Joe Rogan - Matt Brown on Starting Out in MMA

the Joe Rogan experience and I was kind

of expect grew up in a machine shop my

dad was a machinist so I was doing that

from like five years old I was sweeping

the [ __ ] floor and I was like I was

like man this is not what I'm meant to

be like I'm supposed to be something

great but uh but everybody around me is

I know this is what you do you live in

this little town and you do you follow

the rules you're gonna be a machinist or

a farmer or you know whatever and you

know that [ __ ] pissed me off you know

and I never really found my niche and so

I was home-schooled actually for I think

two years in junior high so I think that

was sort of actually the start because I

went back to school and when I went back

to school I was now the outsider I

didn't have any friends and then going

up all the sudden I'm in high school and

I have no friends I have no I can't get

laid for [ __ ] I think that's what causes

a [ __ ] and a lot of people in the

world right

oh yeah and depression yeah yeah yeah

and at the exact same time I'm starting

to experiment with drugs and alcohol so

you put the two together you know I was

supposed to be the prodigal son you know

I mean like I was very intelligent I was

you know I like I was doing things by

time I was fifteen years old and the

machine shop that that guy's you know

might have been working for my father

for 10 15 years couldn't do you know I

mean so I was sort of this prodigal son

I was good at athletics and everything

had no problem with all that stuff so I

think it was just sort of a backlash you

know and then I let that anger get the

best of me so now when you were doing

drugs and alcohol

what were the drugs like what was the

drug that caused you to overdose heroin

an injection hit damn that's deep when

you're injecting it that's when you're

all in baby yeah and you know I didn't

actually do it a whole lot it's kind of

the funny thing a lot people thought

that I was addicted to heroin and I was

a doubt I think that was probably a

fifth time that I did it maybe six I'm

like I didn't count but

you know that was sort of my fine that

was my step into the dark side

mm-hmm you know and in a blessing and a

curse man you know it immediately hoes

like oh okay that's what can happen

right step back and you know I was very

naive very man I was a fool really like

because what I did I remember leaving

the hospital I was like okay well I'm

never doing here.when again but let's go

do some coke right so I just a dummy man

I think that's 2122 one of those I mean

that's like 15 years ago yeah there's a

lot of stuff I I I was actually kind of

thinking about like so again you know on

this podcast I was like a you know is

probably going to come up on it it's a

pretty intense story I was like damn I

can't remember all the details it was

like a long time ago but anyway yes I

was like 21 22 and it wasn't too much

long later you know I live with this

girl and you know she was a drug addict

too and she had a couple kids and it was

like it was like alright well now I got

a place to live let's get [ __ ] up

mmm you know and it is I never did the

heroin again after that obviously I

think I did oxys uh percocet stuff I

guess basically the same thing yes which

I mean I didn't realize it at the time

but really my drug of choice was meth

back in that day that was what I really

liked and that was actually what I was

addicted to at one point and I ended up

going to jail and that was what got me

out of addiction I didn't realize I was

addicted until I was in jail so what

made you realize it when you were in

jail I just thought you know just

couldn't stop thinking about it and just

won it and just I mean I didn't get have

like like like cold sweats or anything I

don't think that happens with uppers but

I mean I was just you know like like but

couldn't stop thinking about him as I

did that like just a lot of that anger

was coming out I was just like God like

what the [ __ ] like I wanted to fight

everybody I was like somebody give me

something you know and Wow yeah it's

just really terrible experience but

probably lasted three four days not even

maybe not even that and then you came

out of it yeah I mean I was just like

able to accept my fate and and deal with


what does it feel like to be on mouth

you take adderall I'd never taken that

role now pretty similar to our alright

yeah it's like adderall I mean that's

the the closest I would say I mean

you're high but you don't have I mean I

said that euphoria

more than anything just to excuse me

just an extreme sense of euphoria just

everything is beautiful but then men

soon as you start to lose out a little

bit you just itch for it so bad man so

bad thought you just want it again you

don't want to sleep how your teeth to be

grinding you're just like like you just

tensing up all your muscles I god well I

gotta get more of that you know now what

you working out at all back then no no

well that's a well not working out like

it should be so again I was angry a lot

of times like I'd be at a party that

this was a common thing I'd be like a

party or just doing drugs whatever and I

just started getting look at everybody

like I [ __ ] don't like none of you

