Mayo Clinic Minute: Should You Take Statins?

should you take a statin to lower your

cholesterol a new study in the New

England Journal of Medicine found

statins can lower your risk of heart

attack or stroke even if you don't have

cardiovascular disease they gave

patients a statin to lower their

cholesterol receive a statin and they

based it on their risk for heart attack

over the next 10 years Mayo Clinic

cardiologist dr. Stephen kopetski says

the study assessed risk in a new way we

normally have things like blood pressure

we have things like diabetes smoking

this study also looked at waist to hip

ratio family history slightly elevated

blood sugars and mild kidney dysfunction

study participants were required to have

a 10 percent risk of having a heart

attack in 10 years even though that risk

doesn't seem very high the statins

indefinitely lowered their risk of

needing a bypass stent having a stroke

having a heart attack or dying over five


dr. kopetsky says lifestyle changes such

as moving more and eating right are key

to lowering your risk of cardiovascular

disease even if you do take a statin for

the Mayo Clinic News Network I'm Vivien