How To Apply For Medicare Online 2020 (Step by Step)

so one of the biggest questions that I

get asked is how do you apply for for

Original Medicare Parts A and B okay

because you can't do anything else until

you get Original Medicare in order Parts

A and B and then you can start adding

your Advantage plan or your supplement

and your prescription drug plans things

like that so the first thing you need to

do is to apply for Medicare people that

are currently working and they're 65

years old or older and they're not

collecting Social Security benefits yet

they're gonna need to do this okay there

the card your Medicare card will not

come to you automatically you will need

to do this you'll need to set this up so

take a look at this video here so we're

gonna go to my website turning 65 with

Scott comm okay we're gonna go up to the

top here okay so this is my website I'm

gonna go ahead and scroll down and check

out a couple videos if you'd like keep

scrolling down here and then this right

here apply for Medicare online okay

we're gonna go ahead and click that okay

it's going to take you to this page this

is the Social Security Administration

page alright so you're gonna want to

click this blue box right here apply for

Medicare only okay it's going to take

you to this page here go ahead and click

this box and then next and then it's

gonna take you to this next page okay

you're gonna want to start a new

application okay start a new application

who is completing this form so you are

completing this form on behalf of

yourself I'm applying for myself and

then this is where if you have a social

security account already online if

you've already done this then you can

skip this part but if you haven't done

that yet you're gonna need to do that so

hit no and then do you have an address

in the United States yes hit next and

then right over here you're going to

create a new account

okay so create a new account if you

already have one go ahead and login over

there but we're gonna create a new

account basically you just read all this

stuff here you're gonna agree and then

you're hit next okay and then this is

basically where you start adding your

information all right

you're gonna want to get this started

you know what as soon as you as soon as

you can really once you know that you're

going to either retire and come off of

your group plan or you know that you're

gonna start Medicare we need to do this

if we're not collecting Social Security

benefits yet okay so let's say you're 64

years old and you're turning 65 soon and

you're not collecting benefits you

you're gonna need to sign up online if

you're already collecting benefits if

you're collecting Social Security

benefits and you're 64 years old turning

65 then they will send you your card

automatically and then you don't do

anything you just hang on to it if you

want to start Medicare on the month of

your birthday so it's not absolutely

necessary to do this online you can go

into the Social Security office and do

it there if you want to another note is

if you're coming off of your group

health plan and in your wanting to start

Medicare there's there's another form

that you're going to need to fill out

and it's you can't do that online that's

something that you are gonna have to

take into the office I hope you learned

a little bit it's really not that tough

if you go to my website it's it's pretty

simple it's just a couple clicks away

and you can get started with Medicare so

we'll talk to you next time thanks for

tuning in