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my battery is running low off the match

try and make this super speedy hello

everybody insta Lila and welcome back to

my channel today I am going to share

with you my week 31 and 32 pregnancy

update a few things have been going on

in the last couple of weeks that I just

wanted to talk about touch base on and

yeah so get right into it first thing

that I notice especially in the last few

days of working I've noticed that I'm

getting very short of breath and it's

not that I am like having to breathe

faster as if I have been running like

it's not as a pest like catch my breath

but it's more so I feel like I can't get

enough air into my lungs

I guess baby's taking up room so I feel

like I just can't take in as much air as

I normally can like after go up and down

the stairs or something it's sort of a

panicky feeling because I feel like I

just cannot get in enough air and then

the panic starts to make me breathe even

more rapidly and it's just a little bit

scary sometimes I just have to try and

like take a few deep breaths tell myself

that it's okay it's just babies just

taking up room and I have to to really

work on calming myself down sometimes so

that's something that I've definitely

noticed in the last couple of weeks just

trying to you know take it easy just

trying not to do anything too physically

active otherwise I start to panic a

little bit so just taking it easy

another thing I've really noticed lately

is baby bouncing on my bladder

and something that hasn't really

happened up until now it's definitely

making me have to go pee more often or

at least feel like I need to it used to

be more so like sharp pains I would feel

in my bladder especially just like

walking around everyone steal some

pretty sharp pains down there when baby

was kicking but now it's more so you

know the feeling when you really have to

P and someone pushes on your stomach and

pushes on your bladder basically that's

how it feels except is coming from

inside me his baby is obviously pushing

on the bladder so I don't need to sit so

much when I'm just sitting around at

home but when I'm out and about and

walking around that's when it is very

noticeable and that's what I have to go

pee more often just inconvenient but

it's just part of pregnancy as something

else I've noticed there's more so last

week than this week but it's definitely

up and on loosening joints I are at

least and pretty sure that's what it is

because every once awhile I'll get some

pretty sharp pains in my tailbone

depending on how I'm sitting or whatever

then when I get up it can be pretty


pretty sharp pains in the tailbone and

just kind of down there in general

especially after I've been pretty active

during the day or like squatting down

and like bending over picking weeds or

whatever the case then it's definitely

pretty sore down there for a while and I

need to sort of just sit and rest and

not walk around too much otherwise the

pain just gets worse

so I guess that's just my body's way of

preparing for birth

another thing that happened not not like

a physical symptom or anything but I am

now officially done working I am going

to apply for maternity leave right away

here but yeah I'm done working I'm

taking an early maternity leave my job

is pretty physical and I was a baker but

I was also working in the front like

helping people at the chill and making

some cheese and food for people and

stuff like that so I was running around

a lot standing on concrete floors you

know bending over to to flour and all

kinds of stuff so I is a pretty physical

job and I was definitely starting to get

a little bit tough by the end so I'm

glad that I decided

take an early maternity leave another

reason why I also chose to do that was

because I don't plan on going back after

my maternity leave is up so it won't be

taking away from time spent with my

child also not against the idea of not

going back like if I feel the need you

or you know whatever case maybe I I make

a back part time but for now the plan is

to hopefully to stay at home I don't

think I'm going to get bored or anything

but you never know I may want to get out

of the house and they want to just yeah

and bake or be in a different

environment I'm not sure but I do know

that daycare cost a lot of money and

probably it would not even be worth me

going back to work because all the money

I would make at work would be spent into

daycare and I would just so much rather

spend that time with my child instead of

being away from my child so that is so

far the plan but we will see where it

takes us so yeah I'm on maternity leave

now it's only been a few days may 18th

of my last day today is May 24th I

believe but there was a long weekend in

between there and Zach was home so it

only started to feel weird a couple days

ago went back went back to work and I

didn't have to it's a good weird though

I mean I'm enjoying it but it's

definitely it feels very weird to not

have to get up early and go to work

anymore if you watched our last vlog you

know that we planted our garden recently

we did a lot of yard work that day so

there was lots of you know bending down

and weeding planting all sorts of stuff

I didn't overwork myself but I didn't

realize how weirdly I'm bending down now

I can't bend down normally because my

tummy's in the way my life I have to

spread my legs out to the side a little


so my inner size got quite the workout

that day and like all around my legs

were just so sore the next day the next

few days actually and a little bit of my

back too but mostly my legs like I just

did not realize how weirdly I'm bending

down but I guess I can't bend down

normally anymore so my body isn't used

to it yet so that was I was very very

sore for the next couple days and it was

very difficult to move around after that

but I think I'm good now has been a

little it's been a few days I body my

muscles have had time to heal I'm just

gonna try not to bend down too much

because that was it was really painful

for those last few days after that it

was not fun a few days ago I also had a

doctor appointment my doctor

appointments are now going to be every

two weeks from here on out because I am

I only have eight weeks left until the

due date so forgive every two weeks for

the next month and then I believe every

week for the last month so far I have

gained 16 pounds in total which means

I've gained three pounds in the last

month again I think that's perfectly

normal as far as I know I'm pretty sure

all the baby weight is just in my

stomach because they don't think my face

is swelled much and I don't think my

arms have either and all my jeans and


well my jeans don't fit in the waist but

they fit in the legs like everything all

the tents still fit I'm pretty sure that

all the weight I've gained is just in my

stomach and a little bit on my love

handles too I think

but mostly mostly just in the stomach

area which I'm very glad for I'm

especially since than not keeping tracks

like eating really not paying attention

to how much I'm eating or to what I'm

eating to be honest so I am very very

glad that it's that all the weight is

just in my stomach and not anywhere else

I think that's pretty much everything

for the last couple of weeks

pretty much ban baby is growing and

starting to take up a lot of room and

it's starting to get kind of difficult

and hard on my body but now that I'm

home I don't have to go to work anymore

I can relax and just you know prepare

everything for when they become that I'm

feeling generally overall I'm feeling

pretty good I have good days and bad

days but I really can't complain I know

many women have a lot more difficulties

in their pregnancies than I do

really it's been a pretty easy pregnancy

I really can't complain so I'm just so

thankful that baby is doing so well I'm

doing so well and that I can have this

extra like two months off of work before

baby comes that I can just you know

enjoy these last couple months of

pregnancy last couple months of being

alone and not having to wake up every

couple of hours to feed or you know

whatever yeah I just been really

enjoying it and I think right now I am

going to show you the belly shot I don't

think there's much to say about belly

shot this time but I still have no

stretch marks which is awesome my belly

button still hasn't popped which to be

honest kind of surprised to me I thought

it would have by now but it happens but

Emma Bella is doing really good for

stretch marks and everything is not

itchy it's not anything like that it's

mostly just getting in the way but

that's that's fine I can live with that

for two months but baby is growing well

I think everything is going very

smoothly I believe that everything for

this update if you guys want to follow

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light is flashing at me so I have to go

I will see you guys in my next video