Tattoo FAQ - Episode 5: Moisturizing Your Tattoo

and here we go this is tattoo FAQ where

our depa sewed five already this one

we're going to be talking about

moisturizing your tattoo during the

healing process so the first things

first it's really important that you are

not moost rising your tattoo during the

first few days give your tattoo three to

four days of just keeping it nice and

clean and keeping it nice and dry before

you start introducing moisturizer to it

the reason for this is because your

tattoo is basically an open wound at

that point so putting moisturizer in

it's not gonna feel good it's probably

gonna burn it's gonna really irritate

the tattoo and it can affect the healing

process so once you hit around those

three to four days in on the healing

process now you're gonna start paying

attention to the way that you touch you

really feels so if your tattoo feels

really tight it's uncomfortable it feels

like it's gonna split when you're moving

certain ways of going through your daily

activities now you know it's time to

apply a small amount of moisturizer to

give your skin that extra pliability

that it needs to ensure that it doesn't

split during the healing process so

you've got a few options when it comes

to actual moisturizers for your tattoo

you can always use things like this

there's different brands but they are

tattoo specific moisturizers if you

don't have that available for some

reason you can always use a simple

nothing special about it

moisturizer unsynced Lubriderm works

really well but essentially the branding

is not important what is important is

that it's simple nothing special about


moisturizer no fragrance no coloring no

extra stuff added into it the more

simple the better so essentially when it

comes to actually moisturizing your

tattoo you know make sure you wash your

hands before putting moisturizer into

your hands you want to take a very small

amount of moisture

and you're going to rub it into the

tattoo after you get it rubbed into the

tattoo then with a clean dry hand you're

gonna give a wipe and whatever is left

over is plenty the skin just needs to be

a little bit tacky always remember your

skin has to be able to breathe in order

to heal your skin also have to have dry

time in order to heal so if you don't

feel like you need the moisturizer don't

bother using it it's not actually

helping to heal the tattoo in any way

it's only there to ensure that the skin

doesn't split during the healing process

if the skin gets too dry and too tight

that when you're going through your

daily activities you're running the risk

of it splitting so if that happens then

you can start using a small amount of

moisturizer using the moisturizer once

maybe twice per day but never ever

before bed always keep a nice clean dry

tattoo before you jump a bed to go to

sleep because you don't want your bed

sheets and things like that sticking to

your tattoo right all right so I hope

that you guys learned something today

that wraps up episode 5 as always like

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tattoos all right I'll see you next week