Old School RuneScape Coal Mining Guide



alaa guys how we doing welcome back to

eight another video and welcome to the

first morning guard that I've made this

year and think about the first one for

about a year as well I finally got

around to making a morning guide on coal

this was one that was requested by a few

people so it's gonna work similar to my

other mining guys I'll just be showing

you the main spots for and just given

the pros and cons of each one and then

doing a bit of evaluation at the end of

it all I'll be covering members and free

to play here so nobody will miss out so

then a quick summary of the coal ore

that's not taken in or actually requires

35 mining it's a free to play and pay to

play or what's extremely useful for

smithing especially if you're an iron

man and so on the average price for at

the moment is about 250 GP although this

can fluctuate and get maybe as low as

about 200 but also may go up as well

something that will be particularly

useful while you might is getting a coal

back you buy this from the mother lode

mine if you remember and it costs a

hundred golden nuggets and effectively

it allows you to do two trips in one and

it'll speed up your trips per hour at

certainly okay our first spot then is

the mining guild which requires 60 mine

and I do recommend that you are a member

for this method and yes is just located

in the dwarf in mind you can get there

by going to foul door or using a skills

necklace which I will just demonstrate

now yes you want to use that and

teleport to the mining guild and then

simply walk south from there straight

through the door and you enter the free

to play area first so this has got you

tons of coal rocks and a couple of

mithril adamant and iron rocks and also

a shop if you want to buy a pickaxe

while you're there and if you go through

the next door which is the members-only

area you can see even more coal rock

small mithril rocks and even a couple of

rune art rocks in the corner and yes

simply the coral rocks are scattered

around and you'll see shortly that the

bank is very close here so it doesn't

really matter if you use the free spice

box all the members spot the bank is

pretty close for both yeah this is if

you are a member but

if you are free to play then you'll have

to use the spots to the north and it's

not too much difference apart from the

fact you can't use the bank in the

members area you have to bank at falador

which I'll just demonstrate in second so

banking your members you'll be banking

just at the far west part of the mining

guild and yes Sivir deposit box or a

bank Chester for that and when you're

banking in the fridge player it simply

got these ladders which are just to the

west of the southern area and you'll

come out in falador and then simply just

go to the bank which is very close as

you can see and using that of the

deposit box or the bank there and then

you can make your way back down and do

some more mining our next port is the

lava coin line based in Lobeck engines

there are acquiring 30% favor and there

are not many recommendations for this

that I can think of and the location of

it yes the love of mine in Lobeck engine

you can get there by using a Zarek's

talisman which I will demonstrate in

just a second this is obtainable from

Lizard Men and you can also get there

through things like a minecart system as

well so doesn't have to be that yes you

want to teleport to Zarek's inferno and

that will take you to the furnace and

you just want to run straight east from

there or you also go north and then east

and then you enter the lava clock mine

and yes full of coal as you can see

another bit we will be using is right to

the north and you can see there's a big

cluster of coal rocks there already to

mine and extremely close to a bank as

well so ya see this mines probably the

one place to come if you don't actually

have a coal bag because it really

doesn't make a huge difference if you

have one or not the bank is just so

close and yeah I'd probably say it's

definitely one of the top top spots for

coal and it's just extremely relaxing as

there's not usually too many people

there and there's not really any

monsters that can annoy you either so

yeah this spots pretty much perfect and

if you want to combine it with smithing

you can you can just go to the furnace

at the center and mine the coal here and

simply for

banking it's just running straight south

into the yeah pretty much nearest bank

that's quite a few around here but yeah

this one's the closest and yes simple

just like that next up we've got the

coal trucks which is I'm not sure if

it's a very well-known spot but erm yeah

no real requirements for us well you'd

have to be a member and what I remained

it recommended is 29 plus combat I think

it's to avoid the bats in the area and

also if you're not teleporting to the

bank then 20 agility to use the shortcut

pretty much yep pretty much do exactly

what the coal trucks what their purpose

is in terms of their location their

here's a pretty simple map showing

whether you can even get there by the

fishing guild teleport or the games

necklace to Barbara and outpost teleport

and then if you're gonna use the actual

system then you're gonna want to use the

agility shortcut be demonstrating all

this and run past and mcgraw Burswood to

the bit in the seers village and then

you can use that to bank one way to get

there then is to use the game's necklace

teleport to the Barbarian outpost pretty

easy pretty affordable for any level and

then you just want to run straight south

from here yeah it is quite a run to be

honest but they should make it before

your run diminishes completely and just

down the hill and then straight through

the gates so that you'll know this bit

from the wolf cannon quest and here you

have the coal trucks so tons of coal

trucks no tons of coal rocks that's more

like it and also some bats which are

aggressive which is why I recommend you

do have I think 29 combat again to avoid

these and the way the system works so

it's not too difficult simply you'll

just mine the coal here and then you see

that truck over there you will just

deposit your coal into those trucks and

it can hold 125 so effectively you can

do five inventories before you have to

actually bank and yes you can just

investigate it to check how much is in

there and then from here you're gonna

want to go to yes

Sears village where all the coal

actually goes to so one way to get here

is just simply by running and using the

agility shortcut you can also just

teleport to Camelot

and run from there or if there's

anything closer then use that and follow

the track all the way past Atma grubbers


and then you can collect your coal from

here and then deposited into your bank

from there make a few trips to the

sewage bank I think they yeah the camel

teleport could come in very handy here

