How to Lean Bulk PROPERLY in 5 Steps (Lean Bulking 101)

what's going on guys today we're going

to be covering a very important topic

and it is how to lean bulk in order to

gain muscle while staying relatively

lean I'm sure most of you already know

that the purpose of bulking is to gain

muscle and put on more size and we can

achieve this by eating at a caloric

surplus how many times have you heard

that you need to eat big to get big and

if you're not gaining weight then you're

probably not eating enough well although

this does have some truth to it you

don't necessarily need to eat big to get

big you just need to eat enough for your

body and this is where the Balkan comes

in in my opinion lean bulking is the

most effective way to put on size for

several reasons it's much more effective

than traditional methods of bulking

where you get fat as hell

trust me guys I have tried both methods

and I can definitely say that I've made

a lot more progress using the lean

bulking method as opposed to traditional

methods of walking like dirty bulking

and the reason is more effective is

mainly due to the hormonal changes and

the changes in your insulin sensitivity

that occur once you reach a high enough

percentage body fat which you likely

will reach when you're dirty bulking and

I'm not going to go into too much detail

as to the negative effects that

traditional methods of balking causes as

I'll be covering this in next week's

video and I'll leave a link in the

description box once it's done so you

guys can check that out but just know

that lean bulking for most people with

exception to true hard gainers is the

most effective way to gain muscle and

put on sighs so in this video I'm going

to go through exactly how to lean bulk

in five easy steps and before we get

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YouTube's algorithm anyways let's get

started with the video so if you're a

guy you're currently over 15% body fat

then I highly suggest that you care your

body fat down to around 10 to 11 percent

before you start bulking and for girls

if your body fat is currently over 25%

then I said

to get down to around 20 percent before

you start the ball game

and the reason you want to do this is

because it helps preserve your insulin

sensitivity when you're walking and it

also allows you to bulk for a longer

period of time before you have to reduce

your body fat levels again which also

saves you from long and grueling cuts to

lower your body fat which does a lot of

damage on your body both physiologically

and psychologically and if you are

currently struggling to lower your body

fat enough to get to this level that I

highly suggest you watch some of my

videos that I made on the topic and I'll

leave a few links to them in the

description box below chloric intake is

the single most important factor when it

comes to building muscle and when liam

bulking you want to maintain a very

moderate surplus of around 5 to 10

percent which will allow you to maximize

muscle growth while minimizing the

amount of fat that you gain in the

process so to calculate this what you

first need to do is you need to find out

what your total daily energy expenditure

is or tdee and this is basically how

many calories your body needs every day

to maintain its current weight and to

find that now you can use the equation

that I've linked down below in the

description box and then once you get

that number you simply want to add 5 to

10 percent to that so for example if my

tdee was 2500 calories I would add 5 to

10 percent of that which would equate to

2625 calories to two thousand seven

hundred fifty calories so this calorie

range would be what I would try to eat

at everyday in order to gain a little

bit of muscle every week and the surplus

will equate to gaining around 0.5 pounds

per week but this number is going to

vary a lot depending on how advanced of

the lifter you are if you're a beginner

and you just started lifting weights and

you can expect to gain even up to around

1 to 2 pounds per week whereas more

advanced lifters like myself who have

been lifting for several years anything

around 0.25 to half a pound a week is

more realistic

more ideal and although this number may

not seem like a lot guys over a year

you're gonna see huge changes in your

physique and the fact that you're lean

bulking which means you're not gonna put

on as much fat as traditional balking

methods means that you're not gonna

waste a lot of time with cutting and

trying to lose fat which also loses

muscle in the process so trust me on

this guys slow and steady is definitely

the way to go especially for natural

lifters like ourselves so once you

figure out your lean Bulacan calories

you want to then figure out how many of

these calories should come from protein

fat or carbs there are so many different

recommendations out there but what I

like to do is stick to the research and

stick to what scientific literature has

shown to be most effective for protein

to take you wanna stick between 0.8 to 1

gram per pound of your body weight I

personally like to stick to the higher

end and just go with 1 gram per pound of

body weight because it's simple to use

and it keeps me on the safe side of the

protein intake so for example if you

weigh a hundred and seventy pounds that

you would want to intake 170 grams of

protein daily which equates to 680

calories from protein since protein has

four calories per gram as for fats

around 25 percent of your total calories

coming from fat is a good figure to

start off with in order to optimize your

testosterone levels and your overall

health that contains nine calories per

gram so all you have to do is multiply

your lean bulking calories by 0.25 which

will get you the number of fat calories

you need to eat every day and then you

want to divide this number by 9 which

will get you how many grams of fat you

need to eat every day

now finally your cars will make up the

rest of the calories that you have left

over so what we want to do is add up the

number of calories you already have from

protein and fat and then subtract this

number from the total bulking calories

that you calculated earlier this will

give me the total number of calories

that need to be derived from

carbohydrates and then you can divide

this number by 4 in order to get how

many grams of carbs you need to ingest

every day that's basically all there is

to it but don't be afraid to tweak your

macros based on how your body performs I

personally find that the higher carb and

lower fat diet

is best for my body but everyone's

different so you use what I suggested as

a starting point and then you can always

adjust it in the future as you learn

more about your body now I heard you to

pay a lot of attention to the weight

scale when you leave Vulcan because

although you may have calculated your

calories and you may be tracking your

food perfectly every day you never

really know if your caloric surplus is

right for your body unless you're

consistently monitoring your weight and

seeing how your body responds what I

recommend you do first is get yourself a

really good weight scale that is

accurate to at least 0.2 pounds I got

mine from Amazon for like 20 bucks and

it works perfectly if you guys need one

I highly suggest you get this one it's

cheap and it works really well I'll

leave the link in the description box

below if you guys are interested so you

wanna wear yourself every single day

when you wake up first thing in the

morning and then every single week you

want to take a 7-day average of your

weight and then you compare this number

for the following weeks and see how your

weight changes if you aren't gaining

enough then you want to increase your

calories by a hundred and if you're

gaining too much and you want to

decrease your calories by a hundred and

as your weight increases so should you

strengthen the gym especially with

compound lifts so when I attract the

ways that you lift every single week to

ensure that you're progressively

overloading and getting stronger whether

it be by adding five pounds to the bar

or performing an extra rep or anything

that shows that you've gotten stronger

from the previous week will allow you to

continuously progress and gain more

muscle during your lean bolt so once you

reach around 15% body fat for men and

around 25% body fat for women we want to

start reducing your body fat down to the

levels that they were at before you

started lean bulking and you want to

reduce your body fat fairly quickly by

using an aggressive mini cut ideally it

should take you around two to three

months of lean bulking to reach this

high level of body fat and then around

two to four weeks of pretty aggressive

cutting to get rid of the body fat that

you gained in the process so basically

what you do is you juggle your books and

cuts like this until you reach the size

that you want which keep in mind will

take you years of repeating this process

and over

in your list unless they see it guys

it's not a complicated process a lot of

it is just monitoring your progress and

consistently trying to improve in the

gym focus on hitting your caloric intake

your macros and progressively

overloading in the gym every week and

trust me in a year you're gonna see a

huge difference in your physique if you

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really help me out anyways I'll see you

guys in next week's video where I'm

going to be talking about dirty bulking

and why exactly it's a waste of time so

I'll see you next time