Know this while preparing for JEE 2022

hi everyone how are you welcome to the

channel and I hope all of you are doing

absolutely fine so coming to keep a

tharkian up carnival

what are you going to study what all

have you studied till now kidnapped a

property hours away and all of that

stuff I would really want to listen okay

the awesome bath carnival NJ aspirants

Jobi just 11th my inter way

yon will ever enter a the other time one

you have to enter who never like a vena


so this is going to be five things which

you need to know about J preparation

before starting it all in the initial

stages and I cook yoga up way about the

abbey potterson saying you know or even

Java Chabot well Smith just a happy the

exact thing will be more time and then

these steps of these suggestions or

these insights will really help you in

your preparation enough you may of

course a Donga SoCal moujik Monday rain

Instagram pep which I would say at Cal

primeira Instagram about bamboo Stilton

I was could they keep every ordinary

tiger at all we should check it by ear a

tenth Maya who movie or maybe just flew

here could Pataki Makaha tatianna who

talked him all indirect one lacasa feet

arena toe up mokuba Taranaki yes our

Ichigo Commodore could do gosh

ki khatti Duncan pathology Hannah lick

him Stepanek but Matata donkey up it's a

job at Jim would Shepherd notch out

there you know to hama right platform a

cat Muslim gotta just telling

description of the awake FBI website

bein or a lot of other stuff as well

moppy Amara JK full one-year

subscription launch whenever left Kenna

was still a free me pre-registration of

course actor description link D our

Hannah to old on track but first week a

second week of June Ahuja gatos mokopuna

exile Camilla our content both say yoga

would open the king goes given but I'm

okay man so now let's talk about the top

five things the first thing which I

should tell you Joe I think coffee

no-brainer Saddam okay Logan a bulaga

but discuss I he mclubbe up wasn't

enough of the volunter robot EA ki J

preparation is not going to be easy it's

not everyone's cup of tea

yeah Baca meaning care I am a devotee

wait conical burr oh no alright I'm

saying this tockia blog ready the whole

square is a challenge they cook or a pre

preparation boost kirpa finally you know

it's become a club cottage a preparation

is not that easy

it's kamek lemme oh that j preparation

to contain or j exam like baaga feed the

slack students person today more or less

just lock but she detect on in Miss

Emily JK are serious students at least

the interlock the hotel

Duke is not easy for my coaching career

coach new coach car and basically era it

test rates the Hotei hotel Josie

there's something it was like a paper

trivia oh no Gomez a hardly 3000-4000 a

match to Maxum man who dismisses our

success UTA Joe loca chill fthe Zia

comics archaeology our topology scan the

top do branches I did my placement at UT

ovary branches no ki t Bombay Delhi can

to confirm its Palani triple iit

hyderabad cooktop and ideal etc the

point a key to already compression at

Agra back it nasal okay on missus

lecture it take a look over I'll be

happy good but Jesus was latent key our

metro 10:20 artha me a class with 95

percent I the tenth class me where a

hotel got it turkey what about looks was

Timothy if he catch our material linear

movie a a cha up Connecticut area near

you know cookie Lochaber check out the

90% plus to be very frank hair every

indium and see it will be the caesarean

so point is a profession of the

testosterone Oscar fear the hard over a

be opposed to starting me easy like

elegance they said yourself are you but

a joke majestic 12 mature 1112 ask Ruby

20 board exams on if it J mean I got a

Jay at once I gonna tuck my pattern of

bow hot look Hilda attempt at bravura


up code ready right now open up on this

a strong one already dough

kiddo Celtic make them honestly pick

them done Signum oregano Hannah open up

coasted skillet challenge called

openness at a arc here are the battle

annual it's not going to be an easy one

all right about cutter second to be a

partner second type of key a key you

don't have to study everything NIH is

most important or the ask a needs come

o'clock as mister a behalf miss a job at

11 majors Luciana or Java chair I think

the senior staff K up convention but

that's octoman karijini I'm look

starting with the patient should connect

the Jewishness of bachata

Oh metaphor for Duma or starting with

chapter sketch out the kinematics or gap

K vectors obey yourself in matured ibaka

questions brought back you have a

coaching he should be Quran coaching UDP

week around do see coaching committee

Logano Bustos le k online coaching

kilometer log around at your mobile


erode OB Leggero Oh Tino Tino Veronica

tell you to ehe the Spartan of Caro both

achieve other starting me it's the best

thing because you are building a work

ethic for yourself right so that is a

good thing in the beginning but Jess I

have argue about tuna preparation moves

when I say of course syllabus part

elector up cusamano como toggle it is a

toughie j'tia

upkaar revision Maliki's Montilla the

backlogs authority to object and ningbo

china an English about Portugal op k put

it let's say the gender image a min or

is the same bottom of car there's a bed

hello who's some AIC hallelujah teen 99%

but took it back but that all seniors

local capital is such bull rocking me