as that with the hard shipment Diaries

or yeah all the medium ones you can move

the teleport closer to the bank so you

want to do that five times and then you

can head back and start doing it again I

do have a video on this so I will link

that in the description if you want to

know a bit more about the coal trucks

and yeah about 422 coal per hour I got

from this although and may well have

changed with new methods of doing it to

butter that's for me

okay the next spot is the fossil Island

coal site and this can be locked by

completing the quest bon voyage and that

requires a hundred kudos as well yeah

twenty coral rocks are just close to the

bank I'll just be showing you how to get

there in a second one of the fastest

ways is to simply use the dig site

pendant and you can either teleport to

fossil island or dig site but I usually

go straight to the dig site and take the

boat so just use the barge

egor no voice that barge of work them

for that and then you want a head

straight north and then a little bit

east and you'll find your way to yeah

mine which has all rocks and you can see

a lot of coal and surrounded by some

metal elements and a couple of rune

rocks there to see how this spot seems

quite out of the way as I said it's

quite quiet and as you'll see it's

relatively close to the bank and yes on

that note oh you do need to create the

bank once you are here I think you just

need some I think a construction level

for that and I'm not entirely sure what

it is but you will probably have that if

you've done that quest and yes it just

head back into the village and you can

use the bank chests just there again

very very simple stuff okay this next

spot is a free-to-play spot and it's in

the Dewar in mind and a would recommend

it's not essential but I would recommend

65 combat for this and yet seen the

Dwarven mine just near the mining guild

actually and yes as for getting there if

you start in falador

just make your way east you can also

enter the drawn line via that entrance

north of falador but recommend

teleported or run all the way east and

then through the dungeon all the way to

the northeast of the town and yes you've

got a bunch of coal rocks here and yes

those king scorpions is why you may want

to have 65 combat although there's only

a couple of them and they can be quite

annoying and especially if you're low

level they can hit you quite hard there

are some other spots that are free to

play that it will go through in just a

second I think this is probably one of

the best ones because it's the closest

to the bank and it's not too crowded and

there are a lot of ORS available here

banking is a very straightforward here

simply it's just pretty much going out

the way that you came in so up the

stairs self back into the center of the

town and just using that Bank yeah use

the bank in these part of the town and

you can head back for another round an

alternative way to get coal is to use

the mother lode mine which you can

access by using the skills tab a

necklace teleport to the mining guild

and then just mining any of the ore

veins inside so in going this is the

Normal area but if you have 72 morning

you can use the upstairs area which I'll

demonstrate it in just a second so this

is probably a more afk my FK way to

mined coal and also you can get other

alls at the same time as well as gems it

tends to be quite busy but because

there's so many ores you'll be able to

get through an inventory fairly quickly

so once you have done your inventory

it's pretty pretty straightforward what

happens next so you just want to make

your way to the middle of the mine and

deposit it in the hopper and then use a

hammer to fix those wheels if you if

they're not working already usually they

are but if you're not you can get one

from the crates nearby and once you've

done that you get another XP drop and

then you can collect your and some of it

will include coal as well as other rules

so yes you can get a balance of them all

this way and it's more ok we're doing it

if you've really despised mourning that

much which if you do then I probably

don't blame you I do

about why I've got 99 sometimes but yeah

the fact is I did so yeah and then of

course the bank is just close by and

then you can start again and finally you

can also use the blast mine which is

based in Greater and to get cards pretty

similar to the mother of mine in terms

of how much coal yet and it's quite

straightforward as you can see here I do

have full videos on the mother lode mine

and the blasts - once the coal trucks

which I showed earlier on in the video

and the mining guild so you can always

check out those if you're unsure on any

of these methods or just drop me a

message in the comments or personal and

yes so once you've done around here you

just need to deposit the ore into the

hopper nearby or the sack which goes

into the hopper and then that will make

its way around and once you get the XP

drop or you collect from the operator

and you'll get a nice XP drop and

that'll include some coal in there so

yet another innovative way to get to

coal and you get other walls as well so

perhaps this might be the method for you

and finally just some other spots then

free to play you can mined coal falador

wilderness barbarian village Alka red

and rock you can find spots there and as

for members I've already mentioned the

mother lode mine and the blast mine

there's a few blocks in Calgary the rme

monastery you can use the teleport from

the achievement dark oak to get there

and the grand tree mine but beneath the

actual tree you can use that as well to

get close yeah of course I haven't

covered everything but if you do one set

mine elsewhere then these would be your


as for the hourly rates of coal usually

about 400 600 per hour is possible when

you're mining at the best speed and in

terms of money that equates to about 100

to 150 kg P per hour in terms of the

fastest spots say you probably the local

coal mine on the mining guild are

probably fastest ways of doing this and

they don't really matter if you have a

call back or not with these because the

bank is so close yeah I'd probably

recommend the mining guild or if you

only got 35 mining then probably the

lava cut line that's all from me today

guys thank you very much for watching

the video as usual I still enjoy making

these mining guides I haven't covered

literally everything but I think we're

getting there now so if you've got any


for mining guys please let me know in

the comments and I'll get to work on

them straightaway as for the video

schedule as I said it's going to be

mostly just one time a week now I don't

think I'm gonna make Wednesday the date

for uploading and next week we're gonna

have a progress video so you can look

forward to that and in the meantime I

hope you having a good time wherever you

are and I will see you next week