and I would just walk outside and I

would go for a run I'd run five six

miles come back and give me another line

or whatever Wow

yeah run and then come back to yeah yeah

and then sometimes I would fight people

you know that was common very very

common if you call that working out and

we'd like this particular time in my

life I was living in a little town

called Jamestown Ohio and I had this


he was friend his cousin well his cousin

was a fighter and this was kind of my


a foray into mixed martial arts our

first experience watching it and

everything and they would train in the

grass in the backyard you know we I

remember watching ken Shamrock DVDs our

VHS is back then leg locks we'd go on

the living room floor like just be

shit-faced drunk and I'm lucky I didn't

tear an ACL or anything well I call this

is what he's doing is yeah heel hooks

and I mean I remember all the techniques

but I remember it was like you know

pankration stuff right and we just be

laying there and it was always a thought

of thinking I do this [ __ ] awesome

and I could beat take a bit you know and

we would joke about it maybe we would

say I remember specifically sit in there

like I dude like you know we're gonna

get you a fight in you know the local

Joe Schmo show and then you know we're

gonna get you up and you're gonna go to

a pride and then you're gonna go to the

UFC I was like cool the hell yeah let's

do it and that was you know it was like

a joke kind of but now like that was

what was in my head that's so that's

what we were gonna do

introduction to martial arts yeah so

what was your first real formal training

like what what Jim did you first so I

fought before I trained Kip the [ __ ]

yeah yeah so so I actually visit this

guy that was uh he was supposed to go

fight West Sims and his name was Fat Joe

is what we called him he was supposed to

go fight Watson's fat Sims Wes Sims that

day and I said yeah let's go man I want

to go with you I want to see this show

closed right so we go there and I'm

doing a bunch of coke on the way and you

know to me it's just gonna be a party

like I'm just watching my dude fight I

get there and uh you know there's he

signs up on the table and I was like I

do what is that how you you know that's

all you got to do is like yeah he's oh

you just paid 30 bucks and you come

fight I said man maybe I should do that

and then there's a guy and I'm looking

inside and I see the you know people sit

around smoking cigars like you see on a

movie people smoke cigars you see bets

being made and stuff and and the guy

who's men you want

the champion like nobody wants to fight

him I was like [ __ ] yeah man I'll fight

him you kidding me so I let it win

across street there's a sporting goods

store across the street or down the

street or something went and bought a

mouthpiece come back there's a

restaurant across street boiled the

mouthpiece at the restaurant used that

microwave come back and then and then

we're at the fighters meeting so the

fighters meeting back then was a lot

different so there wasn't way in it was

like you and you you guys look about the

same size you guys doing kickboxing okay

you guys fight right so that's how the

way it worked out and I'm sitting there

and they're like okay you're the

champion you're fighting him and I was

like oh [ __ ] all right [ __ ] this

[ __ ] right and you know some

Haitian this guy he taught me how to do

a jab he's like may as I call you're

doing the beat this guy just jab him

he's on you see this just notice jab I

was like okay I'm gonna do that and went

out there and I beat the guy so he

actually with yeah he actually quit you

know so he was a tough man champion as

what he was and I actually do a jab

punched him in the face and he went to

shoot on me I did you know a playground

guillotine choke and he just quit I

don't think I actually had the choke in

I don't highly doubt you know tap he

tapped out saying that his calf cramped

up I have no idea like what really

happened I mean I I certainly didn't

know a guillotine choke it even know the

name of it so anyway later that night as

I did like you fighting over long you

will fight again yeah whatever man

and there's over this guy you know he's

going pro in his next boxing match your

kickboxer let's fight him I said alright

I'll [ __ ] him up

this dude beat the [ __ ] out of it so

that was actually the first the nice

thing about that was it actually made me

realize how tough I am

that was the saving grace I mean he just

you know just pieced me up just one

punch after another you know I'm just

eating punch after punch and then yeah

that was it I said man I got to do this

[ __ ] and then so my second fight I you

know I didn't think I still yet needed

to train my second fight I met a guy at

a gym so you know I did go to this gym

as a japanese jiu-jitsu gym and he goes


as a man you want to fight in like two

weeks and muy Thai hell yeah right

so for two weeks you know I hit the bag

probably for five minutes a time

whatever or something I go to the fight

and man this is the worst part so I get

in there first thing you got does comes

in shoots on me takes me down we're in

big gloves shin pads on us takes me down

I'll get up look around what's the [ __ ]

