How and When to Start Lavender Indoors: Takes a Long Time to Germinate - The Rusted Garden 2014

welcome to the rustic garden today I

want to talk about when to start your

lavender indoors and how to start it

first thing today is March 9th this

lavender was started in my grow lights

on January 5th and you can see about

eight nine weeks later I have two plants

that are to size there's a third one

right there that I'm going to separate

out but it germinates very slowly you

can take 14 21 28 days for the seed just

to germinate and you can see germination

is not that great so when you plant

lavender if you want three plants you

want to plant at least nine cells worth

so just kind of think ahead a little bit

when the plant gets to this size you can

just put it into a Styrofoam cup like

I've showed in some of my videos or

recycled container that maybe your

neighbors gave you from their annual

plants that they planted any kind of

container that's the size of a cup just

like that it'll give it enough time to

grow longer three or four more weeks in

your greenhouse or indoors so that when

you get it outside you get to have an

established plant it may even flower

depending on a variety and you'll really

be able to appreciate it for the summer

this year if you start the seeds outside

it's going to take four weeks maybe put

in germinate then for it to get up the

size and you're not going to really

appreciate the plant this year they'll

have to establish overwinter and come

back next year

when your seed starting lavender a

couple of things fill the tray up the

seed cells up and then pack them down

you want a nice solid starting base a

lot of people just fill it up once and

it's really loose and sometimes the

seeds will fall down lavender does not

want to be buried it wants to be just

scratched into the surface so you want a

really firm planting base so fill it

once pack it down pack it down again and

this will set up your planning base for

your lavender and because it's such a

poor germinator

you're going to want to put three or

four seeds

into each cell they're really tiny

oval-shaped shiny and I just grabbed

three or four seeds sprinkle them around

they do reflect so they're kind of easy

to see three or four seeds into each

cell spread them out if more than one

germinate sometimes you can separate

them if there's enough space between the

roots but you're really hoping just to

get one plant in each cell so three or

four and each one I know that's hard to

see on video and then it says barely

press in and all you do is I just gently

scratch them into the surface you do

want the seeds to have good contact with

your starting mix so they can absorb the

moisture swell up and germinate and all

that stuff but you're not pushing these

really below the surface and then I just

gently press them in just like that

and you would label it as of actually

I'll reuse this one today's I think it's

the ninth lavender 3:9 and it can take

3-4 weeks for these to germinate I'm

good at bottom water do not water the

top you will float away and splash the

seeds especially proceeds that are just

pressed in water from the bottom and

basically fill up wherever your your

tray fill it up so the water comes to

here just drop it in whatever it doesn't

absorb in 20 to 30 minutes just chop out

of the tray and you will have your

lavender started hope you enjoyed the

video please remember start lavender

really early 8 to 10 weeks before it's

going to go outside hope you enjoyed the

video please check out my blog at