BABY SHARK (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

hi guys this is a milestone music and in

today's lesson I want to teach you how

to play the brilli like really catchy

song it's caught babies shocking and

recently it's it's become like kinda

like a meme song yeah but anyway here we

go I'll give you a preview of what

you're gonna learn today

you're probably like we have you

stumbled across this tutorial probably

know what this sounds like it's so this

really catchy kind of like it's app is

so annoying as well but his cute at the

same time goes like this it goes yeah so

you probably heard of it before okay so

yeah it's like a repetition of this

particular section and yeah it goes

along like that anyway here we go

sir it's actually pretty simple let's go

ahead and break this lesson up and to

actually yeah

well break it up into four four parts

but it's actually really easy to pattern

on the right head is pretty much

repeating over and over again so here we

go so right hander starts with the D

middle C's here we go up an octave to

this D let me see we're starting on this

D okay so it goes


and then three slowed Gees one two three

enough that too fast cheese and another

too fast cheese like that and that's the

first part okay so remember the pattern

for this right hand because this is

right had pretty much repeats throughout

the whole like song and the mood

super-gay but anyway here we go let's do

it once again so he goes and then it

goes three times g13 to fast jeans and

I'm too fast G just like that for the

right hand you want to get that for the

right hand the left hand we have one

chord here for the first part the one

chord is G major which is G be empty

okay so that G major in minor the two

hands gonna goes like this okay so right

hand starts with B D goes to E and G M G

major to get on just like that

okay one more times it goes like this

like that so pretty much corresponds to

the original lyrics again seven there

how the original sounds like and know

that rhythm go ahead a pilot rhythm and

all your kind of naturally force into

place so you remember baby even though

there's a lot of syncopation in it like

you can't kind of like play for the

singing patient because you know how it

sounds like anyway one more times goes

back like that okay so it's pretty

simple now let's go ahead and move on to

the next part the second part so the

right hand for the second part is

actually exactly the same as the first

part that we just done okay it's the

exact same notes exact same not exact

same rhythm actually the right hand this

time doesn't hold so much on the D and E

because at the start it goes baby shut

up at this time he goes I'm baby shot

like that so the D and E air to start it

has a kind of like more flowing rhythm

towards that next G so you guys they did

okay so yeah just goes like this okay so

that's the second part so the only

difference for right hand is that the

the D and E is more flowing and not

holding so much unlike the first part

but anyway that's the right hand exact

same notes left hand we have C major as

the chord which is C E and G okay so

that's C major C major in mine

it turns together goes like this for the

second part so right hand starts to be

baby energy and C major together just

like that pretty simple

okay one more time so just continuous

just goes like that okay sir yeah

so far the first two parts set of one

will be played back to back like this

okay so the first part is you hold up D

and E for long ago just goes baby like

that pretty simple right

alright and then let's go ahead and move

on to the third part okay so the third

part the right hand is actually exactly

the same notes and the rhythm as the

second part okay so is the continuous D

and E and there's two gg gg gg gg ok ok

so yeah exactly the same as the second

part remember the third part right hand

just goes like this Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee

Gee Gee like that so the same rhythm as

the second pot right hand okay so yeah

without my d GG gg gg let's go ahead the

left hand for this third pot we have E

minor as the chord which is e GP

again so with that Iman in mind to an

together go like this okay right hand

once again it starts off with the D and

the G and E minor together just like

that all right one more times it goes

like this

just like that so is the same um I guess

it's pretty much exactly the same as the

second part but just that left hand

chord instead of C major is a minor ok

so just yeah these patterns are quite

important because if you remember these

patterns you'll learn this song a lot

quicker and yeah anything else but

anyway yeah let's go ahead now um what

we've learnt so far the three parts will

be played back to back like this don't

remember D and E the slower parts okay


baby shut up to do baby shut up dude

like that alright moving on to the

fourth and last part of this specific

motive right hand it goes um let me see

any three notes yeah pretty simple just

to G's and an F sharp just like that for

the right hand one more time for the

right hand so he goes to G's and an F

sharp alright so with that in mind so to

G's an F sharp I'm the left hand

for this fourth part the chord is D

major which is D F sharp a okay so this

is the first chord in this a lesson

where there is a black nut a full one of

course okay so anyway D major is Dean F

sharp a with that might turn together

right hand starts first with the - geez

F shaman D major together and is hold


pretty simple almost times it goes like


alright so yeah that's it okay so the

four pots that was one so far would be

played back to back like this again

chicken house goes the rest of the song

actually there's the next part where's

just the exact same melody and it's just

singing the UM mommy shark I think mommy

shot and I think goes to daddy chocolate

pop I remember yeah and then just daddy

shot of daddy and it goes to like

grandma's shot when you play a bit

faster makes your right hand is

articulate on the faster geez

so you're still having that um

sometimes you've played that G too fast

and if you don't know if your fingers

upwards enough like after would you play

the G it gets stuck and you actually

you're not playing the G again like that

like that sometimes you don't lift up

make sure you don't like lift you had a

bit use a bit of wrist just bounce up so

i teach that in one of my courses as

well they're like kind of using the risk

to kind of play and that's more

effective because like you using less

strain on like all your forearms and all

the kind of stuff and it's more like

well it's a bit of a classical stuff

because like some of the octave stuff it

requires like about soccer grips more

like no still be too tense okay so yes

pretty much just like that yeah and

that's pretty much it i guess 'sir in my


cover that i've done you could check it

out my cover my cover is the video

before this video because i always do an

improvisational cover before i teach the

lesson i play the entire song um pretty

much accordingly to the thing to the

actual song where it's six times of what

i taught you this and then three times

of the modulated version at the end it

goes to e at the a flat major yeah okay

modulates the FI major I played that

part as well for three times and then

yeah I did all this improvisation ah you

can check that out if you want to get

some inspirations on what you can do for

the improvisation z' but remember

improvisations are made up on the spot

okay so it's just like techniques and

like specific um I guess some patterns

that I kinda like apply to my playing so

like for example I can make like

like that so that's exactly what I

taught you but I just applied the

improvisation on top of the melodies and

the court and it's still yeah that's the

that's the awesomeness of like how I

teach this kind of stuff because like

there's all freedom so once you play

like the basic chord and melody version

and get it right you can have all these

variations just by knowing what

improvisation to kind of put into you

think okay I teach them in my course but

you can check that out on my website

anyway but anyways for now I hope you

enjoyed this lesson go check out my

cover of this very catchy song now

spinel guys enjoy time around my channel

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