he's taking me down we can't do this

more time all right

music fight you know comes it takes me

down again what the [ __ ] man so I was

like okay so we're [ __ ] wrestling

right so I come out and getting sort of

a wrestling stance drop my hands [ __ ]

kicks me in my head so we'll come find

out later san shou know scotchy Lee show

what you say I used to work with him a

lot san shou for people don't know was

kickboxing with takedowns yep I cornered

Torrey Smith back in the day when

Maurice was doing that once okay yeah in

Burbank I think it was it was weird it

was confusing it's like okay I mean it's

interesting I guess I mean it's probably

a good skill set to learn learn how to

do takedowns and throws with with

kickboxing but then you just let the guy

up which is just weird you didn't get it

huh he was weird yeah yeah I mean it

still goes on days--and ah yeah I think

it's amazing sport I love it it's

amazing and it's only a lot of times

there's a lot like throws in Muay Thai

because you know there's a lot of trips

and throws and muy Thai deception they

said you get points for that the throws

yeah yeah up to five yeah another


yeah yeah I think it's like their feet

go above their heads it's five points so

when did you get serious so you did this

right because I mean he beat the [ __ ]

out of me

I like I remember walking out there and

people were looking at me like damn

how'd you survive a bro I mean like

people were actually asking me how like

did how did you survive that [ __ ] and I

had to go to work that night I was like

working third shift everybody's looking

at me at work I did you got like two

black eyes if anyway that was when I

said to myself you know I want to try

this and you know I think you know this

is a something I really enjoy and I want

to go for it so I met this guy his name

was Eli Ayers and he was fighting in

king of the cage once toughest guys ever

met and then got brain workmen and they

were training for it was a big show

there in Columbus that came from the

name is show but I think like Lawler

fought on it like a bunch of Miletich

guys Tim Sylvia you know the name if I

said I can't remember but anyway yeah

and then you know then I really got this

[ __ ] kicked out on me when I got in the

gym you know then I realized like you

know what a real beating was and yeah it

just went from there man cuz I just said

I never looked back and I thought men

you know want to change my life you know

I'm you know I wasn't never actually a

the type of person that fit in with the

drug user scene right like that wasn't

me it was just a again expression of

anger and these things that you know in

my childhood just kind of you know came

out the wrong way right so it was it

really like I fit in there um so at this

point like I'm I'm really not fitting in

anywhere and this was a quote that I

remember or I said I stopped trying to

find yourself and start to define

yourself and and I felt like the whole

time I was trying to find myself and I

said you know I'm gonna define who the

[ __ ] I am I'm gonna say this is what I

am this will I do I'm a fighter [ __ ] it

let's go it's do or die I'm in a jail

band dad I've been you know I've slept

in in the [ __ ] snow you know I mean

like I've been homeless I've done every

low thing you can do like what's the

worst that could happen you're knocked

out there's nothing so you know I

decided it you know this is my path and

I'm gonna carve the path I'm not gonna

search for a path I'm gonna make the

path and I'm not gonna look back and I'm

going to the top of that mountain and

and that's something I still talk about

today when I talk to people is about I

didn't have any idea how I was going to

do it but I knew why I was gonna do it

and I knew that I was going to do it and

I think in my own

personal struggles and I think in a lot

of people's struggles they kind of get

caught up in the how you know how am I

going to do this how am I gonna win this

fight whatever and I think when you know

and understand your why I think the how

becomes a lot more clear clear yeah more

clear and easier I mean it doesn't

matter anymore you could it's better to

do it a hundred percent wrong than 50

percent right