inconvenience or frustration and so you

know it does get to be a bit much

sometimes when you don't have as much

time to yourself or it gets to be a bit

much when you know especially when your

children are really tiny and they're

asking a lot of questions so they're

giving in to things where you know is

your outfit is clean because your

children are at home you know more hours

of the day and there's more cleaning and

things that have to be done so I do want

you to consider that but you are going

to experience some change get prepared

for the fact that you don't know every

I think a lot of parents go into homes

when thinking that they have to know all

the information that they're going to

teach their children and that can be

really intimidating especially once your

children get to the later years of

middle school or high school where

there's information that you've

forgotten because you didn't use it okay

or if your children are interested in

subjects that are a little more

complicated and bills we're not things

you are necessarily good at like

chemistry or calculus or something the

minds don't have to know everything and

that when you need help reach out for

help there are resources there are tools

and things out there for you where you

don't necessarily have to just take

everything in your mind and try to put

it in your chalk line you can homeschool

your children and they can learn things

that you don't even know now that you

know what you are getting yourself

yourselves into then it's time to

actually look at homeschool law and home

school requirements now every state is

different so don't try to just I guess

and look for some broad expectations for

home schooling every state is different

so I recommend that you go online and

look up your state's Department of

Education and they will have home school

laws and requirements the thing that I

really want you to focus on too is to

make sure that you follow all the

guidelines of properly withdrawing your

children from the public school system

before you try to start homeschooling

because you could be teaching your

children they're being actively educated

but if you haven't officially withdrawn

them from school you can set yourself up

to have somebody knocking on your door

asking why aren't your kids in school so

make sure you follow the proper

protocols of withdrawing your children

from school and declaring your home

school to keep yourself protected while

I'm talking to you about coastal law and

protecting your rights as a home school

parent I want you to be familiar with

that the home school Legal Defense

Association they are there to protect

homeschool families because as much as

you think that homes warning says okay I

want to teach my kids at home you know

and there's not much to it there is a

lot to it one you want to protect

yourself to make sure that you know you

don't have anyone coming at you saying

that you're not really teaching your

children and also you don't want anyone

infringing on your rights of how you're

able to home-school your children and

we're sort of try to claim that you're

not doing something that's legally okay

this organization was set up to protect

homeschool families and our rights

because there are actual groups who are

trying to get rid of homeschooling

because you know a homeschool education

is an education where the government

isn't controlling what's being taught

your children so you can go ahead and

connect the dots on that of why it's

important to know your rights and why

it's good to be affiliated with

different associations who can protect

you in the court of law when you're home

schooling your child hopefully all of

this legal stuff didn't scare you up but

I mean you have to know you're right

it's America and there's always sewing

you trying to infringe on your right to

do things so you want to be protected is

this one more thing that you make sure

that you know what your rights are what

you are able to do what you're not able

to do you know how to protect yourself

as someone who's trying to claim that

you are not doing what you're supposed

to do after you have got in your mind

right after you have officially

withdrawing your children and you have

to clear your home school you know all

of your rights and all those different

scene minutes trying to D school now I

won't go into deep detail about what

deep schooling is I think I'll make a

completely different video for that

because there's a lot of information I

can give you about V schooling but to

just give you a basic definition of home

sub D schooling is basically before you

try to worry about reading writing and

arithmetic and all those different

things you just take some time to get

your children to adjust to the change

that they are making believe it or not

going to public school or going to a

traditional school it is and

indoctrination it is a systematic way of

things being done

and children have been conditioned to

operate and do things a certain way and

not only your children but you if you

have been traditional in school then you

believe that school should be run or

done in a certain way because that is

what you've gone through for at least 12

years and that's what you see your

children go through for so many years

and so homeschooling is completely

different and things that work in a

traditional school setting are not

necessarily going to work in home school

setting and even some things that are

done in a traditional school they don't

always work but they just do it because

it's an easier way to control the masses

so it's an easier way to keep a large

with children under control you assign

children a number you make children walk

in lines you can't speak unless you

raise your hand

you can't relieve yourself without

asking to go to the restroom if you're

thirsty you have to wait for a break or

wait we're going to allow you to leave

and all those certain things anyway

there is certain ways of things of diet

in a public school or traditional school

setting that is meant to keep a larger

