oh hello everybody welcome back to my

channel so today's video is going to be

a super casual video

hence the casual attire and casual hair

and casual face because I'm gonna be

talking about personal statements now

when somewhat loading this the deadline

the early deadline is like next Saturday

so this advice may not be useful for

people who are applying for early

deadline but I'm hoping that my advice

now I've written my personal statement

might help you guys of course

disclaimer I don't know if my personal

statements any good I hate it personally

but the process has been quite process

and I feel like I've learned a lot along

the way that I want to like share with

you in case you're applying in January

or if you're applying like next year but

anyway I hope this is of some use but

number one is to make sure you know what

course you want to do this sounds really

really stupid but I actually started my

personal statement before I knew what

course I wanted to do so I was writing

to to start with and actually I found

that was a really good way to decide

what course I wanted to do if you're

really stuck start writing a personal

statement for your options and the one

that writes easier like the one that's

easier to write and the one that flows

more it's definitely the one that you

should do at university so I started

writing a personal statement for Spanish

and English and I really couldn't write

it but as soon as I started writing one

for Spanish and German I found it a lot

easier to like get the vibes go in and I

find that unless you know what you want

to do you're not gonna finish it

properly so definitely use it as a tool

to pick but don't like write a whole

thing if you're still not sure on which

one you want to do my second tip is know

which universities you're applying to

because that actually does make a

difference to how your personal

statement is laid out so if you're

applying places like Oxford Cambridge

really competitive academic unni's or

medicine or veterinary science or

whatever your personal statement is

gonna want to be like at least 70%

academic like 70% 80% 90% academic and

temps that extracurricular so if this is

my personal statement

that is academic and that little

paragraph at the bottom is

extracurricular because I'm applying to

universities that when I've been to that

open days have said that we'd much

rather see the academic side than the

extracurricular side don't completely

you know not put your extra curricular

dating but they need to take up a lot

smaller space than like the books you've

read all the courses you've been on or

whatever and if you're applying

somewhere that puts a lot more focus on

extra kilos like a sports course or a

creative arts course or something that

requires you know extracurriculars then

put more emphasis on that the best way

to find out about that is to go to open

days or to ring the University of Emad a

couple of universities and be like what

are you looking for in your personal

statement and also bear in mind that

universities don't put that much weigh

on your personal statement especially

universities like Exeter and where else

have I been that said um Edinburgh they

both said that they only use the

personal statement as like a

distinguisher between two similar people

they look at your grades first so

although your personal statement is

important it's part of like a holistic

application especially for somewhere

level so I'm hoping that if my personal

statements absolutely horrible it won't

matter my next tip is to start not with

the start so don't write your first

opening line first I sat for hours

trying to figure out what to write for

my first line and then somebody told me

write the rest of it first I did and the

last thing I wrote actually was my first

paragraph and I found that because I'd

written everything else I knew how to

introduce it to make it flow to fit in

with everything else so don't be afraid

to like not write it in order if that

makes sense like don't be afraid to

write the conclusion first and then go

and do something else don't be afraid to

write the middle paragraph first and

branch out don't be afraid to just do it

in the order that you want to do it as

long as it all comes together in the end

it really doesn't matter the next point

is plan so as I went through year 12 and

like the end of year 11 whenever I did

something to do with languages or

English I wrote it down on a piece of

paper and when I came to write my

personal statement I had this huge list

of things that I've done and books that

I've read in place I'd seen and courses

that I've been on that I could use on my

personal statement so that was really

really useful to have rather than trying

to remember

everything that you've done and what

other tip with this is to prioritize so

my personal statement was actually 7,000

characters when I first wrote it and and

I had to cut out so much like so many

books that I've read in the future and

courses that I've done and things just

to make sure that it fits but what I did

was I took the list that I made and put

it in order of things I wanted to put on

my personal statement and then cut it

out from the bottom and today all fit in

so don't be afraid to like cut things

out because even if you don't mention in

