How to get IDEAL Fruiting Conditions and Surface Conditions for Growing Mushrooms



what's up students it's your boy philly

golden teacher

we're back again in class and today i'm

going to teach you what to do in order

to get your tubs to start producing pins

and mushrooms

all right so last time we spawned our

shoe boxes and mono tubs

we shut the lid on them and we leave

them alone for about 10 days before we

want to introduce

fruiting conditions what's happening is

it's gonna take about five days for

mycelium to fully cover the surface and

then about another five days

to fully consolidate before it's ready

to fruit key point for fruiting

your temperatures should ideally be

between 70 to 80 degrees fahrenheit

or 21 to 28 degrees celsius

so after 10 days what you want to do is

just take the lid

flip it over put it on top make sure

there's a little gap open

so they can get fresh air and you're


it's in fruiting condition now


so how do pins form uh pins form when

there's a perfect micro climbing

condition of moisture evaporating

light is considered a secondary trigger

to pinning

it's not required but it helps you can

fruit your tub in complete darkness and

it'll still grow it won't look very

pretty or straight but

it works so having a 12 hours on 12

hours off

light cycle functions to give mycelium a


circadian rhythm and it also acts to


direction for the fruits to grow towards

kind of like a plant

leaning towards the sunny side of the

hill i find ambient light in the room

uh from a window it's plenty enough for

growing a grow light

is not necessary for them to grow

so just remember that light's not the

main pinning trigger

all those people that are painting the

bottom with their tubs black please

don't waste any more paint

philly sensei is going to show you that

you can grow without the need of

modifying anything you want to just keep

it simple

there's no need to over complicate we

let nature and time do its thing in

order to grow

our sacred fruits so for the ideal

conditions what you want

is hundreds and thousands of tiny

droplets of water on the surface

you want that to be evaporating uh that

that's going to cause uh

primordius to form and that's gonna in

fact uh create pins

later on down the line which will become

mushrooms that's where flipping the lid

and keeping it cracked a little bit

allows for adequate fresh air exchange

you're basically keeping about five to

ten percent of the lid open

while 90 is still enclosed so that it's

able to maintain humidity

you can adjust this by using a fine

mister to achieve the

beads of water droplets if you don't

have a fine mister

you can use a normal mister spray just

aim it up

so that the mist falls down onto the


rather than spraying it directly at the


so if you did what i did already and you

misted the surface right at spawn

right after you finish putting together

your grain and

core your tubs are going to be achieving

the ideal surface

conditions on its own without the need

to miss any further

you generally want to miss only when the

surface is drying up

and you're no longer seeing many

droplets on the surface anymore

here's another tub that i'm gonna show

you what ideal fruiting conditions look


i'm gonna make sure that there's a


along the walls

you can see thousands of droplets of

water on the surface here

up on the lid as well you'll see

condensation build up

on there

also you want your sides to have

condensation this is going to

keep humidity high and that's the

conditions that we want in order to get

mushrooms to grow

all right so here's an example of a tub

that's a little bit on the dryer side

after the 10 days of colonizing

you can see here there's a little bit of

an area

towards the middle there with water

beads but the rest of the substrate

looks pretty dry all right so we're

going to go ahead and

use our mister you want to keep your mr

a bit of a distance away

give it a couple sprits here what you

want to do is have the

little beads build up on top of the


you want as many little beads on top of

the surface as possible

so this gently and

i'll show you close here how the tub


after we're done misting

all right we'll go and take a closer

look here as you can see

thousands of little droplets of water

this is what you want

now remember not to over mist if you end

up getting uh

pools of water in your tub you wanna use

a paper towel and

soak up the excess water so yeah that's


much it that's how you miss your tubs in

order to keep ideal fruiting conditions

all right so why do we fan this is for

fresh air exchange

which is also known as fae i use the lid

here to fan it

do this twice a day and you're good

all right so as mushrooms growing it's

releasing co2

which is carbon dioxide so just like how

humans breathe

they do the same as well we want the fan

to get rid of the excess co2

to help the mycelium thrive if there's

an abundance of co2 the mycelium is

going to get fluffy

it's gonna be very reluctant to pin in

this clip here i'm gonna show you guys

what i

uh do when i have extra time i call this

force evaporation

so those little beads of droplets that

are on the surface

uh i'm pointing a fan at it here for

about five minutes straight to

uh help evaporate that moisture off the


what this is going to do is help uh

create a better primordia set

it's also going to create more hypo dots

and it's gonna

overall help produce a better pin set um

than compared to a tub where

i leave it alone and i don't do anything

to it

it's a lot of extra work that will you

know go a long way

for you if you feel it's worthwhile i

don't find it necessary to do it anymore

but you know if i have the extra time

i'll go ahead and do this

and i find it it helps to induce a

better pin set

now doing this doesn't necessarily mean

that you're going to have an amazing pin


pin sets uh more or less are determined

upon genetics

i find it's more more or less around

like the ratio

70 percent genetics and 30 fruiting


so while this helps it's it's not gonna

produce amazing pin sets every single

time you do this

all right so here's the same tub that

i've been fanning uh this is a day later

i'm growing some rusty whites

be using this as a example of fruiting

conditions here

as you can see lots of little droplets

of water

you want to keep your surface like this

at all times

there's some pins for me

overall these are some pretty healthy


what you're looking at here is about 13

days after spawning

all right here's day 14. we're gonna be

checking in on the rusty whites again

lots of pins have started coming up

as you can see there's still uh moisture

beads on top of the surface

also notice how everything is growing

towards one side

that's the side that i have light on

here's day 16 after spawning out the

rusty whites

i put another tub on top of this it's

called the dub tub

because the fruits are getting a little

too tall here

so as you can see i've rotated the tub


the fruits are starting to grow towards

the other side where the light

source is coming from otherwise

everything else is

looking pretty healthy


here's day 17 after spawn

the fruits are all mature we're getting

ready to harvest here

thanks for staying tuned guys until the

end of the class here i hope everything

i've explained will make sense to you

and that you would use this knowledge to

succeed in your own cultivation

if you have any questions leave a

comment and i'll be sure to answer it

when i see it

in the next class we'll be going over

harvesting and rehydrating your tub for

multiple flushes

i'll see you all there peace out