When to Take Maternity Leave Medical Course

and it just goes to show you that you

really have to be very careful when you

read these headlines and look at these

research studies because there's another

hot headline about pregnancy and how far

into the pregnancy you should work and

pregnant women go through dramatic

changes in nine months and whether or

not you should be working up until the

day you deliver really something you

should discuss with your doctor right

now there aren't any recommendations

about this but what we got was an email

from a mom-to-be Elizabeth in Dayton


she writes I'm almost eight months

pregnant and starting to think about

maternity leave is there a certain time

I have to stop working during my

pregnancy or can I keep going all the

way to the end you can go all the way to

the end if your doctor says so but they

found in these studies was that a lot of

women who worked all the way up to the

end of their pregnancy the baby came

under about a half a pound now this

could also be a good thing because for a

lot of babies that are in the eight

pound or nine pound range if that

actually shades off and it kind of make

you from having a cesarean section it

may keep you from getting shoulder

dystocia or the baby getting stuck in


so actually half a pound on a big pound

baby is not a bad thing so it may

actually keep some overweight babies to

a normal weight so right now we don't

have anything that really indicates that

you need to stop working for the health

of your baby and the takeaway here is

don't believe every headline you read

research the information yourself