with children under control and

everything are organized you don't have

those issues student worry about in your

home school environment you don't have

to do those things so you really take

some time to be full get out of the

traditional school mindset and get your

children to just enjoy school especially

if your children have been away from me

hours of the day you may need that extra

time to really know what their likes are

what their interests are what their

fears are what their concerns are all

those certain things get those things

air out in the beginning because that

bond that you create with your child is

going to help your child to trust you as

you go on this journey together and

understand that what you're doing even

though it's a change and they may not

actually like it some children don't

want to be homeschool but if you develop

this bond during be schooling it'll help

your child and trust that you're making

the right decision and that you're in

this together it's not just something

that you're forcing them to do it also

helps them just kind of really some of

the stress or anxiety that they might

have gone through while they were being

traditionally school because some kids

are bullied some kids feel left out or

alone or whatever and especially during

this pandemic

this gives your kids a

to really get everything out that's

going on I can't see my friend I haven't

gone anywhere for a while I'm just bored

you know allowing them to really emote

before you just dive into trying to

teach them what they're supposed to know

also these going to their time to get to

know your children because you can take

their interests and their hopes and

their dreams and their goals and you

can't fit that into their education

especially the smaller children if they

have a cartoon character or a movie or

whatever that they're interested in if

you can incorporate those interests into

whatever you are teaching them then

you've got their attention and they're

more likely to learn things that they're

interested in and with older children

it's important to take that time because

you're at an age where they're trying to

figure out what they want to do with

their lives what their purpose is what

they want to do with themselves or what

kind of career that they want to have

and paying that extra attention will

help you to tailor your education or

tailor their education to prepare for

those bowls so that you know okay you

don't really need to worry about these

particular classes because you're not

even interested in doing anything that

involves that the information that you

gather while you aren't you schooling

while you're getting yourself out of the

traditional school mindset that when you

are getting your children out of the

traditional school mindset you take all

that information and it will help you to

decide what type of home-school method

you are going to take and that is my

very next point now this could be

another whole video so there's a lot of

information to home-school you and that

is probably one of the reasons why you

might be feeling overwhelmed about

getting started and you don't know where

to start because there's just so much

information out there and I'm trying to

keep it as simple as possible I don't

even know all the different styles of

homeschooling but once you get to know

yourself more in your teaching style

your child's learning style what their

interests are and what their goals are

especially for older children then you

can decide what type of approach are

going to take to educating your child

additional schooling where even though

your homeschool that you still kind of

follow the same format as traditional

school we pretty much teach the

information and then your children kind

of do worksheets and things like

to show what they have learned there are

I don't know if I'm pronouncing it

correctly but I think it's Montessori or

Montessori I never learned the correct

way to say that and once I think I know

it I always forget so anyway that's

another style there's Charlotte Mason

there's Afrocentric homeschooling

there's religious homeschooling they're

self-directed there's unschooling

there's all different types of ways

between homeschool your children and I

don't think that one way is better than

the other it just depends on your family

and your family's needs and your child's

learning style that's what determines

what is the best homeschooling style for

your family personally we have an

eclectic I consider us to be an eclectic

home school because I will just try

whatever works at the time if it seems

like a certain way of doing things

doesn't work I will switch up in a

heartbeat and find something different

just to make sure that my kids stay on

track but they're learning what they

need to learn that the stress is kept at

the minimum I will just switch things up

no matter what so I can't really define

my hopeful as one style or another we're

just eclectic I will do a traditional

style for a while because I was a second

grade teacher and I didn't be school

when I first started homeschooling my

girls so I did do things the traditional

way because that's what I knew um but as

time goes by I'm becoming less and less

traditional about my approach for so

many subjects

the girls are self-directed where or

unschooled where they pretty much they

decide what it is that they want to

learn if they ask what they want to know

about something then I would still get

the resources I'll find videos books

whatever we'll learn whatever that

they're interested in not what a

curriculum says but I have purchased

from a curriculum before and I will

follow it to the letter for a while and

then sometimes I'll just see oh this is

what they're learning well I'm gonna do

it this way to teach it to my children

we use online apps they watch videos we

are in Afrocentric home

and we are a Christian homeschool so

this is a lot of things that are going

on we kind of classify in so many

different home-school and you can do the

same thing you can be more eclectic

