Medicare enrollment periods explained. When to apply and why you need to apply?

when it comes to Medicare enrollment

there are certain times when you can

sign up and it's very important to know

it before you miss it or make mistakes

you should enroll on time if you wait to

sign up you may have to pay penalties

when you join I will cover the penalties

in another video for now let's take a

look at various enrollment periods let's

start with initial enrollment period

this is the first time you can sign up

for Medicare

you can sign up for Medicare three

months before your 65th birthday the

month of your birthday and three months

after your birthday during this time you

may join Medicare Parts A B C and D it

is very important to remember that if

you're not automatically enrolled you

can sign up for free Part A of course if

you're eligible at any time during or

after your initial enrollment period

starts your coverage star date will

depend on when you sign up if you have

to buy Part A and/or Part B you can only

sign up during a valid enrollment period

if you wait until the month you turn 65

or the three months after you turn 65 to

enroll your Part B coverage will be

delayed this could cause a gap in your


once your initial enrollment period ends

you may have a chance to sign up for

Medicare during a special enrollment

period or FCE if you're covered under a

group health plan based on current

employment and you choose to keep

current coverage past your 65th birthday

you have an S EP anytime as long as you

or your spouse or family member if

you're disabled is working or you are

covered by a group health plan through

the employer or union based on that work

you also have an 8 month s EP to sign up

for Parts A and B let's start and one of

these times whichever happens first so

one the month after the employment ends

or the month after group health plan

insurance based on current employment is

you may join Medicare Parts A B C and D

during this time again keep in mind that

you have only eight months to sign up

for Parts A and B after group employer

health coverage has ended and for parts

C and D you only have 63 days to sign up

after the group coverage has ended

usually you don't pay a late enrollment

penalty if you sign up during the S EP

you missed the initial enrollment period

or your special enrollment period you

have two additional periods to involve

one of them is general enrollment period

you can sign up for Part A and Part B

during the general enrollment period

between January 1st and March 31st each

year if both of this apply you didn't

sign up when you were first eligible or

you aren't eligible for a special

enrollment period during this time you

can only enroll in Part A and/or Part B

it is very important to remember that if

you need to enroll in Part A you must

also enroll in Part B at this time you

must pay premiums for Part A and/or B

your coverage will start July 1st you

may have to pay a higher premium for

late enrollment in Part A and/or a high

premium for late enrollment in Part B

open enrollment period runs every year

from October 15th or December 7th during

this time you can sign up for health

plans like Part C or party or make

changes to coverage you already have you

don't have to sign up for Medicare

health funds every year however each

year you have a chance to review your

coverage and change plans you may join

Medicare Part C and D during this time

here's another open enrollment I would

like to mention and that is Medigap open

enrollment Medigap is also known as

Medicare supplement insurance it is

recommended that you buy a Medigap

policy during you six-month Medigap open

enrollment period this period

automatically starts the month you were

65 or older and enrolled in Medicare

Part B if you apply for Medigap coverage

after your open enrollment period there

is no gain

t-that an insurance company will sell

you a Medigap policy if you don't need

the medical underwriting requirements

unless you're eligible due to a special

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