What my Baby Eats - Stage 2 - 8 Month Baby Meals

- Morning everyone.

Right, so I'm going to do a

little series on what my baby eats.

Caleb is eight months old.

Hello, and he's doing a dance for everyone

and it's Monday morning breakfast time

so he has some chopped up blueberries.

Which he really, really loves blueberries.

Some chopped up grapes and a baby cookie.

Let me see that, it's an Arrowroot baby cookie,

which we brought home from Canada with us,

but you know any baby biscuit.

Not much sugar in it, kind of thing.

Look at his tactic for eating blueberries.

He doesn't use his hands, he just sucks them

right off the tray, he's so clever.

And then for his actual main breakfast,

I've made Ready Brek with whole milk,

and I am smashing up half a banana in there for him as well.

And I'll get him a little drink

of water because I forgot that.

Yeah, I don't think he actually drinks any of the water

but I think it's just good practice

to have it there all the time.

So, this is what he's eating, yummy yum.

And I must say, I feel very lucky with Caleb

because he's such a good eater.

And with little finger food like this,

I know he's only eight months old,

but he doesn't struggle to eat it.

He never chokes, he's really, really good at it.

He's got like four teeth now which probably helps as well.

So, yes, this is breakfast and I will see you again soon.

Hi, I forgot to vlog when I was out today.

Well, I didn't forget, I was too shy,

because we were in a busy restaurant.

I was havin' a coffee and I was feeding Caleb.

So, I'm gonna show you the remains

of it so that you know what we had.

He ate almost this whole sachet.

I normally do sachets when we are out

just 'cause they are so easy.

He had chicken casserole, almost all of it.

He had quite a bit of banana, again, he loves banana.

He had these tomato wheel finger food things,

And a Petits Filous for-- Oh no, not a Petits Filous,

but a Plum one for babies for dessert.

So yes, that was his lunch.


So, Caleb is now having dinner.

And for his finger food he has

some cheddar cheese, some bits of cheddar cheese.

He's got some cucumber and there's some in his seat as well

'cause he's teething and it's nice and cold on his teeth.

Got some cucumber, and we're also doing

the baby breadsticks in hummus.

And you can see, he's made an absolute

mess of it but he really likes hummus.

You'd think it's a really strong flavor

and that he wouldn't like it but he loves the hummus.

So, that's nice 'cause it's like a lentil,

it's like a protein.

And then for his main dinner,

he is having some butternut squash puree

that I got out of the freezer, I made ages ago.

I think one butternut squash made loads of portions

so, he's having that as his main

but it's a bit warm where I just defrosted it.

Do you want some?

(coos at baby)

Mm, it's nice and sweet.

And he has water as well, which you

reminded me I need to put on his tray.

So that's his dinner, say buh-bye!


He waved.

Good wave.

For Caleb's afters, 'cause he's ate

all that butternut squash and everything,

still hungry so I'm going to use this sachet

that I have got half left of in the fridge.

And it says courgette, banana, and amaranth

but it is actually 60% apple and

20% banana so it's pretty sweet.

So I'm gonna give him that.

(baby fusses) Quickly.

This is also helping his teething.

He's just eating some of my ice lolly.


I'm sure it's not advisable.

But Fraser's having one, too, you wave.

Ah, so cute.

- Show you what I have for Caleb's breakfast.

So finger-food wise, I've got chopped up strawberries,

because after six months you can have raw strawberries.

More chopped up blueberries, and I've literally done

those fruits 'cause that's what I'm having for breakfast.

And I've done him some toast fingers with soft cheese,

just full-fat Philadelphia on it.

And then for his main puree thing

I've got a mango and pear puree

that I made and it is mixed with--

I mixed it with some Ready Brek

just to give it a bit of grain and thickness and stuff,

'cause he's probably getting a bit too old for these purees

so I need to make some Stage 2 ones, now.

But yes, this is his breakfast

and I shall get him in the highchair.

Is that nice?

(cartoons play in background)

Is that yummy?

Hello, so it's lunchtime now and Caleb is eating.


He's got some cucumber and some carrot sticks.

(baby coos) You talkin'? You vloggin'?

And he has some breadsticks as well.

So all of those are feeling pretty good

on his teeth I think 'cause he's still teething.

Yeah, and for his main he is having

homemade cauliflower cheese and I

I literally made it this morning

while they were eating breakfast.

I just steamed a whole cauliflower head thing

and then I made up the Annabel Karmel cheese sauce

and I mixed it all together so this is fresh,

but I've frozen about 10 more portions.

I've made loads, so that's good.

We can keep eating that every week.

And yeah, he really loves cheese and it's probably because

I ate so much cheese when I was pregnant

and I eat so much cheese when I'm breastfeeding.

I actually worked out once that our cheese bill a year

is like 370 pounds on cheese,

cause we spend about seven pounds something a week.

