Starting a Lawn From Scratch | Seeding A Lawn

yo mate what up welcome to another lawn

tip feed now today's videos gonna be a

little bit different today I'm gonna be

showing you the transition of how got my

lawn from this to this picture just here

so these are actually only two months

apart these pictures so as you can see

it's the middle of winter right now

we've had a crazy frost this morning

minus 6 right now breezing that's below

freezing temps if you want to know if

you're in the States or someone that

uses the imperial system but anyway so I

just got back from holidays from a Gold

Coast where it was just a little bit

warmer than just here but I'll show you

that remains in these videos so if you

want to see any of these playlists or

these videos that I've done in the

lead-up to this actual Dornan of God

here I've got a playlist all throughout

my channel if you're new here make sure

you check those out thank you so much

Tom two-wire for helping me out with

those drone shots for this video check

out Tom's channel below if you want to

just check out Tom and yeah just watch

this video and enjoy