STRIPPING MEMBRANES to induce labor | Natural way to induce labor

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ok today we're talking about stripping

membranes I always think that's

stripping their brain sounds good

gross I'm just gonna say it and when I

explain it might seem kind of gross but

it's a topic that often comes up usually

near the end of pregnancy some providers

that they're going to have a

conversation about stripping membranes

that's what happens ok so first of all

to the anatomy of what's going on with

stripping membranes now I have stripping

membranes on this list it can also be

referred to as sweeping membranes so

just know they're both the same things

so what that means is the your care

provider does an exam so does a vaginal

exam usually with two fingers into your

vagina up to your cervix now in order to

strip or sweep membranes you have to be

somewhat dilated so your cervix needs to

be somewhat opened and then what they

will do is remove if this is your cervix

the provider will remove the membranes

that are attached between the amniotic

sac and the top of your cervix and so

that's why there needs to be a little

opening or a little dilation in the

cervix in order to reach that part of

where the sac and is on the cervix now

you might be asking if you don't know

what does that mean nothing like why

would why would one one to do that

well what providers have found that if

you um sweet the membranes are stripped

the membranes sometimes that can sort of

I don't want to say trick your body into

going labor but almost to induce labor a

natural method to induce labor

sometimes can be stripping the membranes

or sweeping the membranes now there's a

few things to know about this don't I

really I don't want to make it sound

like that's a surefire way to go into

labor to induce labor because there is

very often the case that it does not

produce labor lead to actual labor

sometimes it can start some crappiness

some contractions that eventually become

a labor pattern that turns into labor

but sometimes it can cause them like

uncomfortable back pain and maybe an

extended early phase of labor so it's

not necessarily the the magic secret

thing to do to go into labor into an

effective way Berg pattern however if if

you are looking for options to naturally

induce labor and wanting to avoid maybe

a medical induction with with a

synthetic drug with synthetic drugs like

cytotec or cervidil or pitocin then you

might want that option so it's

definitely an option to talk about with

your care provider there are a few risks

with sweeping the membranes the main one

being that the per your provider could

accidentally rupture your membranes or

break your water and more information

about water breaking is in the video

that I will link to right here but

because they are you know touching the

the membranes of juniors sack of water

sometimes it is more rare that this

happens but that could happen that the

water can break your membranes can

rupture during a sweeping of your

membranes and anytime you have a vaginal


there is the

opportunity for infection so very low

this is a low risk but it is a risk that

you could talk to your care provider

about if you are wanting to know more

about stripping stripping or sweeping

your membranes so it is a way to

naturally induce labor a method that is

sometimes effective sometimes not and

definitely comes with risk the last

thing I want to mention is that if you

or someone who you know that this is not

something that you are interested in

make sure that if you have a vaginal

exam in your late weeks of pregnancy

like I'm 38 39 40 41 42 a week of

pregnancy if their if your provider is

doing a vaginal exam if you know that

that's not something you want to do have

your membranes swept or stripped make

sure that you let your provider know

before they do that the vaginal exam

because they might assume that you would

like it done or they might not know your

preferences so it's just good to

communicate preferences and talk about

options with them and get their

recommendations to you so you can figure

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