So, we're cheese-lovers in this house.

We'll see, you gonna try it?

Mmm, is it nice?

Yes, none's coming back out.

Alright, Caleb ate all of the cauliflower cheese.

It was a really big portion so

he must've loved it, it's a really good one.

Come and see how messy he is, he's still trying to get more.

Is there none left?

(coos at the baby)

Whoops, sorry.

And for his afters I've made some homemade ice lollies

and I've done a vlog on it so you can see how I made them.

The one I'm gonna give him is actually

like a strawberry and banana smoo--

Half strawberry banana smoothie

and half his normal plum yogurt.

So I've just thought 'cause it's been a bit hot and

he's really teething, it's gonna be so nice on his teeth.

And whatever he doesn't eat, his is quite big,

I'm definitely gonna eat because it tastes so good.

It's dinnertime now, so Caleb is eating.

He's got some green beans, mmm, which he seems to like.

Yeah, that's yummy isn't it, yay.

- Mommy, can I talk to the camera?

And I've got beans and cheese jacket potato.

- And he's got his absolute favorite,

beans and cheese jacket potato, and green beans.

- I don't like green beans.

- Yes you do, you--

has green beans, he's got this and

he's got a few of these little goodie snacks.

I put some beans on his chair just 'cause

Fraser's having beans and he's eaten a few.

I know they're a bit sugary at the sauce,

but you know he's just having a few.

And I've also got breadsticks again but

I'm kinda just using them for him

to have the Dairylea cheese that's on them.

And he is loving the Dairylea cheese.

Look, he just loves it and I think he's--

This is his like, that's the whole triangle now

so that's a good two ounces of milk and calcium and stuff.

So I'm quite pleased with that.

And for his main, I've been really lazy today.

My friend has only just left from

a big play date that we've had,

hence why my house is such a mess.

So I've been really lazy, so I have just mashed together

half an avocado and half a banana

and I've just mashed that up and

that is going to be Caleb's main.

So it's got loads and loads of good fat

and I always find whenever Fraser or Caleb eats avocado,

they sleep really well that night, so here's hoping.

Good morning!

(thud) Ooh.

I have no makeup on again, or hair or anything.

But it's 7:00 AM and Caleb is eating

already 'cause he got up early.

So this is finger food, I'll show you.

We have, can you see that?

Cheerios, some raspberries which he seems to love,

little bit of banana, and then for...

For his main, I've made Weetabix, see that?

It's about half Weetabix with whole milk

and I heated it up 'cause I think it was too cold if not.

I just mash in a banana into it, so that's that.

And then for his drink I thought I'd mix it up a bit today,

and so I've put about a quarter of 100% pure orange juice

and mix it with water to see what he thinks of that.

So yeah, so that's his breakfast today.

Hello, it's lunchtime.

It's near, it's ten to 12 and Caleb is eating.

I just had a salad so I've cut up some of the pepper

and the tomato that I put in my salad just for finger food.

He's chewed it but he's not really loving it, are you?

He's really enjoying--

(Growly baby noise)

What's that noise? (laughter)

He's really enjoying these rice cakes.

They're Annabel Karmel cheese and onion ones.

He's really liking them, aren't you?

Do you want the whole bag, yeah.

And then for this main, I'm being really naughty.

I'm doin' a packet because my freezer storage,

my freezer is really running out of stuff

so I'm gonna have to do a haul

and do like a cook-up one day.

So he's having this Lots of Lentils with parsnips and peas

and I quite like this one 'cause on the back

it is actually 50% lentils and 31% of parsnip 21% peas.

There's no filling it out with apple and 10% lentils

and all that stuff so I'm quite pleased

that it's actually quite a good protein lunch one.

But it is so thin, like a little tiny baby could eat this.

So I think he's outgrowing these ones

so I might not buy it again, but he loves it.

Look, he's dying for some, here.


Do you want it straight outta the thing?

Hiya, right it's the boys' dinnertime

Sorry I look so rough but we've been playing in the garden all day

'cause it's been such a nice day, look.

What've you got?

- That, that.

- [Emily] What is it?

- Cheese, beans, peas, rice, fish fingers, ketchup.

- [Emily] Dinosaurs I think they are.

- Bees.

- [Emily] Bees.

(both laugh)

Right, and what's Caleb got?

Caleb, for his finger food, has some cheese,

(baby growl)

he loves cheese.

And I put some, when I made Fraser's rice I just

chucked some bits of pasta in so that Caleb can try it.

And then he's also got some of Fraser's peas

and some of Fraser's rice and he is

loving the rice and peas, isn't he.

And I've got like a orange,

it's a red lentil and sweet potato peas.

It's another Annabel Karmel recipe

and yeah, so he's gonna have some

lentils for dinner and then I might

give him one of our homemade lollies for dessert.

