Predict MARATHON TIMES w/ Jack Daniels Running Calculator 2019

hey everybody hope you're doing well so

I recently ran a 5k race and I want to

use this race an example of how to

project the time for a longer distance

race like a half marathon America so

let's get right into it okay so I'm over

here at my Garmin training center

I had a Garmin watch on that tracked

down GPS for my 5k race so what it

basically says here is that you can see

the total distance just about a 5k here

at 3.1 miles that's what a 5k is I'm

just a little bit under my total time is

about 22 minutes and 50 seconds there

right below it are the mile splits so

each mile it shows what the pace I was

running at so I was up were seven forty

seven forty and then I had a good third

mile and both just under seven minute

pace there so based off of this total

time we're able to project what I could

be white could be running at a longer

race distance so let's flip over to the

jack daniel´s running calculator and see

how it works out all right so I'm over

here my internet explorer all I have to

do is look up Jeff Daniels running and

kind of scroll down and not that Jack

Daniels for this one he right here the V

dot running calculator and I'll have a

link in the description below as well so

once you get over here I like to do so I

ran a 5k automatically fills out my time

22 minutes 50 seconds and from that what

happens is the automatically detect

where your pace was for that 5k race

that I ran

and then what do we do is we flip over

here now this is kind of the cool part

so based off your 5k time or off my 5k

time it's telling me you know during

training what I should be running one is

my easy miles should be in the nine

minutes or so a marathon training pace

will be 819 we'll get into that a little

bit later the threshold so if you click

on here I'll tell you what your

threshold is

threshold paces comfortably hard running

for about a study three to four miles

consistently consecutively so that's how

that's kind of the pace that you want to

run at during those three to four miles

is 749 it's a little bit faster than the

ease and miles intervals so the same

same thing here it's usually paced that

you can maintain for about 10 to 15

minutes in a serious race so 10 to 15

minutes maybe three miles for some

people maybe about two miles or one mile

but it says my interval pace is about

seven eleventh right now based off of

that that race time and then repetition

is obviously that the faster running

speeds what do you do to your track

workouts how you know what train target

you should be running at based on like

uh right here a 400 meter or so distance

there so the equivalent is where you

projections will start down here at the

5k Vista so my time was about 2250 this

says here 2250 - and it shows me my pace

but as we go up you will show you

projections through your 10k time your

half marathon and their marathon so

based off my 5k time of 2250 I'm

projected to finish a marathon if I

follow this training schedule by project

time be around 338 and that's a 19

minute per mile pace so it just based

off this calculator here it's fairly

accurate because I was pretty accurate

because I've used this before when I've

done my marathon trains for Chicago and


as my training really ramped up you know

I started my first one or two weeks of

the training cycle was slower because I

was starting to get back into shape but

as I could progress more and more

through my training cycle closer to race

day you really refined what my what my

time was so I believe I did a half from

path marathon about five to six weeks

before Chicago Marathon and it was

really close to a three ten finish time

projected finish time because I did I

believe it was a 1:30 half marathon one

hour thirty minute half marathon instead

of projected about 310 so that's where I

bought I finished after one of my

Chicago marathons so that's how you use

a calculator yeah it's a really cool

neat tool to use for your runners out

there you know whether you're beginning

advanced or intermediate if this is a

really cool clock calculator view is

just to base your training off of here

so there it is and good luck with your

training if any questions leave a

comment below thanks hey it's Vince here

hopefully like what you saw be sure to

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