your personal statement if you do have

an interview you can mention it in your

interview and it looks even better

because it's like extra stuff besides

the extra stuff that you've done for

your personal statement so keep a note

of what you haven't put in and it may

come in useful my next tip is to not

worry about the character count to start

with just write it like write it and

write everything you want to say write

everything you want to do and once

you've got it and you finish there take

it to a teacher that you know is gonna

be really like ruthless with it there's

no point in taking it to a teacher

that's going be like yeah that's great

you need to take it to a teacher that's

not afraid to cross stuff out to tell

you that you've written in a sloppy way

to give you advice to give you tips so

the teacher that I went to

we had like seven meetings where there

and my personal statement took me seven

drafts but it went from being quite

badly not badly written but quite

simplistic to being elegant whilst being

concise at the same time so make sure

you pick a teacher and don't go to like

50 Virginian teachers because it's gonna

stress you out having 70 million people

telling you different things because I

did that and it really upset me I got

really upset about it because I had one

teacher telling me this another teacher

telling me that another person telling

me this and the person telling me that

by all means get people to read it but

take people's feedback like on the chin

because at the end of the day it's your

personal statement and it needs to sound

like it's coming from you not from a

teacher not from your friend not from

the woman down the road it just needs to

sound like you use me on to my next tip

is don't try and be someone you're not

in your personal statement my personal

statement doesn't sound like it doesn't

convey my personality completely just

because how well can you convey your

personality of four thousand characters

but I'm happy that

someone wants to ask me a question about

it I would be able to talk about it so

I'm not faking anything just keep it

totally real because if you lie or if

you cheat or if you get your teacher to

write something that you don't

understand fully then it's not going to

help you in the long run it's not doing

anyone a favor it's not doing the

universities a favor it's not doing you

a favor so keep it real keep it true to

yourself and make sure that you are

happy with it before you send it off my

next tip is to sleep on it I think this

is the best thing to do I started my

personal statement on the 30th of August

like properly like I've been I've been

picking out it over the summer I've been

doing little bits by sat down and wrote

my first draft completely on the 30th of

August and I finished it on the 30th of

September so it took me in exactly a

month and I found that sometimes I've

been sat looking at it for so long that

I couldn't read objectively so I'd leave

it for a few days and then come back to

it and then you've got like a fresh

mindset I also find that that's when

giving its teachers is really helpful

because they are looking at it like

intervals so I used to give it to my

teacher and then let her have like three

days of it and then be like okay now I

can look at it again because I haven't

been mulling over it for the last week

so yeah I would say definitely sleep on

it and don't try and do it all in one

brush but I'm right over a period of

time because that allows leeway for

changes of mind for changes of opinion

for adding new stuff in taking new stuff

out give yourself at least a month's

period where you're drafting it and that

leads me on to my final point which is

don't let it overtake your life because

your personal statements really

important but it's not so important as

your a levels so maybe like dedicate

some time to it but don't jeopardize

your other work in favor of your

personal statement because at the end of

the day it's gonna be your grades that

get you into University even Oxford when

I've been and Cambridge have been like

yes your personal statement is important

if you're doing the arts and humanities

subject you know I heard that for

physics they don't even read it but

whatever but like that's the only time

that the personal statement is important

is that I interview but they also look

at your grades they look at your

interview performance they look at your

test performance they look at your

written what they look at so many things

so just remember that the person

statement is one little bit of that if

you can get it happy if you can get it

so that you're happy with it great if

you still not quite happy with it just

remember that it's because you've read

it so many times so I wrote this video

is of some use I'm in no way saying

there like I've got a purse / perfect

personal statement because I actually

hate my personal statements so much but

it's 3999 character I'm going to send it

off this week so I hope this was useful

informative if you have any questions

about personal statements leave it down

below and I am filming a you cast

Journey video which I'm going to upload

once I've got all my university offers

so like that video will be around in

like January time hopefully

but yeah until then I will see you very