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you are so Oh always had a breath that

smile freeze don't move so she's going

to walk Felicia I'm gonna teach her how

to walk the dog I want you to use that

though absolutely you can control the

dog because it's gonna help and we're

gonna walk behind now what I want you to

do is every time the dog looks like it's

going to spend a buck button get it back

to your daughter saw every time the dog

starts to get ahead like it's about to

pull her down but button gets back

job yep you're doing good

like it did great great now let's see if

you can keep this dog from going on the

grass right now cuz you know that's

about to happen

they might or button button button cuz

he's trying to get back so say break

brick maybe he has to go poo for pee now

is this how you feel is this how you


you love laying down and you want the

dog to just start walking with you so so

this is gonna be the fun distraction of

the day it's like I think I can get in


he loves this this is where we're

supposed to be right the dog is in a

heel I'll know if the dog takes a step

forward if the dog takes a step to the

side takes a step behind or wants to go

to the grass so every time you take a

step the dog should take a step with you

when you stop the dog should stop like

this so as we walk come sit

the dog should come here if we start to

walk and the dog starts to do this well

I kind of want to get to the grass we

need to stop the dog when this is

happening if we let the dog go and lay


we now are ultimately correcting the dog

for the behavior we're letting the dog

lay down and then we're going come on

let's go and the dog is going to learn

to do this just as much as its gonna

learn to go okay fine so what I want is

you guys to practice keeping this dog in

a heel so that way as you guys are

walking the dog stays with you

so button button button les pulling up

the leash more of the button you might

have to go up is you have two strong

magnets good

now you do see that your dog is slightly

turned towards me a little bit so one

thing that you can do just by using the

leash gently button button button

actually bring the dog a little bit

closer and vocally to you that's the

best part

okay - let's see if you can walk towards

the minivan and keep this dog off the

grass then your daughter is gonna do it

and you're just gonna use the e-collar

just find your rhythm keep the dog with

you you can use excitement you can use

affection whatever you got her to keep

that dog with you


now you guys are kind of getting in this

groove I bring them a little bit closer

in towards you

good just reel that leash in and kind of

press the button a little bit all right

let's see if your daughter can do it I

know you can do it


keep walking and then you're gonna make

a left and do like a circle and come

back to us that's really good when you

get back to us put the dog in a sit

right put the dog and sit good I was

really good should feel easy like I

walked with you and what I would do is

make a left you turn right now button

button button dogs gonna turn and then

go this way so use your voice almost

excited to get the combo good job yeah

yeah he's here in the Bell off but it's

a confidence of I can communicate with

the dog I'm at a 3 right now just

telling the dog hey off focus on me now

the dogs staring at me

yeah so I'm saying off which is

acknowledging that the dogs reacting and

then I'm reinforcing what I want him to

do which is place and then now he's just

staring at us going alright fine

and now they're leaving and nothing's

happening the best part is we know where

he's gonna run to either you guys or to

me or he's just gonna stay there place

hey you're a good dog you know that I

know they're not leaving you I promise

oh oh come on place place

all right so we're doing some

long-distance placing so we can see if

this dog is gonna be comfortable with us

creating this distance being all the way

across the field so the best part about

the e-collar because you can use it as a

distance is just like he wanted to run a

lot of times when the dogs break the

command that's it you lost it the dogs

gonna run all the way across the field

you got to reset it all I did was press

the button once dog stopped went okay

yeah because he he literally stops it's

at all he did was press the but what's a

neat did all right now the dogs there

we're here we've created this distance


oh my god I did it I thought I was gonna

have to stay there forever that's like

the best reward more important than all

the kisses you gave it when it got to

you it's a feeling that it got running

to my owner more endorphins do it again

but I want you to do it yeah you'll see

the dog will start - all right all right

this grass is like one big sponge and

when you can put the dog on place and

confidently walk to here it's game

changer if you have to like negotiate

the entire time that's a problem wait

ten seconds

and then now you can tell the dog to

come the exact same




abduct thank you thank you no more

training no more training I'm done tell

the dog to come all right so we're here

in Irvine gonna meet buddy's owner at

the Starbucks here I don't know if she's

here yet or if she's in Starbucks with

her dog already let's see let's see

what's going on


today we're gonna talk about fashion and

walking dogs didn't jump on me sad oh I

love you someone comment on our video

yesterday in the history of dogs no dog

has ever said I'd love a hug I'm going

what is going on with society today you

can't take me going to dog one so hooky

what haha I think of the word do you

know how do a walk alright so first

we're gonna do a perimeter check so we

can see what's going on showed up in the

middle lesson now he's gonna be in his

own videos he made small of our episodes

all the magic happens on epic dog prose

TV couldn't do without Josh now I gotta

give you the secret hard drive with

thousands of terabytes on it for our



it's like a secret deal going here have

a go in Josh thanks all right now back

to the lesson

right it's like a 3-phase thing it's

like we're gonna walk past these people

so as we get to the trash can you should

be pressing the button as we pass them

press the button and as we get past them




so he goes alright down my spot


please good


but it's like but what do you mean we're

not gonna drink coffee together I

thought we were gonna have hot cocoa you

said we were gonna have hot cocoa

together ma oh come back over give him

some love Oh mom look at that everyone

loves you you were golden oh crap the

leash look who it is

I was just saying you're gonna get

jealous of all the smooches this dog

gets oh he's good look at you guys

you're ready for the photo shoot I'll

have you you want to sit down for just a

second so that way you'll be a steady

distraction you should just be with you

and every time you press the buttons

like that we're okay we're good where

are we going what do we do

so what you do is just come to sit down

for one second we're going to sit and

then put them in a Dale

he wants the play space

he's out down

good drop the leash boy identical calm

down stay yeah just down then just come

over here for a second

it's like who's that quick to be right

next down so that was just the

distraction easy go sit down for a sec

down down it's good huh

good see how he looked at you and wag

his tail like all I did it that's what

we want

good now go give me some love tell them

a good boy you too look oh happy gotta

love it when they're on top of


I think she's memorized every single

thing that I've said perfectly where you

just read the e-book every night that's

all the metaphors good job I love it

we're just gonna walk straight literally

just walk straight to the very end map

button button button button so every

time he tries the sniff make sure he

comes and looks at you just like you did

just keep that dog focused every time

you press that the dog should get close

to you mm-hmm

the tails up and wagon just don't let

them sniff you should be looking

straight where at you just like that

great make it right we come out of here

I want you to put him in a sit kind of

like right by this trash hand

so put a minute


Tom sip alright so just press the button


good give me some love you can reinforce

a piece sitting

good job buddy

say auf see how we didn't even look at

that guy that's the perfect way to go

about it if you let him look at the guy

you're one step away from a reaction

just like that good pulls it back and

goes alright I'll focus on you dead I'll

be relaxed relaxed on the leash a little

bit is he's so cute everyone likes it

golden pup the Indigo would you name it

Bambi Bambi this is buddy Oh buddy buddy

yeah you like this little thing Hey

oh wow you're gonna make funny jokes


right so it's like every time you see

for instance right now say off see how

he went from looking at him to looking

at you to now laying down that's we want

the dog stuck I got it

I don't need to react yes nope down down

as much as the dog-loving when you guys

come up and give it affectionately the

dog it just give me so say come because

that way he actually comes right to you

break if he wanted he could run into the

store break means out of obedience


do you miss our morning's at the park is

Adam who's I miss the park

you got a great that's the best part

about a female dog is they're just I

just want to sleep and be a dog he wakes

up I drank coffee let's go buddy you're

so good he's going all that mom pet that

dog it's okay just work through it


so precious you're so good you make

everyone so happy good job