5 things every Mum should do on maternity leave before the baby arrives

hey guys and welcome back if you are new

here and this is your very first time

big welcome to you my name is patina ray

so in today's video I want to talk to

you about five things that every mum

needs to do on maternity leave before

the baby arrives now there are lots of

videos and articles out there that will

tell you to pack the hospital bag and

prepare the baby clothes and make sure

everything set up and while these things

are great and essential and things that

you need to do the five things that I

want to focus on are more about you and

making sure that you're looking after

yourself really well you're not

preparing yourself for that period after

you've had a baby you've been through

this huge experience and you've got a

brand-new little baby in your arms who

needs you for everything and I think

it's really important to do the things

now so that you're really prepared for

that time afterwards so first time

around I was maybe a little bit like you

and I was just fixated on all the cute

little baby clothes and all the little

nappies and just wanting my little baby

in my arms and dreaming and imagining

that I didn't really take the time to

plan and prepare for that time once the

baby was there and how I was gonna look

after myself and because of that I did a

pretty crappy job of looking after

myself in that first year with the first

baby so second time around I was a lot

smarter this time that's where all my

focus is going like I've set the cut up

and I've got clothes out and washed them

but other than that I just know you know

what I am everything to this baby all he

really needs is me what I need to do is

make sure that I'm gonna be in a good

place so that I can respond to his names

which is why I think these five things

are really important my number one thing

that I think you should do on maternity

leave before the baby arrives

is go on a date with your husband or

your partner because once that baby

arrives it's all gonna be about the baby

and you aren't gonna have time to just

the drop of a hat

go and have breakfast together or go out

for dinner it all becomes a lot harder a

lot more stressful a little bit less

enjoyable so if you can take the time

now to go on a date at

if you can do many dates that's even

better invest the time in your

relationship get that connection nice

and strong so going into that first six

weeks even that first six months or

first year you're feeling really good in

your relationship obviously it's still

something you want to focus on in the

first year and not forget completely

about it but if you can get a date in

before baby arrives you're definitely

going to be starting on the right foot

my second tip is to sort out any

necessary paperwork that you're probably

going to have to fill in in the next six

months now there is nothing worse than

being home from hospital with a new baby

in your arms you're not feeling great in

your body you're bleeding you're tired

your brain is foggy and you've got to

fill in what feels like in a thousand

page document so obviously some things

you have to wait until the baby is born

for so applying for things like paper in

to leave here in Australia if you're

applying through centerlink you can't

actually do the finalization until the

baby arrives because they need a due

date and that sort of thing but you can

kind of get the prep work done most of

it filled out so you only have to fill

in those last little bits things like

taxes if you can get all the stuff

together and organized in here in

Australia you have to file after June 30

but if you can have it all together so

it's less stress at the time it's going

to make your life so much easier so

there are other things you might want to

think about things like birth registries

childcare enrollment for other children

so trying to get these things sorted

before baby arrives is going to help you

so much because you really won't have

the brain space to fill out all these

technical things once bub is here you

just want to kind of be in that newborn

bubble and not having to think too hard

my third thing that I think you should

do before baby arrives is take a whole

day off just for you to do something

that you enjoy so it can be tempting to

spend this time before bug arrives

getting everything organized and feeling

like you have to scrub your house within

an inch of its life but I really

recommend taking a day at least again if

you can do multiple days it's even

better to do things that you really

enjoy and for me personally I like to do

things that I can't do we

above in tow so whilst watching Netflix

all day is amazing and great and

probably something you want to do at the

later stages of pregnancy you will

probably be watching a favorite of

Netflix once bub arrives whilst you're

feeding so things like taking yourself

out on a lunch date maybe going shopping

maybe for you it's going to the movies

or having your hair and nails done maybe

it's going to the beach maybe it's just

reading a book in the Sun taking a whole

day just to do something for you without

feeling guilty without feeling like you

should be doing something else

taking a day for yourself is a really

quality way of spending your time before

this baby arrives and a really good way

of filling yourself up so you go into

that first few weeks and months with a

new baby feeling really good feeling

like you've had time for yourself and

that you're really ready for them to be

here as most of us fine once that bub

arrives you don't have time to do

anything for yourself and things like

showering become personal time so if you

can take the time now to really enjoy a

day to yourself I really think that's a

good way to spend your maternity leave

before baby arrives

so my fourth tip is to try and get food

organized for the first six weeks after

having a baby now everyone's heard of

filling the freezer before the baby

arrives which is great you don't have to

do it all alone though you could host a

party and fight your friends around

everyone cooks for you beautiful friend

of mine is throwing me exactly that

which is so amazing

another way that you could do it is

instead of asking for gifts at your baby

shower you ask them to bring a frozen

meal that you can put in your freezer so

just having a group of 10 or so

girlfriends coming together will give

you a good start at those first six

weeks of having pre-prepared meals you

could have a set order through your

local grocery store that's going to come

every week for the first six weeks it's

just the same order or peated order

those things that you always get anyway

at least you know there will be

something it doesn't matter if you're

eating really plain meals make sure that

you've included lots of fruit and

veggies so that you're still getting

lots of fresh stuff and lots of

nutrients but it doesn't matter if it's

the same thing over and over no one is

expecting gourmet meals

in those first few weeks after you've

had a baby it's also a really good idea

to stock up on some pre-prepared snacks

and things like that things like musi

bars fruit nuts rice crackers all those

sorts of things that you can just have

in the pantry because breastfeeding

makes you so hungry and having those

things healthy snacks that you can just

grab easily is gonna be a great help in

those first few weeks and my fifth and

final tip for what you should do before

bub arrives is to buy some in-between

clothes I wasn't silly enough to take

clothes that fit me before I fell prey

but I hadn't really accounted for the

fact that I was going to have this quiet

deflated belly and the clothes that I

picked didn't really make me feel very

good so I think it's really important to

buy yourself something that you're going

to feel good in between when you leave

the hospital and you maybe don't want to

wear maternity clothes anymore and when

you possibly can start getting back into

some regular clothes so things with

elastic waist are really good if you

feel really good in dresses and that's

what makes you feel really good

you could definitely go for a dress as

well just make sure it's quite

free-flowing and that you've got access

at the top if you are going to

breastfeed I think it's really important

to invest in just a couple of pieces for

yourself so that you don't spend those

first few weeks just feeling blah by all

means if you feel great in your PJs just

buy yourself a few nice pair of PJ's and

hang about in them but I know for me the

actual act of having a shower and

getting dressed makes me feel like I

have achieved something today for me a

few outfits that are going to work in

those first few weeks when I still don't

fit back in my clothes helped to make me

feel so much more normal and so much

better about myself that I really think

it's worth investing in so now I would

love to hear from you what are some of

the things that you think are top

priority to do in that maternity leave

before baby arrives I'd love to hear

from your suggestions pop them in the

comments below otherwise if you're

watching this video because you have a

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