[KENDO RANT] - Improving Debana Kote? Preparing to Start Kendo?

I focus Andy and welcome to today's

Kendall run a bit of a unusual one today

I run at a time at the office it's the

first day back at school for the kids

today so I'm here on the school run and

so I'm just waiting for him to come out

and I'm filming the the Kendall run

whilst I'm waiting so so yeah it's a bit

of a different one today so I'd probably

be a bit shorter and I can't read the

the questions out loud sort of verbatim

but I have read them before I left and I

have memory memorized them and I'll do

my best to answer them right away and so

the first one I want to talk about is in

response to what talked about in the

last video about the Shimbun we talked

about how a shin pan sort of it tends to

often be a kind of same group of shrimp

and that a river sort of older

generation that maybe learn and the sort

of basics of Kendal the the sort of

criteria of you called I thought to them

what have you and several years ago and

maybe they you know with Kendall

evolving and what-have-you basically

that you know that leads to a sort of

mismatch between the competitors modern

competitors I do review called dota 2

and the actual steam puns idea now go

and watch the video it's the last one I

think it was about improving zhanchi and

I think the title of it was if you go

and watch that you'll you'll get the

full word sort of answer on that but

basically my sort of stance on it is

that the the criteria stays the same

even though that some of the things are

a bit different but obviously outside of

Japan it's not ideal and now the the

reply comment to that which I thought

was really good I'm probably covering

the mic there that I thought was really

good was the about yeah it was in Italy

and the person was talking about and

they have the same problem in often

because it's always the same group of

Shimbun there's always the same sort of

20 people or so doing Shimbun every

tournament and can I can tend to get to

know that the certain techniques that

they like and certain ones that the dome

which kind of affects your own

competition because what sort of starts

happening is

perhaps you have a particular water like

you mentioned actually in the comments

he keyed all and cut him in and he keyed

always a perfect example because I have

a lot of experience with that too it's

one of my favorite was her and but since

I came back to the UK hardly ever gets

caught even though I scored it a lot

over in Japan and because the shin fan

here have a different sort of

understanding of the criteria view

called the Tata especially for that

wiser and yeah you mentioned that you

know you felt like do you kind of stay

true to yourself and still carry on

doing your kendo even know you're doing

why so that the schimper might not like

or do you kind of sort of bow to the the

will of the shin ban as it were and and

kind of carry on you know and kind of

sorry change what you're doing to kind

of suit that which is you know and I

know what you're saying but my thought

response to it is neither and what you

don't want to do is you don't want to be

a one-trick pony you don't want to just

have one or two wiser that are the only

ones that you can get to work in any

situation that's not ideal and so

whether it's you know even she I GA call

Graydon Wahby you don't want to just be

relying on one mother

so like me for example like I said I

think you'd always a really good wiser

for me I really like using it I often am

able to hit there but since I came back

to Europe I often don't receive there or

a war get awarded the points for it and

because the Shimbun here sort of operate

on a slightly different understanding a

you called I talked to shall we say so

but that doesn't mean that I don't use

it anymore

instead I incorporate that into my

strategy okay so I still hit leaky Don

if I don't get awarded the point well um

it can still become part my strategy

perhaps it will help me later score a

different wiser so if the opponent for

example knows that I've hit his Hickey

doll and he thinks himself Oh crikey

that was a close one oh that was a good

dawn looking I didn't lose a point there

then they're gonna be sort of we're wary

of being hit hit on it again so that

might set me up for a different was I

like kind of like Hickey cutting you man

or something like that

so yeah I mean don't don't just put all

your eggs in one basket and be like oh

well if that doesn't score then I can't

get any points you know you have to use

that in your own strategy as a way to

get your own sort of point across you

know I'm saying and that's that's my

sort of thoughts on that really um

another question was I got by email

which I thought was a really awesome

question and it was about demonical day

and it was on the back of it's on the

back of the the video I did about Devon

awasa and there are two questions in it

first was the how do you how do you know

when the men is coming or how do you get

to you know press the Go button as it

were and which was the words I used

about getting them making them to hit

men and the fingers is what you've got

to do is you have to you have to build

them up it's not something that's gonna

happen straightaway

alright um so people have different

tales really about that give you an idea

of not just what was that they're likely

to do or attack next

but sort of a kind of what what frame of

mind they're in so some people kind of

get a bit trigger-happy kind of get

really agitated they kind of want to hit

men and some people were a little bit

calmer but still you can get an

impression of what's likely to happen

next now a lot of that comes with

experience some something's going to

happen quickly but also you can kind of

guide the guide the match in that

direction if that makes sense and that's

really what you want to do so you can

kind of use your semi and your own sort

of interactions with the opponent try

and try and build that tension between

