How to Enroll in Medicare Online

hi everyone today we're doing just a

really quick video that's going to show

you how you can sign up for Medicare

online now if you're turning 65 and

you're not collecting Social Security

benefits you will need to enroll in

Medicare Parts A and B during your

initial enrollment period in order to

avoid a penalty and the easiest way is

really to just do it online you can also

call Social Security or go down to your

local Social Security office in addition

to enrolling online so if you want to

sign up for Medicare online you will

need to meet the following criteria you

have to be at least 64 years nine months

old which means that you're right at the

beginning of your initial enrollment

period for Medicare so you have to be

the earliest you can do it is up to

three months before the month that you

turn 65 and you can also do it through

the end of your initial enrollment

period which lasts up to three months

after the month that you turn 65 who

have to not be collecting any Social

Security benefits yet and not have any

other type of Medicare coverage as long

as you meet these criteria you can go

ahead and sign up for Medicare Parts A

and B online and you can do that by

either starting on the page

or you can do it on so for the

sake of today I'm going to start on

Medicare gov it brings you to the same


whichever way you start on Medicare gov

the home screen here you can see there's

these three green buttons the middle one

says apply for Medicare so that's what

I'm going to click and then this brings

you to the same page that I would get to

if I started on on you

would click on the Medicare button and

it would bring you to this same place so

this is where it brings you it brings

you to the Social Security website so

from here I'm going to scroll down to

applying for Medicare it explains

everything that I need to know about

applying for Medicare and how to apply

online for Medicare only

Social Security or retiree benefits and

here I'm going to go to apply for

Medicare only this blue button will

bring me to the application now you will

have to have some information handy like

your contact information if you were

born outside of the US you need some

information about your place of birth

and in certain cases you will need

information about employer-based health

coverage if you have that currently so

right here you can go to either start a

new application or returned to a return

to a saved application process and so as

you're completing your application the

website automatically saves it so that

you can always return to your saved

application so here I'll click to start

a new application from here you'll tell

us information about the person

completing the application you're

applying for yourself

it'll ask you if you're blind or

visually impaired if you're not and

click that button go to next then this

is about as far as they'll let me go you

know without applying so you enter in

your information your social security

number date of birth gender if you're

blind if you're on disability or in the

last 14 months have you been unable to

work so I filled those things out and

then click Next

and then it will bring me to the next

page there's about one page more of

questions that you'll have to answer and

it'll take you to the application

process which is very very quick and

simple at the end of the application

process you will receive a confirmation

I'm going to look like this and this

will tell you that you have applied

successfully for Medicare and usually

after you apply online you can expect up

to four weeks or so sometimes a little

more sometimes a little less to actually

receive your Medicare card your red

white and blue Medicare card in the mail

now if you are past age 65 and you've

delayed enrolling in Medicare Part B

because you've been actively working and

you've had health coverage through your

employer then you will need to go down

to your local Social Security office to

get signed up for Medicare and there's

two forms that you'll need to bring with

you one is the Medicare

Part B enrollment form and the other is

a form that you'll need signed from your

employer stating that you've had

credible health coverage just so you

don't get penalized for a late

enrollment in Part B I will be linking

both of those forms in the video

description below really this is just a

quick simple way that you can sign up

for Medicare online if you are turning

65 and not collecting Social Security

benefits if you have any questions you

can always feel free to give me a call

thank you so much for watching and we'll

see you soon