When Does Medicare Start - Medicare Timelines

I'm gonna be talking about what you need

to do when you first come into Medicare

not so much the what but the win so all

you procrastinators out there stay tuned

because you don't want to be late for

this one my name's Keith iron brick

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help okay so let's now talk about your

timelines and what you need to do when

you're coming into Medicare and really

this is when you're first coming into

Medicare in one of two ways either

you're turning 65 and you're gonna be

coming into Medicare or maybe you're

still working after 65 and your group

plan is going to end when you retire

whether you're 68 70 to 78 doesn't

matter and then you're gonna come into

Medicare works pretty much the same way

as when you're turning 65 but there are

some specific things that you need to do

and primarily

when you're turning 65 and I've seen

this recently more times than I should

and Medicare has some pretty hard lines

on what the timing needs to be so I'm

going to show you exactly what that is

so that you understand so the long and

the short of this story is don't wait

when you are in your window get it done

get it over get it finished well ahead

of time and that way you don't have to

worry about

things that may come up that may prevent

you from doing something down the road

so here we have when you're turning 65

so this is the normal I'd say probably

75% of the people enter Medicare right

when they turn 65 so there's a couple

different timelines you need to

understand here so first one either

you're automatically enrolled or you

signed up before your 65th birthday

month now automatically enroll what that

means is if you elected to take Social

Security at age 62 or 63 or 64 whatever

it may be if you're already taking

Social Security then they're gonna

automatically they're gonna assume

you're not working anymore so they're

going to enroll you into Medicare a and

B come your 65th birthday so that's an

automatic enrollment if you are not

taking Social Security you have to do

something so Part A is gonna happen by

itself you don't have to worry about

Part A its Part B that you have to worry

about and that's really what triggers

everything is Part B so in this scenario

when you automatically sign up before

your 65th birthday or you did it

yourself before your 65th birthday it's

gonna start the first day of your

birthday month so if you were born on

June 15th

right now 1953 then you turn 65 on June

15th your Medicare is gonna start on

June 1st so it's gonna start on the 1st

of your 65th birthday month now let's

talk a little bit about signing up for

Part B it's really not hard you just got

to do it so if you want I've made a link

to make it easier for you you can do it

online you just go to WWE and it's gonna

take you right to the Social Security

webpage where you sign up online and yes

you do it at Social Security you don't

do it at Medicare so just use the links

start your Part B calm I made it myself

I don't want any other insurance agents

out there using my link to help their

clients but actually I don't care go

ahead and use my link and help your

clients and hopefully it'll help

everybody get to where they need to be

when they need to get there so feel free

to use it any way you like now this one

throws people for a loop if you're born

on the 1st of the month so automatically


sign up before the sixty-fifth but your

birthday falls on the first of the month

so let's say your birthday is June first

it's gonna start the month before your

65th birthday month so in that scenario

is gonna start on May 1st so again you

need to understand that especially

you're born the first you have to sign

up ahead of time before it all happens

or else it's going to be a problem and

here is where the problem comes so now

you've already turned 65 oops I forgot

to sign up for Medicare what do I do

well during the first month that you

turn 65 so let's say you waited until

you're your birth month that you turn 65

Medicare is going to start one month

after so if you were June 15th and you

waited till June 13th to go sign up

where it was supposed to start on June

1st remember it's going to now start on

July 1st so you bumped yourself out of a

month of Medicare coverage to July 1st

now if you were still June 15th and you

have waited oops now it's July 3rd I

forgot to sign up for Medicare you go

sign up for Medicare you can see here

one month after you turn 65 it's going

to start two months after you sign up so

July then it's going to be August

September so now you're not going to get

coverage until September because you

waited really a little more in two weeks

after you turn 65 you can see it gets

worse here if you wait two months it's

not going to start for three months

after when you sign up three months it's

going to start also three months after

you sign up that's significant if you

need the coverage I don't really

understand the rationale on why they do

it this way obviously they want to

incent people to sign up when they're

supposed to sign up but this does take

it to an extreme if you missed your time

period and then it goes even farther

than that if you go if you go past that

period then it's going to put you in

what's called special election period

and what happens then is you can only do

that between January and March you have

to make your decision and then it

becomes effective in July so if you were

supposed to start your Medicare in June


July and you have missed it all you're

not gonna start until next July

so bottom line make sure we get this

done it's not hard to do we just have to

do it now let's talk a little bit about

still working past the age sixty-five so

this is different those people for you

loop you've been working at your company

for however long doesn't really matter

but if you have group insurance at work

and it has to be credible insurance

coverage there's gotta be real HMO PPO

type group insurance coverage then no

problem the one thing you don't want to

do in that scenario is start Part B

until you're ready to retire so make

sure that if you're gonna keep your

group plan that you do not start Part B

until you retire because number one it's

gonna cost you a monthly premium number

two it's gonna take away some triggers

that give you some rights when you come

into Medicare so make sure if you are

going to continue working that you do

not start your Part B until you're ready

to stop now when you are ready to stop

start your Part B started as soon as you

know when your coverage is going to end

at work understand you're going to need

to provide credible proof of coverage so

if you work past 65 date 70 72 70

whatever it may be they're gonna want to

have a form from your employee and I'm

gonna show you where to get that form in

just a second

from your employer that shows you've had

credible coverage if you do not have

that form you're gonna have a big

penalty on your Part B so number one

understand here depends on where you

work but it's gonna take time to get

that form so you have to ask for your

form early so that you have it when you

need it and it's gonna likely come from

your HR department some HR departments

are great some HR departments aren't so

great so it depends on where you work do

this as soon as you know you're going to

retire so we don't want a penalty on our

Part B and we want to make sure it goes

as smoothly as possible so if you know

you're gonna retire two months from now

do it then get your information get it

to Social Security get your Medicare set

up for when you're going

retire now to get that form for credible

coverage pretty easy you just go to my

website Medicare on video comm up in the

left hand corner you're going to see

Resource Center however over that it's

going to drop down come down to guides

and forms and then it's gonna bring you

into guides and forms and you will see

the employer coverage form is right here

if you click on that it'll download on

your computer you can email it to your

HR department ask them to please fill it

out and get it back to you ASAP but

again do it certainly weeks ahead of

time if not months ahead of time so that

you don't have any problem and while

you're here in the guides and forms look

around there's some good stuff here you

can click on a discount prescription

drug card so download a discount

prescription drug card right to your

computer yours to have no cost to it you

can also get a copy of my book I have a

book on Medicare that pretty much covers

almost every piece of Medicare so

something nice to have on your computer

that you can reference now or in the

future so go ahead and download on

Medicare made clear and you'll have that

whether you put it on your iPad or your

computer or whatever it may be so

whatever you find here that's helpful

I'm happy to provide it and this is just

an important thing you want to get this

stuff done so that you don't have

problems so it's so much easier to do it

early than it is to do it late and we

don't have to worry about anything so I

hope you found this helpful and if

there's anything we can do just give me

a call visit my website we're happy to

get you quotes on your Medicare

supplement coverage help it happy to

help you figure every other piece out so

we'd be happy to help so I hope you

found this helpful and have a great day