Beginner's MMA Crash Course: Lesson 1 Basics

what's going on guys senior today I have

a beginners MMA crash course we're gonna

look at some fundamentals and teach you

the basic punches kicks stance and

footwork let's get it started okay let's

begin by finding our basic fighting

stance so we're gonna stand with our

feet shoulder width distance apart bring

your arms straight up to the sky and let

them fall right in front of you elbows

in front and your fish should be at

cheap level now which hand do you right

with most of us were right-handed if so

you're gonna take your right foot and

put that in the rear if you're

left-handed you're gonna stand in a

southpaw stance great now but that's in

the rear I want you to rotate the foot

out slightly to a 45 degree and this is

going to give us extra stability and

balance bend your knees slightly and I

want you to avoid squeezing your

shoulders or flexing your muscles we

want to stay calm and relaxed here okay

now let's talk a little bit about

movement and footwork whatever direction

you want to go in that's the foot that

moves first meaning if I want to step to

my left then my left leg steps first and

then the right if I want to step to my

right then my right leg steps first and

then my left if I want to move forward

then the lead leg steps first then the

rear and if I want to move backwards

then the rear leg steps first and then

the lead we do this to avoid crossing

our legs okay we'll see this when

fighters get a little bit more advanced

in the pro level but until then you want

to make sure that you master the basic

fundamentals okay so whatever direction

you're going in make sure you step with

that foot first let's go over some

punches the first one is the jab and we

often refer to this as the one okay it's

just extending your lead arm don't over

complicate it that's all I want you to

do and with every punch that we throw

we're keeping the opposite hand up

protecting our face okay so the jab and

foot looks like this okay so when we

throw our jab all we're doing is quick

screwing our arm as we extend it aiming

to make contact with our fist protecting

our chin with our shoulder that's why we

do that corkscrew motion and then we

retract it as quickly as we throw okay

so it's not just a quick and a lazy

retraction we want to go quick quick in

out in out okay that's the first punch

the jab

next up the two is the cross

so it's going to be the rear hand now

the straight pot is very similar to the

jab except we are going to rotate our

hips and pivot on our foot

okay we're pushing into the ground the

earth is pushing back up into us that

power is generating and building going

through our body twisting through our

hips coming up our back down our

shoulder into our fist and transferring

into our target okay so in full this is

the cross and again okay so what we're

doing is just courts going arms just

like we did with the jab full extension

making contact with our fists again

keeping the opposite hand up protecting

our chin with our shoulder and again a

quick retraction back to garner okay

number three is the hook the lead hook

so the hand that is in front closer to

the target we're going to rotate on our

foot turn our knee over turn our hip and

throw the lead hook which looks like

this keep your arm bent in a ninety

degree like so imagine you have a box

and you're holding on to it you don't

want to drop it this is the motion to

practice the hook here okay it's not an

arm punch it's a full body punch we

combine the torque of our hips and the

whipping of our shoulder to get speed

and power again keep the opposite hand

up the entire time so I'm in full it

looks like this and again good so

remember to keep it 90 degree bend and

also to keep your elbow in line with

your fist and your shoulder in line with

your elbow you don't want to drop your

hand like this because when you make


it'll give it'll cave we want a strong

backing with the elbow right behind the

fist when it hit it just continues to go

right through the target okay so once

more we have the one which is the jab

the two which is the cross and the three

which is the hook the next punch and the

last one that we're going to teach is

just the uppercut we can do this with

the rear and we can do this with the

lead similar to the hook and that it

keeps a 90-degree Bend we're going to do

the same thing with the uppercut it's a

short range the attack and it's just the

lift our conan's head up and then follow

up with more punches so we're going to

demonstrate with the rear very similar

to the cross and that we

our hips we rotate on the rear foot and

we throw the uppercut at the same time

now what I want you to avoid is scraping

your knuckles on the ground as we call

it all right you don't want to throw

those MORTAL KOMBAT punches why do you

think because if I do this and my

opponent throws a left hook oh I'm gonna

get caught

instead I want you to release last

second you're just gonna do minimal drop

and throw right from here that's what

that uppercut should look like keeping

the opposite hand up at all times and

the lead looks like this okay so we have

