Should I Find A New Job Before Moving?


let's good eduardo's on the line in

Santa Maria California Eduardo you're on

the Ken Coleman show good good morning

on my end yes sir yes sir how are you

good good how are you how can I help um

I'm looking for a job in the Pacific

Northwest mainly in Portland Oregon and

I was just wondering how do I go about

it I dunno I dunno the type of job that

I want at this point you do yes okay

well have you begun to research those

types of jobs in Portland Oregon to see

what's available yeah there's a industry

and I mean I mean manufacturing mainly

food processing and I I have been

researching to through job searches

those type of things but I was just

wondering maybe I'm missing something

maybe experts know better than then I do

how how to go about actually finding one

well you've already done the research so

you know on some level you have found

some correct have you found two or three

that you're intrigued by and that you

are actually qualified for yes

mainly many companies I've been

researching into them what they're

looking for like you said okay making

sure that I am qualified for them okay

but the point is you said but right now

you just told me you've only researched

the companies my point is good on you

but you need to find out if they're

actually hiring right now specifically

and you understand so I'm glad that

you've identified companies and I would

by the way make a really comprehensive

list anybody that's in manufacturing

specifically food processing because

that's your background you got a good

reputation a good resume correct

alright so identify everybody not just

the companies but are they hiring

Eduardo and then so let's say you find

company XYZ well this company XYZ are

they actually hiring something that you

are potentially qualified for you

certainly have the base level

qualifications you you know you've got

to actually identify the jobs that

you're interested in and you're

qualified for okay that's step one step

two is for you to Vince

a-alright I've been in food processing

manufacturing I'm currently at a company

Orion California you know without

causing a ripple you know are there some

people that I can talk to that I that I

work with or that I know and say hey do

you happen to know anybody that works

for this company this company this

company in this company that's where you

start then you go to your acquaintances

hey um do you know anybody in work

anybody in Portland it works at these

companies you just have to start doing

the research and and you know listen

it's a small world how many times if we

all said it's a small world but some

people think it's too big to even

process until you start asking around

and talk and saying hey I want to move

to Portland Oregon I'm in this industry

so I'd kind of like to stay in this

industry however you know I'm open cuz

this is what I've done do you know

anybody in Portland Oregon that works at

any companies that are in manufacturing

and before you know it you ask around

enough you're probably gonna find some

connection now that's how you begin to

start to make inroads in a city that you

don't live it again the other option

this is such a demand in demand job

economy right now if they're hiring you

know again it may be worth you trying to

get a local recruiter or somebody like

that who is incentivized to get you in

there I don't mind that I'm not opposed

to you not to you only shaking their

relationship tree you do you do both and

get your name out there take a trip to

Portland you know spend a week there

take some of your vacation time line up

some some drop-bys drop by and say hi

you know let him see a friendly face

who's sharp and who's got some character

and who's got some experience I don't

need to tell you Eduardo how to get your

name in front of these people I just

gave you the basics that's common sense

go after it let's go but you have yet to

do the actual true research on what's

available and what's the application

process and again you're in the industry

so ask some of your

former you know co-workers or current

co-workers current leaders hey we're

looking at a transfer you know anybody

up there in the industry and before you

know it you're going to come up with

some connection