where there's so many different things

that describe your homeschool or you can

choose one method or use s be flexible

and change flexibility is so important

with homeschooling so you know like I

said you schooling is important because

it gives you an idea how you're actually

going to home-school your children what

method is going to work best for your

family and for your family's lifestyle

so after you have decided how you're

going to teach your children what style

will probably work the best for your

family then it's time to figure out what

you're actually going to teach your

children and the way to do that is

usually by having a curriculum or

developing your own curriculum or if

your unschooling them is probably not a

curriculum but you just kind of follow

your child into this on the style of

homeschooling that your family has

decide on it will dictate what type of

curriculum you'll end up using

eventually because you know if you have

decided oh I like the Charlotte Mason

style I like having living books for my

children to read and be able to learn

lessons that way and really experience

major spend time outdoors and new

hands-on activities if that turns out to

be your style then you're not going to

purchase a curriculum that's basically

just you standing there talking to your

child and then doing work you know

you're not going to choose a more

traditional homeschool curriculum you

know so if you are not a religious

individual at all and you want to have a

secular home school then a Christian a

Christian curriculum probably wouldn't

work for you in vice versa you know all

those sorts of things so you're going to

decide what type of curriculum that you

want based on your preferences that's

one thing I hear a lot of new home

school parents ask is

what Kareem um bees what's a good

curriculum for a six-year-old what's a

good curriculum for an eighth grader or

different things like that and there is

no right or wrong answer to that no one

person can say this is going to work for

your family they can suggest what works

well for them

but really you have to take the

information you gathered while you D

school your family's lifestyle and you

know all those sorts of things and

decide what kind of curriculum that you

choose for your family will work best

for you because just because it works

for another family doesn't mean that it

will work for your family and sometimes

they'll even realize that a curriculum

that may work for your family for a

couple of years may not work years later

because you know your family changes

your child is changing and developing

and not only that is some curriculum

like they might be an awesome elementary

school curriculum but not so great for

middle school or high school a

curriculum that you may choose one year

may not work for you the next year and a

premium that may work for one cent you

may not work for another I love a bet

cause Finance because they're very very

detailed but I did not like their social

studies because we are an afro centric

home school their social studies and

history is very Eurocentric not only can

you purchase a curriculum but you can

just write your own curriculum whether

you're just writing a portion of it or

whether you're writing the entire

curriculum for your children in my case

I kind of did both I would use part of

the curriculum for some subjects and I

would come up with my own stuff for some

other subjects will let the girl kind of

leave they say oh I want to learn about

this in the body and then I'll decide

what books and what certain things about

looking the body I'm one of the girls to

learn at what time so you can write your

own curriculum and that may be a little

bit intimidating especially if you're

brand new when I first started

officially homeschooling

I completely stuck to the curriculum

that I purchased and as I'm becoming

more experienced I'm moving away from

that and I'm starting to just use online

resources and

come up with my own curriculum but if

you are new tongues going and you feel

like you don't want to spend money on a

curriculum because very expensive

sometimes if you want to make your own

curriculum you can look up your state

standards or objectives for your child's

grade and you can use that as a guide of

what you should teach in a school year

and you don't have to follow that but

that's a good place to start if you

don't really know what you should be

teaching your children and you don't

want your kids to kind of just be doing

nothing because you don't know what to

teach you look online there's actually

people who are very experienced with

homeschooling and who are curriculum

writers who will either do it for you or

they will teach you how to write your

own homeschool curriculum one person and

I'll try to have a link in the

description for you is Sean the

homeschool guru she actually has courses

do not pay but it's much cheaper than

paying for a curriculum but you can't

pay her and she will teach you how to

write your own curricula for ignore

children yes I said curricula the plural

of curriculum is curricula but I forget

sometimes I still see curriculums too

but the plural of curriculum is frequent

but anyway you know you can write your

own currycomb and there are resources

out there for you who will help you to

do that if that is what you want to do

so don't feel like you're out there on

your own

there are research resources out there

for you and if you go on social media

like Facebook there are groups that you

can join where there are very

knowledgeable experienced veteran home

schoolers who will help you along the

way all you have to do is join the group

and say how do I do that and there will

be people who just come out of the

woodwork to support I hope that you

enjoy this video I hope that you feel

empowered just get started homeschooling

I hope that you found this information

valuable and that you have the

confidence and the information that you

need to get started with homeschooling

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