Piano lesson for pre school young children. Lesson 1

oh hello my name is Bob hello welcome to

my talent playground today I'm going to

teach you how to play on the piano a

tune that I made up is called the seesaw

first ask mamata should draw with a

white gold pan a dot on the note though

you know that that is toe because you

have two black keys to cut in the middle

of a piano or the keyboard here there

are three so this is not though

here there are three so this is not so

let that or mum to determine where

though is is on these two black keys on

the left of it to play this song we're

going to use only one finger and we're

going to start with though this is toe

and this is Ray though is the note that

your dad or your mum has marked here so

that is dou Y is right in between the

two black nodes the song that we're

going to learn goes like this

go gray right go

so we do it again go go cray-cray

No and the last toe is longer than the

other ones that goes twice we play much

slower and then again let's sew it

together later let's play the game so


don't fight don't fight oh let's go


no don't wave a wave later though my

fate odo flavor let's play with music