Early Potty Training 6 Months Old | Tips + Tricks for a Busy Mom

Ola is Ivy and Ava coming back to you

with another video this is actually very

highly requested video you guys guys

have been asking me on Instagram I post

pictures of her saying that she is potty

and that she is you know sitting on the

potty or that she just potty for like

the fifth time that day and so I've just

been posting our journey on Instagram in

regards to potty training and you guys

have asked like uh obvious she's not

even she's diving one-years-old like Oh

what are you doing but I wanted to come

to you with this video because you guys

asked for it so here we are with a potty

training before one video yes people are

wanting hear those Ava oh yes you know

what Ava is currently six month old

she'll be stuffing less on October 20th

so she is currently six I guess six and

a half months old we did start potty

training at four and a half four and a

half months right mama

yes so we started potty training around

four and a half five months and yeah and

I know it's actually for people who do

this is actually pretty late in the game

at four and a half five months old I

know that the videos I've watched on and

sticker are the videos I've watched on


it's called elimination communication

those videos that I've watched on

YouTube they start as early as like

three weeks yes three weeks out of the

womb they start potty training

currently we are we have a body we have

it's called a baby pigeon I will link it

down below in my Amazon favorites um but

it's caught a baby pejorative Rand of

the potty and then I I have a basket

next to her

just with things that I might need like

a dead like diapers wipes and I also

have like bath stuff in there when I

when I do her hair and things like that

but mainly diapers wipes bless you and a

swaddle to later on when I'm changing

her in the bathroom floors so this

actually it's been going really well she

actually knows what it is Val she will

not go at church I've tried to put her

like on a big pile like a toilet she

didn't go when we were in San Diego she

wouldn't go like on the you know big

potty so she knows what her potty is and

she knows how to use it so whenever I

put her on there she just like goes like

right away now actually probably within

a minute she'll go when we first started

doing this most people who are

practicing elimination of communication

they will look for cues with baby they

will look for cues as to when they're

partying so we all know like babies have

that booboo face or they have they start

grunting so you know when the poop is

coming okay but he is kind of hard he's

kind of hard to determine and we haven't

quite got there yet

so this is still a journey for us but

the thing is with those moms that are

doing elimination communication I feel

like it's easier if you are a

stay-at-home mom or you know you you

know don't work and can look at your

baby like 24/7 like look for their cues

all the time or even just set aside you

could just set aside playtime to kind of

go diaper free we did that one day it

didn't work go die for free because I

was still working but like go diaper

free for like an evening and just watch

their baby play with your baby and see

the signs that they

do when they are peeing or when they're

pooping and signs I'm meaning like

kicking their feet like getting

uncomfortable like all of a sudden like

you know whiney or crying and yeah I

cheek now kicks her feet more when she

has to go also I have noticed that cue

but in the first you know four four and

a half months I really couldn't tell so

we just developed a routine instead our

routine is when she wakes up first thing

in the morning

even if her diapers wet sometimes your

diaper will be wet

like she'll wet it in the middle of the

night but when she wakes up we get on

the potty right away so I will sit her

on the potty get her on the body right

away and um that's just her cue like oh

when I wake up I should go to the potty

right we also go to the potty whenever

mommy has to go to the potty so when I

go to the bathroom she goes to the

bathroom so that she can see she sees me

using my potty and then she'll use her

potty and she actually sometimes goes

before I even you know and get on the

toilet so we also go before we leave

places yeah and then after each nap we

will sit on the potty so that's kind of

our routine it's just doing what you

would do like before you go to sleep you

you go to the bathroom or before you go

out somewhere you're probably going to

the bathroom just like with the toddler

you put them on a toilet before you go

places so they don't pee their hands in

them wherever you are and that's been

working for us personally and we have

been doing the cues you know watching

for her cues but poop Ben grunting I can

catch poops now and actually I'm trying

to get my mother-in-law on board and she

she is on board mouth so usually she

used to just like wait until she used to

just let her do it

let her go in her diaper but you know I

took I showed her actually one day I

showed her hey I put her in the potty

and she went and my mother-in-law was

like what that's crazy

so mouth shut put her on the potty so

she can go and daddy does it with us -

Tiffany yes we got everybody on board so

what I'm thinking about is finding a

potty for the church so because we do

have a lot of church babies but so that

they so that she can get on the potty at

church and be comfortable there potty as

well Vienna so that we can stay on track

come on Sundays we're literally they're

usually all morning in most of the

afternoon so hey daddy look I should get

your daddy today hi

see you later look if you do belong we

need you to send us a tricep extension

that's good yeah we're talking about

parties there are a couple things that I

do when I am putting her on the potty so

there's some cues that I that we use and

with the videos that I've watched about

elimination communication EC they they

would when they saw that the baby was

peeing and they were doing the diaper

free time they would make up cues for

the baby when the baby would pee or when

the baby would poop okay and when I did

try that tip when I did try the diaper

free time you want to lay them like on

the floor on a mat like doing like tummy

time but you want to actually lay down a

towel you want to do that so that you

don't mess up

you're laying the baby on but the cues

for her whenever she pees I go don't do

it down okay you just went to the

bathroom okay so I that's for pee and

then when she is ready to poop I go in

are you and then I said in it

cuz that's like sound she kind of makes

when she goes to the bathroom she's like

hey so those are the two thumbs that I

make for her when she's on the toilet

yeah I think those when you're in the

toilet yes and sometimes will sit like

it she'll sit on the toilet and she

won't go and that's okay and then

sometimes and I give it in the beginning

I gave it about one toilet like about

five to ten minutes now she goes within

like three or less and if she doesn't go

in like three minutes and we're you know

I'm just getting up in and getting her

up off of the toilet because I don't

want her to sit there and think that

this is just a seat for her to be

sitting off and there was one more thing

oh when hard and even if she has a dirty

diaper like waking her up from her nap I

will still put her on the toilet because

you don't know when that you know dirty

diaper happen it might have happened

when she first laid down for her nap but

I put her on this toilet anyways and

usually she does go does have to go even

actually she has a dirty diaper or a wet

diaper my mama right so I hope this

video was helpful for somebody you guys

you guys have asked lots of questions

about why we are potty training this

early and my answer to that is why not

why not nobody loves a same a poof all

day like why not give it a try

people might think we're crazy people

might think you're crazy we can tell

them your PI training year to your to

month oh okay stop you guys later bye