Fraser's like, ooh.

Yeah, so this is it.

What does that feel like, do you like the feel of pasta?

(coos at the baby)

Hello, last night I fake tanned so I'm still

really orange, I still haven't washed it off.

But, this is Caleb's breakfast.

He's having some baby biscuits,

these are the Arrowroot ones again.

He's got some Cheerios 'cause he likes them

and he's got half a banana and then

for his main I had half of that pear puree that I made

the other day with the Ready Brek and I'm gonna mix it

with full fat fromage frais as like a special treat.

I am going to work for two hours

and my husband's gonna have Caleb.

Look, he's asleep at the moment.

So that I can go and do that, so he's gonna feed him lunch.

So I was gonna show you what I've packed

so that I don't forget before it's gone.

So I have done this little Tupperware of nibbles,

I'll show you.

Got, I don't know if you can see that in this light,

it's got some Cheerios, some rice cakes,

some raisins, some breadsticks.

Yeah, I think that's it.

And so I just do a selection of all the dry finger food

for him because I think just a whole bag of rice cakes

or whatever, it might get a bit boring.

I don't know.

So yeah, I've done a little selection of finger food

and then for his main I've got

a vegetarian lasagna and it's a bit of a shame

'cause I like to do his protein meal at lunch.

A few people recommend that, so I was like okay.

Lasagna, great, and I've just realized it's vegetarian

so it hasn't got a huge amount of protein in it

'cause there's not meat in it but there is some cheese

and it's heavily like tomatoes and carrots

and all that kind of thing so it's not bad but I may

have to do a bit more of a protein meal for dinner.

So yeah, so he's got that.

And his absolute favorite, so I know he'll

definitely eat this for his dad,

the plum little fromage frais.

So he's got that as well and I put

in some random old, like this from another day.

Half a banana goodie bar and stuff that

I had to use up at home.

So yes, that is his lunch and I'm a bit sad

that I've actually got to leave him

because I know it's only two hours

and he's asleep right now so I'm not even

gonna miss him much at all but

I just feel a little bit sad, but anyway.

It's good that I can go to work

without him and have to worry and stuff.

So yes, I'll see you at dinner.

Caleb's dinner time, and he is having for

finger food, he's having carrot sticks.


And he's doing a funny noise.

And he's got rice cakes and he's

got these tomato wheel goodie things,

he's got some water to drink and he's

really loving the carrot sticks on his teeth.

He's getting one again, he looks really sore actually.

And then for his main he is having

butternut squash, again, cause it's one of his favorites

and I had it in the freezer, didn't I?

But so just mix it up and put a little bit of meat in there.

I cooked a fish finger, obviously it only takes 10 minutes,

and then I took the outside of it off

and I just flaked the fish in and

a fish finger's the perfect size for him at the moment

and it's just so easy and then I can also

throw in fish fingers for my toddler, Fraser, as well.

So yes, he is having this, and I think

he's gonna like it, do try it.



That's a funny noise.

So Caleb's done pretty well with the fish finger

and butternut squash so I am giving him this for afters.

It's half of a sachet that I have in the fridge.

(Caleb whining)

Oh, and he really wants it.

It's blueberry, parsnip, and buckwheat

but again, it is mostly apple with

9% blueberry, 10% parsnip, and 4% buckwheat

so it's really applesauce with some blueberry.

But anyway, he's gonna have that and I'm gonna

leave it cold 'cause it's actually quite hot down here.

So yes.


We're at our favorite restaurant in Brentwood

and I'm really shy about vlogging

but this is what Caleb is having.

He's having a four bean meat feast.

- [Fraser] Can I talk, mummy?

- Yep, hold on.

- I'm gonna have a panini with an apple juice, too.

With panini, the tuna panini.

Apple juice in your face!

- No more, say no.

Caleb's having the four bean feast

and he'll probably have a plum yogurt as usual as well.


Probably give him some of Fraser's tuna panini

off cuts and some of the cucumber

from his salad to have his finger food.


Caleb is having...

(Caleb growls)

(Emily growls)

He's got garlic bread and grated cheese.

You have garlic bread, too.

He's got garlic bread, grated cheese, and spaghetti

bolognese because that's what we're all having.

So he's literally joining in in the family meal

and I have made the Annabel Karmel My First Bolognese

and we're all having it so obviously we've added

more meat to Matt and my portion, and Fraser's too.

So we're gonna see how he likes the spaghetti bolognese.

I couldn't find the pasta stars, I looked everywhere

in Sainsbury's, they just didn't sell them.

So instead I have cooked pasta as normal

and then I blended it all together

to make it really small pieces of pasta.

So yes, we'll see how he gets on with it.

Hey baby blue, apple and banana.

- [Matt] Caleb.

- [Emily] Yummy. (giggles)