uncooked is our topic sky and CRT level

knowledge be needed time 99% local

authority Kia simple sympathies Emily

pata right here and i oj Minho Thomas

and play a beat up mr. Joe but JJ say 11

I'm gonna upload Jamie got paper the

kinematics equation Victorville away a

can is a simple a but I'm a nice much

better here I said saw topics or hair

sub case of the other can I put those al

khattab chacruna Clara

Tehama Karen KJ Jetta look easy so much

Tara aw nah easy honey

he looks a mistake am curling ER I can't

even text okay I calculus Tokyo look so

CH 10 but Jota me and asked me lucky

Anna it's like up code the hundred names

of jidoka key her cheese Parliament ham

Laden a book which ate material ago like

in bother cheese like all that sake

coaching committed homicide and all car

to one year course made a scandal

material became a coffee fast so it

kinda metal a chaise allagadda

a kabuki Logano Jesse for example

algorithm a support though tomorrow

material Ageha how are you

theories to K was commanded sir Mulligan

that's it that's it it's nautical log

about a Resnick holiday erode ova


all imperative new threatening k ik

Mattingly done sale ago Bob there you

know you see the bungee under king he

you don't have to study everything

starting my career take a licking bother

the books Kabbalah girl in a second ago

they or till the Mahabharata so we will

focus on few things but will do them

really good except Bruce Lee Nick Perata

good I'm not afraid of the fighter who

has practiced thousand cakes one times

I'm afraid of the fighter who has

practiced one kick but he has practiced

that thousand times longer habla

egg he booked a Sahara thus Bilal you

know poor cow make them take a pap about

something else TC bath upon EA something

key after the rank Athena

yeah but the selection here for the

result I put justified her bombing of

that it's Qayamat lava

key opens a bottle Oh Hannah what may

not caring every those are both

intelligent we hung a consistent me

renge elegantly finally drank Athena

finally the rank are ta whoa X certain

range condom determine casa dos de bajo

que Haga

that's a top 200 didn't be what to Quran

Katia own but Chucky ranked more or less

similar routier up community LaSalle KJ

run stopper codedna Ischia Branca dekhna

jamie anneka trinity yogi or up Jamin

Kotaku skier on deck now scram advance

lado de Rugy OC Kangana BITS Pilani cat

was killing or will do a cheese tell Tia

Tia randomization who that could pass a

hotel in Kahala got pteridophyta but

maybe randomness Tori moderated a TA

samara pointier up got a final result

hygge well let's say five to ten percent

of Kiki Smith up custom Casa de those

people dependent a lake in ninety

percent upper dependent abou hassan you

Jake you betcha perky knees are all

sahaja yogi or a Savino working but

charandas of course giving us is that as

I guess avi Anita

let's say captain ankle patches of

homogeneity - let's say mm slick a tenth

of a minute video sucked here is

terrible job Jessica - you know or

actually sit up cook the runaway

Nietzsche Yuki eventually up key life

major exam dado public career killa

deala career AG repellent a load of cop

nacho veneer and a rank of people he

could be right

see what about something icky Jay exempt

justified examining how many something

effort at the unlock medium F for that

Gisela guy or the other double steering

Shiva toboggan II see the PowerPoint

minutes ladies ki ki ki could watch a

boat ranch with the fixators Oh Tim you

know the pittosporum she put all

indirect one tree good idea 1 by CC

Madonna as the targets done the targets

of Tanaka target unity key may harden

throw in blue guruma admin a patrasche

question like a department Shinagawa

yeah admin Jagger H is laying RTD to

call that way cheat sig DOMA a playscore

of new per improvement the Nagiko

z-score external factors control a

cursor to appear on can give up a

dependent java near more dependent is

TBD Bucky no kokoro ti-timmy paper case

a when i have the favorite cushion I can

you go up independent namely cannot give

me another betterment constructor so

duty taki control my own open attest

carrying it you know a quart pan which

is ok not a the fourth point Amira whoa

a Chiari a Johanna yet consistent seek

again and I am a pair of Eva dr. Khan

consistency game come at Levesque it

doesn't matter Kiev kidney intelligent -

it does not matter keep the hard-working

goal a keener Garifuna those are bad

tell me they those are halved in class

gay al-gharafa marry course is

controlled Oh Tommy Harper contends

opening up the ho GAE other ester SAP

Kurt okay our busca cambogia you know

or home to even CSS schedule we've been

adding America sees me Giovanni a kook a

subscription only to FK moon may mess up

schedule rebranding a Chiara its

negative roots para Kinnear to aapke

content azygous a map arena Aikido be

able to make a point I ate here I got up

a rose batter neutered Anna Rose fight

connect a her test via her TP solve aqui

há Romney assignment Kia Harvey do adobe

of Baker Malo HSA dick he put a dose

Alberto caucus election Cohen rocks at

affair coherence interfere enough bus

consistent row the a bath week on

Kennedy a last point Joe it was

important point about vajrapani de do

jihad Chuck would stare at a key via

many life pretends master coach minicam

in every life man PS anemic eleven are

inimical a mini ninth you're a tenth