them between you and them so that

they're starting to feel like they want

to attack your men yeah you're kind of

trying to get them into that

trigger-happy mode as it were so that

when you start pushing out with that

right for and they sort of feel that

they're at breaking point in they want

to attack now there's lots of ways to do

that but you have to kind of like I say

it's gonna come of experience and it

varies from person to person so

you have to you have to kind of go with

experience on that one I'm afraid and

then the second part your question was

about how you felt that you you were

often hitting the tsuba when when

attacking de bono called a now there's a

couple reasons for that first is that

you probably could be hitting too late

and if you hit too late then the

opponent's hands have already up a

little bit too high and then that's

where you tend to get that strike on the

on the tsuba instead of on the actual

pot day and that's that's one thing and

more commonly though and is it's more

likely that you've probably got a little

bit too much tension in your right hand

if you've got if you kind of grew up in

the Shanaya a little bit too tightly or

using your right hand a little bit too

much to swing the shinai and it happens

a lot

so it's a really common problem

especially with the banner called a

because they're Bannock all day people

often kind of attack not know a

hesitation word panic but they kind of

kind of jumped too it's like all now

kind of thing and they suddenly sorry I

just dropped the phone that mouthing to

hand hold it it kind of tense up for a

second all and then and then they attack

so what happens is that there's that

tension comes in the right hand as they

come into here whereas you've really got

to make sure that it's it's much more

relaxed and you're in control of the

situation and if you'd right hand is

tense that's why and what happens is the

shinai doesn't fly straight you tend to

fly diagonal so that's where it's going

to hit the tsuba so one you've got to

relax a bit more and make sure that

you're attacking through your own

intention and it's not through kind of

out of surprise or all like kind of you

know in that sort of timing you have to

make sure you're totally relaxed and

that you're attacking in your own timing

secondly and one thing that you can do

is you can slightly very slightly as you

do the who me call me with your right

foot you can bring it over to the left

slightly so it's in line with your

opponent's right foot and that will make

it a little bit easier for you

straight on the cup day as opposed to on

the the actual Suba okay so that's

something to to bear in mind as well so

yeah that's my that's my sort of

thoughts on on that okay and like I said

it's gonna be a short video today cuz

I'm not reading them all out and I'm

sort of parked outside to school so last

one it was a comment it was a recent

comment on the YouTube video from from

someone that said they're living in

England and they decided to start

Kendall but they're Kendall Club only

accepts their local kendo club only

accepts beginners once every two months

and he just missed the starting course

and the next one's not for two months

now my my advice there first off the

first thing you said is sorry carry on

with the question the first thing you

said is what you should do

in order to kind of prepare yourself to

make an impression on the first on the

first day well to be honest the first

thing you should do is you want to get

in touch with the club get in touch with

the kendo Club and tell them not to tell

them that your interest inside Kendall

and that you sort of really willing to

start but you just missed the the

beginners course start and on wondering

if you could still join in it's possible

that they'll let you join their

beginners course if you're only sort of

a week late and so definitely get into

each other maybe they will maybe they

want and if they won't then just start

in two months what you don't need to do

is you don't need to kind of you

mentioned as well in the comment that

you were like skinny and you don't need

to bulk up or anything you don't need to

do any specific exercise or and you sort

of mud preparation or anything like that

so don't worry about that and just like

I say

you better off the best thing you can do

is if they won't if you won't accept

straight when you've got a couple of

months to kill before you can start or

even if even if you know that let you go

next week why I'd be great for you to do

is just get on YouTube and watch as much

Kendall stuff as you possibly can right

obviously we've got stuff on the kendo

show channel but go and watch as much as

you can elsewhere as well like Kendall

matches and what-have-you

just so that you can get an idea of what

Kendall is like obviously Kendall is a

really unusual activity and it's very

different to what most people expect it

to be we do a lot stamping we do a lot

of shouting and it's it's a lot harder

than it looks

and you know there's a lot of things

that are a little bit unusual about

Kendall that a lot of people don't

really expect before starting and it's

probably the biggest reason why a lot of

people quit because it's not what they

were expecting so what the first thing

I'd like advise you to do is get on

YouTube get an idea of what Kendall

really is what it looks like and what

it's all about and what you get yourself

into if you know I mean and I think

that'll learn that'll be the best sort

of preparation you could do for anything

anything like that first I thought for

starting Kendall okay

so I think I'll do and for today a

little bit of a short video and I'm

probably better at keeping them at this

link to be honest but it's a little bit

more informal I mean it's an informal

series of videos anyway but I'm

literally shooting this at my car but I

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pushed for time today but I definitely

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