Five weeks old

Getting this pretty well it she hasn't it's been all day and she hasn't Peter diaper, right?


You should make a poopy in here

What are we doing

You got even better

Hi friends, so it's been awhile since I made that since we took that video

But an Elvis not three months old and we've been doing elimination

communications ever since and

it has been so amazing and we've just been loving taking her to the potty and

Becoming better and better at this and I would really say that if you are interested in doing elimination

Communication or easy on I could recommend you starting from early as early as you can

from newborn is really the best time because they really signal a lot and that's something that we

So fortunate to be able to start from when she was young

So we actually started just when she was about five weeks to

Do it full time before we were observing her every day

Actually since she was born we were observing


She how her parents of pee and poop was

to see and when what she had her signals were like and we were really having our eyes open all the time for

for this

So that we can see

Get to know her and also for me at that time. I thought it would be too much for me

As a new mom and everything was so well

So I thought it was better to wait until I had a little more energy to do it easy

but looking back actually I should have just started from the beginning because it made everything so much easier and the reason why is because

she would signal and

The way she would signal was usually a fussy or like it

Not so happy

most of the time she would just cry because went there newborns are usually just cry when they need to go to the toilet and

she would cry and we would be trying to maybe for like a while we would be like

okay, it's okay Ella and we would try to make her happy and calm but the reason why she was crying was because she was

Holding her pee and baby has a natural

instinct all babies and all memos has a natural instinct that tells them that they want to soil their bed and

The same with babies and so she was actually holding her peace many times that she would need to pay him

we take her to the to the potty and

she would pee right away or poop and then she would be happy again, and he was so amazing because

before she would just

Be really hard to make satisfied. And now when we started doing that it was so much easier

If you saw the clip you probably saw that we were

Really happy and excited

and if you are wanting to do this

You were probably gonna feel the same thing like once you catch your first pee. You're just like oh

This is the best feeling ever

Yeah, so it's ever since it's been going so well ever it's really getting the hang of and I getting the hang of them of

just getting to know her what she's how she signals and and

When and she definitely

Prepares to pee and poop in in the party or the toilet now, I catch almost all of her poops. Now. She's

Really preparing that

compared to the beginning she

Loved to prove doing a nursing now. She will stop a while before like nursing

She would stop look at me really sweet and healthy like oh, she's so sweet

but then I'll take two that go to the toilet and she'll poop and then we'll finish off eating after and

that's been working well for us and she's just really

like when you go for walks

I would pee her before

we put her in a wrap and then we go for two hours of how long she sleeps for and then come back and she

Will have hold

Held her pee for the whole time

And then when we come home will pee her again or poop and she will go to the toilet

people from other cultures like the

Asian people and the people like not from the Western world

It's been something they've done for generations is just pooping them

Outside or peeing them outside? It's not like a

natural thing for us to have diapers and diapers on are now babies toilet and I like to see you add a

Diaper as a backup and a good place for like emergency and if you don't really have time to pool and peel them

in that moment, but

and it is definitely a good thing to have a diaper on but I just know that

if we can get to her to go to the toilet during the days and

we use the snipers it's better for the environment and I'm sure she's more happy because

Who wants to be?

Having pee all over you and who wants to be in you're in

Hoop and having poopin on yourself. I don't think babies want that and we don't want it. So

Yeah, and that's what I wanted to share in this video. Just

how passionate I am about this and just yeah just a little bit about our journey and

You're interested in starting doing easy

there's a lot of information about

how to start and just

so much information with

Where I found my information was it?

Go diaper free her channel. I can link her down below and

She is amazing. She's just all my information. I almost got from her. Thank you for watching this video

I hope you enjoyed watching



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much love

from me and Ella