How to get PAID while on Maternity Leave | What You Need To Know

hey guys good morning it's a diet with

all my mama company and I just wanted to

share a few things with you guys really

quick before I head inside regarding

your FMLA in your short-term and

disability so I work for a school

district in the benefits department and

it's summertime which means it's baby

season for teachers so I'm getting a lot

of calls

I'm with concerns and questions

regarding their short-term disability in

FMLA there are two totally different

things but I can understand how can be

confusing so FMLA stands for the Family

Medical Leave Act and it's basically

permission to not be at work that's all

FMLA is that is that is in FMLA is

permission to not be at work FMLA also

guarantees you 12 weeks job protection

and I'm also like when you come back

from FMLA your employer has to give you

within those 12 like with 12 weeks has

to give you your position back not

necessarily back but it has to be

equivalent to what you were doing so if

you were a math teacher in a middle

school you might be a math teacher at a

high school that's all that it is now

employers do have their own policies

regarding termination after those 12

weeks of job protection like for the

school district I'm at they separate you

after six months so if you haven't come

back then you're gonna be terminated so

those are some questions that you should

definitely ask your HR department or

leave it ministration what is the cutoff

I almost say cutoff but what how long do

I have before I'm separated from the

company that is something that you

should definitely ask regarding your

FMLA because they're only required to

hold your spot for 12 weeks and they do

have to you know give you something

equivalent to what you were doing prior

to but I mean that part of it is its

contingent upon your employer

now short-term disability STD is um

regarding your pay so that replaces your

check in the event that you cannot work

so short-term disability is usually an

additional plan that you have to pick up

during open enrollment so if you haven't

gotten it already definitely get it if

you're planning on starting a family


now short-term disabilities vary so you

can have a cover 50% of your check 60%

of your check whatever the case might be

you need to ask your employer what are

the percentages you need to ask is there

a waiting period usually short term

disability companies have like a waiting

period before they will start sending

you your short term disability check so

that's something else you also want to

ask is there a waiting period now when

it comes to pay leave versus unpaid

leave that varies by employer now I can

stand for the school district when

you're on paid leave you're basically

using your sick time in your vacation


that's what paid leave means pay leaves

you're still getting a check from your

employer while you are out now whether

your employer is paying that out of the

kindness of their heart or whether

you're just basically using all of your

time to make sure you still get a check

that's something else we need to ask I

know for the school district it's coming

out of your bucket your vacation bucket

in your sick bucket now one thing that

you cannot do you cannot get a check

from your employer and a short term

disability check at the same time

because the short term disability check

is supposed to replace what you're not

getting from your employer so if you're

getting two checks you need to call your

short-term disability company or your

employer because you should only be

getting one now if the short term

disability company finds out that you

were receiving a check from their

employer and they usually do they're

gonna ask for their money back and I

would just hate for you guys to have to

owe something that you really just

didn't know that you couldn't use so be

mindful of that also a short-term

disability you do have to be listed as

disabled to receive the check so after

you're clear from your doctor your short

term disability is gonna stop period

which is something I don't think most

moms think about because I think oh wow

I'm still at home with my baby I should

still be getting a check no if you're

healed able done and that documentation

says you know she's good to go your

short term disability is gonna

I mean now if you're at home for

childcare that doesn't count so that's

just something you need to be aware of I

would definitely ask those questions

regarding mr. waiting period how much of

my check will it replace and also you

need to ask are there any pretty

existing conditions with short term

disability now for the school district

say you're pregnant and then you get

short term disability like within a

couple of weeks it's not gonna cover as

long as it would had you gotten it

before you were pregnant but we found

out that you were pregnant so it's

important to find out if there's a

pre-existing condition because that kind

of changes the rules a little bit but I

don't want you to be blindsided I don't

want you to be in the dark when it comes

to your FMLA and your STD so that's so

childish for me laugh at that but just

take those things into consideration

FMLA is just permission to not be at

work short-term disability replaces your

check okay

money permission permission money so

just keep those two differentiated if

you have any questions comments concerns

shoot me a DM if there are any questions

or videos that you guys want me to make

I'll be glad to do so just let me know

what you want to see and I'll do that

but I'm about to go inside eat this

banana nut bread and the Starbucks

coffee because it was a rough night last

night with Bailey but you guys have a

great day

and I'll talk to you later