the 1 the 2 the 3 and your uppercuts

let's go over some basic kicks so the

first one is going to be the teep you're

gonna throw this with both the lead leg

and the rear leg so the teeth is we

bring our leg up and as we do we keep a

slight bend in our knee we're gonna tilt

our upper body back and we're gonna

shoot our hips forward driving into the

ground with our planet foot ok so the

teeth looks like this and once more ok

on the first one I do a little bit of a

rotation ok this is just good a little

bit extra distance and a little more

oomph into my kick but I can keep it

more squared and just go here as well

I can hit flat foot or I can hit with

the ball of my foot meaning I can go

here more surface area more likely to

land or I can concentrate it into the

ball of my foot this takes a little bit

more practice it comes from my Taekwondo

background so once again the teeth just

just imagine you're trying to kick down

the door it's a great way to keep

someone at bay or to knock them off

balance and then you have the rear teeth

covers a little bit more distance and

there's a little bit stronger but takes

a little bit more time

meaning the upper body back as you drive

the hips forward now we often see a more

time MMA wear whatever side kick we

throw we drop that same side hand you

can do that especially as a beginner but

it's also good to get in the habit of

keeping your hands up okay so when we

throw that rear teeth

boom you can keep your hands up or more

power boom you can swing that scissor

hand down same thing what

the lead okay that's the teeth to front

push kick we also have the roundhouse

kick and these can go to the legs to the

body or to the head now this is going to

take a lot of practice especially in the

Thai style roundhouse kick where we have

a full follow-through I recommend for

beginners when you're shadowboxing

practice a full 360 degree motion it's

going to feel awkward you're going to

feel off balance but the more you do it

the more comfortable you'll feel so let

me show you what it looks like in full

I'll throw a right roundhouse kick to

the body okay may look advanced but if I

do it in slow-motion you'll see it's not

that hard okay so the first thing that

we're going to do is take a cheat step

with our non kicking leg 45 degree angle

this is opening up our hips and starting

to pull us in the motion of the kick

from here I'm going to aim with my knee

and I'm starting to swing my arms across

so my right hand comes across my face as

I put my pressure onto my lead leg I aim

with my knee past the target I go past

the target because I'm aiming to kick

through right if I just hit

superficially it's not gonna do a lot of

damage I want to chop through my target

so I bring the knee across and then I

start to extend my leg and as I do I

swing this arm back down and I leave it

right in front of my opponent's face to

blind that extend my leg and then I put

that foot down I put that foot down and

then I lift the opposite leg up to check

this is a good habit to have if I miss

my kick it's very common that they will

counter with a kick and I'm guarded here

mynique comes up to my elbow and we'll

talk a little bit about that in the

check but let's go over this roundhouse

kick one more time so I take a cheat

step hand comes across knee comes across

extend the leg for the kick put that

foot down lift the opposite leg up for

the check and back to my guard

okay we talked a little bit about

checking so if someone throws a kick

we're going to lift our knee up at a 45

degree angle flexing our toes up

bringing our knee to our elbow we don't

want to bring our elbow down because

then we become exposed our head is open

for punches and for kicks so instead we

bring the knee up to the elbow and we

create an entire shield on either side

of our

by 45 degree angle and not straight out

in front because kicks are circular

round kicks are circular the one I just

demonstrated so if it comes here it's

gonna knock me off balance but if I meet

it head-on it's gonna stop that kick

from coming in and if it's a left kick I

go here okay the next one that we're

going to look at is the sprawl the

sprawl is a takedown defense to a double

leg penetration shot if you take an MMA

class it's likely that you will be doing

this on the first day it's very similar

to a burpee most instructors will say if

you don't know how to do a sprawl do a

burpee we're going to do from your fight

stance is bend your knees if your hands

are going to drop down to the mat and

you're going to shoot your legs out

violently bringing your hips down to the

mat keeping your arms extended and then

you're gonna pop right back up as

quickly as you went down okay so when

they say sprawl I dropped down my hands

touch the mat feet extend out my hips

touch the mat and then I bounce right

back up into my garden okay quick looks

like this and that's the sprawl alright

guys so hopefully this answers your

question this isn't just a couple of the

basic techniques that you will need to

know for an intro class in an MMA gym

hopefully this helps alright guys thanks

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