class will be a percentage Anita dragon

he'll a septa

so you hop a mere opponent the attack

here ato thick sense of entitlement

yeah sense of no entitlement do not you

know team to coach much in the bot

achievers Orton a 9/10 magician

antipsychotic I am occur 95% lockable

toppers a melodic sense of entitlement

Vegeta here hum to keep a highly

successful say estimate album I'll give

me successful only or cool table Yuta

Joe Bachchan I intend to coach

pie Dada

you know was take care of a better coach

pack Dos Equis a bidding is about

to two cards okay - its cancer a key

jailbot Alex EDA is Canseco hot Italian

other than a year this much an NTC

Nicola who ski probability a Chia q2 to

scoff work at take a chair was nearly

cynical I can use Newport ideas came

here Janos key work Attica cheer audible

work attic whoa Aggie continue cartago

consistent elo alga the kataoka regatta


leggings coming up any in Bakke much I

need a lab constructor Hannah this

Virginia and TCR a 10th word mature

promise dear

escape escape escape a sneaky or 9/10

attaches a poor Tata

I'll go snag upon upon the others

killing me eggy make access to drink

another and tasty ordered that I got

hundred Kendall Alka

or Jamie in this couple universe' you

know or asymptotes and overture ntsc

could be Nikki a life from up tuck or

last night uh Kingdom Jamie top hundred

programmer Anglicare SME logo the top 50

maniacally cat yeah are once we both

sides and this is called a new year and

I pass me rocky the iconography the

point here he uh gotta play nine ten but

I Keanu he ki AAG are available on the

patio tonsor non SE o consistent

cases to outcast election Co he looks at

Taman conversate enna 20 catch up points

but they're actually not good coffee

Dumbledore younger but may not familiar

but ability take the sense of

entitlement need look now ground Rajjo

or like them I say so to hear how much

meaning your panic arrow could be

already new to achieve odd that you get

them already grown through those quake

benefit kids are so mean Aceh get up in

life which GRE they mocap no prom kanika

tikka those who have Nakata get bahasa

that is a particular thing here study a

few things but study them really well

all right then I told you about the

consistency game this is a game of

consistency you have to be very

consistent about what you do all right

then I told you about how it is not a

very justified thing but Jo Kang another

ho t like an upon opening - creature

ocarina Hoffman all right

teaming up could call me lucky

multimeter Thorpe a math ability a call

about the a McGee it's not easy negative

force to but it said during any it's

quite a challenge Lee given a card keys

can you Alan Arakawa today Tony Almeida

course cavalry met up with a jeweler a

BTech mhmm erika sisk of it karate no

one near a full subscription at Ohama b8

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whoever's coffees are Contenta grab they

come up as coffees are abundant already

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course a

aapke senior batch is you later coffee

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darling a he darling is one-year

subscription way or is carava Hara or

content in one room is my 11th well cap

or a fully-fledged content Darla Valley

yes are a contributor manic husband a I

take a up message over the main on the

variety bomb is ESP a patron and I was

all indirect one in Jamin 2017 and I

score full marks in that you know so yeh

container code when I am a super

regional banana to give Sara content to

me a key like I said when I'm gonna test

papers both sides say the owner my

supervised daruka latakia quality can

save a could check curtain square now ta

content pure I'd was a to teaming re a

team of IITs all hysterical over those

may contain coffee a choco milega you

know his key registration

pre-registration should go away free air

up Cooper's knees like form but no

contact telling me or host Kevin of

confirm cutting-edge I've been launched

over lovebug 10 to 15 June Casper's

launched over I'm starting chi level

committed or starting a 12 committed

could darling you're machi balota jaga

so aapke Ibiza pod ryokan automated I

guys made like bug hamara am a key ugly

five to six months me you have a

thousand plus hours of

can i smoke okay we were adding more

ntsc and it's me on NPR and pckujawa

badminton je mange advanced strategies

were condemned and I'll make sure I

don't cut enough platform under netflix

tap it just go to the Francisco Jamie

energy mean protego disco xi Canelo and

copy records could well cup not well

capitalized okay a couple make you a

cuppa tea let's call him perk up or no

volume well capita and not something

like that so yeah up district receptors

come coffee affordable dr. Manley - yeah

you know so thanks a lot for watching

this review personally to like come out

the name of the subscribed now Jay 2022

while I but especially below to be my

11th me a bluegill coffee self-contained

animal have coffee sign it you know sick

okay channel pay maybe no poor

experience do travel past experience in

amperage a then a cameo but to good

mentor connect abhi I will share

everything with you and make sure Cunha

care approval mania sake the my team and

succour life with cotton actors Nadia so

yeh hamari term career up kita

receptacle sector the registration

character or our morning at least

pterosaur Carver said thanks a lot all

the rest