How Early is TOO EARLY for Christmas Music?

what's up violent community my name is

Brian and welcome to another episode of

for the record and in this video I'm

asking the question how early do you

start listening to Christmas music check

it out so in this video I want to ask

the question when do you start listening

to Christmas music now if you don't

listen to Christmas music it's not your

thing or you don't celebrate Christmas

then maybe this video is not for you

there will be other videos don't worry

maybe you just skip this one but if you

do listen to Christmas music I want to

ask that question when do you start

listening to Christmas music what is it

what is it too early when do you start

because for me personally I am one of

those people that you know it's really

annoying people that just friggin love

Christmas that's this guy right here and

I have a slew of Christmas records this

is my stack of Christmas records right

there and in order to get through all of

those I kind of have to consider

starting to listening to Christmas

starting to listening starting to listen

to Christmas music kind of early

now I haven't yet and I'm kind of

thinking maybe mid-november towards

between November 15th and November 20th

there's one I'm gonna start listening to

Christmas music now I know people that

have had their Christmas tree up since

November the first to me that's a little

early because chances are if you get the

tree up you're already listening to

Christmas music for me personally that

is a little earlier I used to be one of

those guys that was like nope nothing

until December the 1st then it's

Christmas time but lately the older I

get the more I feel that need for some

Christmas so I'm thinking between

November 15th maybe a little bit closer

to November 20th I'm gonna start

listening to my Christmas records mainly

because I have such a huge stack well

not huge but it's a pretty big stack of

Christmas records that I'll never be

able to get through all of these if I

just decide to listen to only in


so I'm hitting the wire there so yeah

I've kind of made that conscious

decision so what I'm warning is when do

you start putting on your Christmas

records if you do listen to Christmas

records when do you put them on do you

wait till December do you wait till

right after Thanksgiving Black Friday

that kind of thing and that's like hey

Black Friday

means Christmas shopping time let's are

on the Christmas tunes for me that's

about the time that I do like to put

this stuff on normally but it's gonna be

a little bit earlier this year I think

and I don't think there's a real big

problem with that especially if I'm not

publicly broadcasting this stuff to

everyone because I know not everybody

likes to listen to Christmas music and

not everybody likes to listen to

Christmas music before December the 1st

in fact some people don't even like to

listen to Christmas music until like

halfway through December or if you're

working in retail you've been listening

to Christmas music since mid October so

there's a lot of variables there but I'm

just warning about you guys in

particular I've told you when I plan on

starting to listen to Christmas is I'm

just running when do you start to plan

on listening to Christmas music if you

do and I can't think there's no way I'm

gonna get through this whole stack here

I'll just throw it a few up there just

for something to look at but let me know

anyway in the comments below what do you

think anyway guys thanks for watching

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